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Tribe Gnophini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Ennominae → tribe Gnophini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 27 (10 illustrated). Subgenera: 14 (6 illustrated). Species.

Acrognophos Wiltshire, 1967 [genus]

Acrognophos iveni

Arbognophos Viidalepp, 1979 [genus]

Arbognophos amoenaria

Bizia Walker, 1860 [genus]

Bizia grandinaria

Descoreba Butler, 1878 [genus]

Descoreba simplex

Gnophos (Treitschke, 1825) [genus]

Dicrognophos, Gnophos, Odontognophos, Zystrognophos,
Gnophos accipitraria, Gnophos adjectaria, Gnophos aereus, Gnophos afflictata, Gnophos agnitaria, Gnophos ainuaria, Gnophos albidior, Gnophos albistellaria, Gnophos ali, Gnophos amanensis, Gnophos ambiguata, Gnophos amseli, Gnophos annubilata, Gnophos anophaea, Gnophos anthina, Gnophos argillata, Gnophos asymmetra, Gnophos avilarius, Gnophos badakhshanus, Gnophos bidentatus, Gnophos bipartitus, Gnophos boarmioides, Gnophos brachyphora, Gnophos brandtorum, Gnophos bundeli, Gnophos burmesteri, Gnophos caenosa, Gnophos calliceros, Gnophos canariensis, Gnophos canitiaria, Gnophos carnea, Gnophos certhiatus, Gnophos chorista, Gnophos ciscaucasica, Gnophos corsica, Gnophos crenulata, Gnophos creperaria, Gnophos crossi, Gnophos culminata, Gnophos delagardei, Gnophos delitescens, Gnophos difficilimus, Gnophos diffiniaria, Gnophos dilucidaria, Gnophos dognini, Gnophos dorkadiaria, Gnophos dubitaria, Gnophos elahi, Gnophos erschoffi, Gnophos eurytiches, Gnophos evanidaria, Gnophos farinosata, Gnophos formosana, Gnophos fractifasciaria, Gnophos glaucinaria, Gnophos gorgata, Gnophos gozmanyi, Gnophos himalayana, Gnophos hissariensis, Gnophos idrisarius, Gnophos intermedia, Gnophos kansuensis, Gnophos kawakamiana, Gnophos klapperichi, Gnophos lequatrei, Gnophos leucastraria, Gnophos libanotica, Gnophos lignicolor, Gnophos liliputaria, Gnophos lineolaria, Gnophos longipenis, Gnophos luticiliata, Gnophos lutipennaria, Gnophos macguffini, Gnophos macroprion, Gnophos maledictus, Gnophos mardinaria, Gnophos mendolensis, Gnophos mutilata, Gnophos nannodes, Gnophos onustaria, Gnophos orbicularia, Gnophos orphninaria, Gnophos palaestinensis, Gnophos pallescens, Gnophos pelengi, Gnophos pentheri, Gnophos perdita, Gnophos pfeifferi, Gnophos pollinaria, Gnophos porphyratus, Gnophos praestigiaria, Gnophos pullata, Gnophos pulverulenta, Gnophos pungeleri, Gnophos quadrimaculata, Gnophos recticostaria, Gnophos reverdini, Gnophos rjabovi, Gnophos rubricimixta, Gnophos rufitinctaria, Gnophos sacraria, Gnophos serotinaria, Gnophos serratilinea, Gnophos sheljuzhkoi, Gnophos siberiata, Gnophos similaria, Gnophos snelleni, Gnophos sordaria, Gnophos sphalera, Gnophos sproengertsi, Gnophos stachyphorus, Gnophos stemmataria, Gnophos stoliczkaria, Gnophos stötzneri, Gnophos subsignaria, Gnophos subsplendidaria, Gnophos subtila, Gnophos supinaria, Gnophos symmicta, Gnophos taftana, Gnophos talvei, Gnophos tephrosiaria, Gnophos thibetaria, Gnophos tholeraria, Gnophos turfosaria, Gnophos vastaria, Gnophos vitreata, Gnophos wanensis, Gnophos wiltshirei, Gnophos zaprjagaevi, Gnophos zeitunaria

Siona (Duponchel, 1829) [genus]

Siona galactica, Siona lineata

Synopsidia Djakonov, 1935 [genus]

Synopsidia phasidaria


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