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Strymon eurytulus Ministrymon gamma Anartia jatrophae Zizula cyna Zizula cyna Zopyrion evenor Zopyrion evenor Junonia evarete Pyrgus orcynoides Polites vibex catilina Vanessa carye Agraulis vanillae vanillae Monca ornata Photo #81530 (Undetermined species) Photo #81529 (Undetermined species) Sympetrum danae Sympetrum danae Stylurus flavipes Stylurus flavipes Leucorrhinia pectoralis Leucorrhinia intermedia Leucorrhinia intermedia Lestes sponsa Lestes sponsa Lestes sponsa Lestes sponsa Enallagma risi Aeshna crenata Aeshna crenata Aeshna juncea Aeshna juncea Aeshna juncea Podonta nigrita Podonta nigrita Podonta nigrita Ophiogomphus obscurus Prismognathus dauricus Usingerida verrucigera Hoshihananomia perlata Onthophagus uniformis Dasypoda braccata Geotrupes koltzei Geotrupes koltzei Geotrupes koltzei Geotrupes koltzei Orgyia antiqua Euxoa emolliens Paroeneis grandis Platycis minutus Platycis minutus Photo #81487 (Undetermined species) Photo #81486 (Undetermined species) Timandra comae Alcides karelinii Prismognathus dauricus Prismognathus dauricus Prismognathus dauricus Prismognathus dauricus Prismognathus dauricus Prismognathus dauricus Cyphocleonus adumbratus Conorhynchus nigrivittis Conorhynchus nigrivittis Polydrusus inustus Polydrusus inustus Pemphigus populinigrae Pemphigus protospirae Plebejus pylaon Plebejus pylaon Hemithea aestivaria Photo #81466 (Undetermined species) Photo #81465 (Undetermined species) Photo #81464 (Undetermined species) Argynnis paphia Argynnis paphia Argynnis paphia Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Photo #81457 (Undetermined species) Judolia dentatofasciata Somatochlora arctica Somatochlora arctica Harpella forficella Harpella forficella Harpella forficella Apatura iris Apatura iris Apatura iris Cicindela sachalinensis Meotiorrhynchus querendus Eobiana engelhardti Eobiana engelhardti Psyllidae Tenthredo

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