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Lacanobia thalassina Lacanobia thalassina Lacanobia thalassina Bembidion laetum Zygaena minos Nicobium castaneum Nicobium castaneum Epicallia villica Epicallia villica Dorcus parallelipipedus Dorcus parallelipipedus Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Altica Myrmecaelurus trigrammus Myrmecaelurus trigrammus Grammodes stolida Schinia cognata Schinia cognata Spathosternum prasiniferum Spathosternum prasiniferum Stenocatantops splendens Stenocatantops splendens Caloscarta capitata Caloscarta capitata Chilades lajus Chilades lajus Stethophyma grossum Stethophyma grossum Stethophyma grossum Subclytia rotundiventris Subclytia rotundiventris Subclytia rotundiventris Subclytia rotundiventris Onychargia atrocyana Plecia mallochi Graphium agamemnon Graphium agamemnon Graphium agamemnon Graphium agamemnon Amata passalis Rhagades pruni Apamea crenata Melitaea didyma Photo #81146 (Undetermined species) Photo #81145 (Undetermined species) Photo #81143 (Undetermined species) Photo #81142 (Undetermined species) Photo #81141 (Undetermined species) Photo #81140 (Undetermined species) Photo #81139 (Undetermined species) Loxostege sticticalis Loxostege sticticalis Loxostege sticticalis Photo #81135 (Undetermined species) Cetonia aurata Photo #81133 (Undetermined species) Protaetia hieroglyphica Protaetia hieroglyphica Loxostege sticticalis Rivula sericealis Photo #81128 (Undetermined species) Photo #81127 (Undetermined species) Photo #81122 (Undetermined species) Photo #81121 (Undetermined species) Photo #81120 (Undetermined species) Photo #81119 (Undetermined species) Photo #81118 (Undetermined species) Photo #81117 (Undetermined species) Photo #81116 (Undetermined species) Epicampocera succincta Epicampocera succincta Neurocladus brachiidens Elaphria bertha Photo #81111 (Undetermined species) Photo #81110 (Undetermined species) Tharsalea ferrisi Tharsalea ferrisi Tharsalea ferrisi Photo #81106 (Undetermined species) Diestrammena unicolor Diestrammena unicolor Oedaleus infernalis Oedaleus infernalis Oedaleus infernalis Photo #81100 (Undetermined species) Oligia pseudodubia Papilio machaon Papilio machaon Stenurella bifasciata Adelphocoris lineolatus Alydus calcaratus Syromastus rhombeus Pyrrhocoris apterus Pyrrhocoris apterus Pyrrhocoris apterus Palomena prasina Eurydema ornata Eurydema ornata Eurydema ornata

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