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Photo #9038: Sephisa princeps


Sephisa princeps

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Base gallery. Lateral/Underside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Vladimir Mescheryakov. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2010-07-19 12:50:00, окрестности г. Владивостока

Comments on this image

27.04.2011 6:33, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Such riddles (undetermined photos) we do have 409.

26.04.2011 23:18, Peter Khramov

Dmitry, don't get rusty. Man just proposed a riddle thinking that colleagues would be happy to solve that. We got a deal that it would be better to do that further, and now it's more important to add to the website as much good info as possible. Roman adds new shots already signed, and old ones he commented with names, so there can be no any critics.
Also, guys, take somehow all these webtalks easier, ok? We can make a quarrel in a second just because of misunderstanding or wrong understanding. Let's remember we've good minds and can clear up something in a calm way, without radical actions...

26.04.2011 18:45, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Petr Khramov:
Following Roman as for identifying as he evidently knew the species from the very beginning.
Roman Romanov:
Sure! Looks like... male...

So I can consider that like irony about my identifying??? Well, well! If someone is so lazy just to write down the species name and its shot/caught location, ok then, let he keep this info on him. Since today I'll ignore his photos.

26.04.2011 11:24, Peter Khramov

Following Roman as for identifying as he evidently knew the species from the very beginning.

26.04.2011 6:51, Vladimir Mescheryakov

If you ask Google "Sephisa dichroa princeps"... you can see results :). The female colored differently... that's why it's named like that... I think :)

26.04.2011 6:43, Vladimir Mescheryakov

Sephisa princeps.

24.04.2011 23:27, Dmitriy Pozhogin

And how could it only be "dicolora" when even I can see at least three colors, black, white, orange.

24.04.2011 23:14, Dmitriy Pozhogin

That's what Google says: "No documents found" to Sephisa dicolora request. Can't understand, where from could it only be, Sephisa dicolora princeps Fixs. Why say anything?

24.04.2011 22:53, Peter Khramov

Roman, why it's added to "undetermined" while you know perfectly the species?

24.04.2011 22:52, Peter Khramov

Dmitry, fair to say that nobody obliged Igor to use Synev Catalogue. You're mixing somewhat inner and outer services.

24.04.2011 14:57, Dmitriy Pozhogin

"Sephisa dicolora princeps Fixs"
What for that??? Where did you dig out this combination??? The default reference is Synev Catalogue! Sephisa princeps, male.

24.04.2011 14:23, Igor Sakhno

Sephisa dicolora princeps Fixs.

24.04.2011 11:05, Dmitriy Pozhogin

If shot in Russia, can't be another species.

24.04.2011 10:35, Vladimir Mescheryakov

Sure! Looks like... male...

24.04.2011 9:09, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Sephisa princeps.

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