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Tortrix viridana Tortrix viridana Tortrix viridana Apotomis betuletana Apotomis betuletana Abraxas sylvata Abraxas sylvata Aporia crataegi Aporia crataegi Aporia crataegi Acronicta rumicis Acronicta rumicis Macrothylacia rubi Macrothylacia rubi Catocala sponsa Vanessa atalanta Phalera bucephala Aporia crataegi Melitaea didyma Amata phegea Saturnia pavonia Spilosoma lubricipeda Scoliopteryx libatrix Lythria purpuraria Camptogramma bilineata Thalera fimbrialis Lythria purpuraria Lythria purpuraria Pterophorus pentadactyla Scotopteryx chenopodiata Aphantopus hyperantus Maniola jurtina Callophrys rubi Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Pontia edusa Pontia edusa Scotopteryx chenopodiata Polyommatus icarus Chiasmia clathrata Thymelicus sylvestris Lepidoptera Aglais io Aglais urticae Amata nigricornis Amata nigricornis Acontia trabealis Colias myrmidone Celaena haworthii Acronicta menyanthidis Rivula sericealis Melitaea athalia Aporia crataegi Aporia crataegi Aporia crataegi Parnassius apollo Hyles euphorbiae Aglais io Lycaena virgaureae Argynnis adippe Acronicta rumicis Eurois occulta Gonepteryx rhamni Aglais urticae Plebejus idas Vanessa cardui Lasiommata petropolitana Zygaena lonicerae Araschnia levana Celastrina argiolus Spaelotis ravida Zygaena minos Melanargia russiae Zygaena osterodensis Thymelicus sylvestris Lycaena virgaureae Zygaena minos Euthrix potatoria Limenitis populi

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