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Genus Dorcadion

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae tribe Dorcadiini → genus Dorcadion Dalman, 1817


Daughter taxa

Cribridorcadion Pic, 1901 [subgenus]

Dorcadion abstersum, Dorcadion accola, Dorcadion afflictum, Dorcadion albanicum, Dorcadion albicolle, Dorcadion albolineatum, Dorcadion albonotatum, Dorcadion albosuturale, Dorcadion amanense, Dorcadion amphissae, Dorcadion anatolicum, Dorcadion apicerufum, Dorcadion arcivagum, Dorcadion ardahense, Dorcadion arenarioides, Dorcadion arenarium, Dorcadion atritarse, Dorcadion auratum, Dorcadion axillare, Dorcadion bangi, Dorcadion banjkovskyi, Dorcadion basale, Dorcadion beckeri, Dorcadion berytense, Dorcadion biforme, Dorcadion bisignatum, Dorcadion bistriatum, Dorcadion bithyniense, Dorcadion blanchardi, Dorcadion blandulus, Dorcadion bodemeyeri, Dorcadion boluense, Dorcadion borisi, Dorcadion boszdaghense, Dorcadion boucardi, Dorcadion bouilloni, Dorcadion brauni, Dorcadion bremeri, Dorcadion brenskei, Dorcadion breuningi, Dorcadion brunneicolle, Dorcadion brunoi, Dorcadion bulgharmaadense, Dorcadion buresi, Dorcadion cachinno, Dorcadion caprai, Dorcadion carinipenne, Dorcadion carolisturanii, Dorcadion caspiense, Dorcadion chopardi, Dorcadion cinctellum, Dorcadion cinerarium, Dorcadion cineriferum, Dorcadion cingulatoides, Dorcadion cingulatum, Dorcadion ciscaucasicum, Dorcadion coiffaiti, Dorcadion complanatum, Dorcadion condensatum, Dorcadion confluens, Dorcadion corcyricum, Dorcadion crassicolle, Dorcadion culminicola, Dorcadion czegodaevi, Dorcadion czipkai, Dorcadion danczenkoi, Dorcadion daratshitshagi, Dorcadion decipiens, Dorcadion deyrollei, Dorcadion dimidiatum, Dorcadion discodivisum, Dorcadion discomaculatum, Dorcadion divisum, Dorcadion dobrovljanskii, Dorcadion dokhtouroffi, Dorcadion drusoides, Dorcadion drusum, Dorcadion elazigi, Dorcadion elbursense, Dorcadion elegans, Dorcadion enricisturanii, Dorcadion epirense, Dorcadion equestre, Dorcadion etruscum, Dorcadion eugeniae, Dorcadion faldermanni, Dorcadion ferruginipes, Dorcadion formosum, Dorcadion frustrator, Dorcadion funestum, Dorcadion gallipolitanum, Dorcadion glabricolle, Dorcadion glabriscapus, Dorcadion glaucum, Dorcadion gorbunovi, Dorcadion granigerum, Dorcadion gusakovi, Dorcadion guzeldereense, Dorcadion haemorrhoidale, Dorcadion halepense, Dorcadion heldreichi, Dorcadion hellmanni, Dorcadion heyrovskyi, Dorcadion holosericeum, Dorcadion holtzi, Dorcadion holzschuhi, Dorcadion iconiense, Dorcadion ikizderense, Dorcadion impressicolle, Dorcadion indutum, Dorcadion infernale, Dorcadion inspersum, Dorcadion insulare, Dorcadion irakensis, Dorcadion iranicum, Dorcadion ispartense, Dorcadion jacovleviellum, Dorcadion janatai, Dorcadion joanninae, Dorcadion johannisfranci, Dorcadion kaimakcalanum, Dorcadion kalashiani, Dorcadion karsense, Dorcadion kasikoporanum, Dorcadion kharpuensis, Dorcadion kindermanni, Dorcadion koechlini, Dorcadion kollari, Dorcadion komarovi, Dorcadion kozanii, Dorcadion kraetschmeri, Dorcadion krüperi, Dorcadion kurdistanum, Dorcadion kykladicum, Dorcadion ladikanum, Dorcadion laeve, Dorcadion lameerei, Dorcadion lamiae, Dorcadion ledouxi, Dorcadion libanoticum, Dorcadion lineatocolle, Dorcadion lineatopunctatum, Dorcadion litigiosum, Dorcadion ljubetense, Dorcadion lodosi, Dorcadion lohsei, Dorcadion longulum, Dorcadion lugubre, Dorcadion macedonicum, Dorcadion maceki, Dorcadion maljushenkoi, Dorcadion marandense, Dorcadion margheritae, Dorcadion martini, Dorcadion mediterraneum, Dorcadion megriense, Dorcadion menradi, Dorcadion merkli, Dorcadion meschniggi, Dorcadion mesopotamicum, Dorcadion meteorum, Dorcadion miminfernale, Dorcadion minkovae, Dorcadion minutum, Dorcadion mniszechii, Dorcadion mokrzeckii, Dorcadion moreanum, Dorcadion muchei, Dorcadion multimaculatum, Dorcadion murrayi, Dorcadion murzini, Dorcadion nigrostriatum, Dorcadion nitidum, Dorcadion niveisparsum, Dorcadion nobile, Dorcadion nurense, Dorcadion obenbergeri, Dorcadion obtusum, Dorcadion oetalicum, Dorcadion oezdurali, Dorcadion olympicola, Dorcadion olympicum, Dorcadion ortrudae, Dorcadion ossae, Dorcadion panticapaeum, Dorcadion paracinerarium, Dorcadion pararenarium, Dorcadion pararufipenne, Dorcadion parcepunctatum, Dorcadion parinfernale, Dorcadion parnassi, Dorcadion pasquieri, Dorcadion pavesii, Dorcadion pedestre, Dorcadion peloponesium, Dorcadion peloponnesicum, Dorcadion petrovitzi, Dorcadion pilosellum, Dorcadion pilosipenne, Dorcadion pindicum, Dorcadion piochardi, Dorcadion pittinorum, Dorcadion pluto, Dorcadion poleti, Dorcadion ponomarenkoi, Dorcadion postalbosuturale, Dorcadion praetermissum, Dorcadion preissi, Dorcadion pseudarcivagum, Dorcadion pseudinfernale, Dorcadion pseudobithyniense, Dorcadion pseudocinctellum, Dorcadion pseudoholosericeum, Dorcadion pseudolineatocolle, Dorcadion pseudolugubre, Dorcadion pseudonobile, Dorcadion pseudopreissi, Dorcadion punctipenne, Dorcadion punctulicolle, Dorcadion purkynei, Dorcadion pusillum, Dorcadion pygmaeum, Dorcadion quadripustulatum, Dorcadion rassei, Dorcadion regulare, Dorcadion reitteri, Dorcadion ressli, Dorcadion rigattii, Dorcadion rizeanum, Dorcadion robustum, Dorcadion rolandmenradi, Dorcadion rufoapicipenne, Dorcadion salonicum, Dorcadion sapkaianum, Dorcadion sareptanum, Dorcadion saulcyi, Dorcadion scabricolle, Dorcadion schultzei, Dorcadion scopolii, Dorcadion scrobicolle, Dorcadion semiargentatum, Dorcadion semibrunneum, Dorcadion semilineatum, Dorcadion semilucens, Dorcadion seminudum, Dorcadion semivelutinum, Dorcadion septemlineatum, Dorcadion sericatum, Dorcadion serouensis, Dorcadion sevliczi, Dorcadion shestopalovi, Dorcadion shirvanicum, Dorcadion shushense, Dorcadion sinopense, Dorcadion sinuatevittatum, Dorcadion sisianense, Dorcadion skoupyorum, Dorcadion smyrnense, Dorcadion sodale, Dorcadion spectabile, Dorcadion steineri, Dorcadion stephaniae, Dorcadion striolatum, Dorcadion sturmii, Dorcadion subatritarse, Dorcadion subcorpulentum, Dorcadion subinterruptum, Dorcadion subsericatum, Dorcadion subvestitum, Dorcadion sulcipenne, Dorcadion syriense, Dorcadion taborskyi, Dorcadion talyschense, Dorcadion tassii, Dorcadion tauricum, Dorcadion taygetanum, Dorcadion tebrisicum, Dorcadion theophilei, Dorcadion thessalicum, Dorcadion tuleskovi, Dorcadion turcicum, Dorcadion turkestanicum, Dorcadion turki, Dorcadion ullrichi, Dorcadion urmianum, Dorcadion valonense, Dorcadion variegatum, Dorcadion veluchense, Dorcadion veluchianum, Dorcadion vincenzae, Dorcadion wagneri, Dorcadion weyersii, Dorcadion xerophilum, Dorcadion zanteanum


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14.12.2015 20:01, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Dorcadion → Dorcadion Dalman, 1817.

17.10.2015 16:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov Parent taxon has been changed.

Lamiinae → Dorcadiini.

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