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Family Coenagrionidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Palaeoptera order Odonata suborder Zygoptera superfamily Coenagrionoidea → family Coenagrionidae Kirby, 1890


Daughter taxa

Genera: 121 (11 illustrated). Species.

Anomisma McLachlan, 1877 [genus]

Anomisma abnorme

Apanisagrion Kennedy, 1920 [genus]

Apanisagrion lais

Argia Rambur, 1842 [genus]

Argia adamsi, Argia agrioides, Argia alberta, Argia albistigma, Argia anceps, Argia apicalis, Argia barretti, Argia bicellulata, Argia bipunctulata, Argia botacudo, Argia calida, Argia carlcooki, Argia chapadae, Argia chelata, Argia claussenii, Argia collata, Argia concinna, Argia croceipennis, Argia cupraurea, Argia cuprea, Argia cyathigera, Argia deami, Argia difficilis, Argia dives, Argia eliptica, Argia emma, Argia euphorbia, Argia extranea, Argia fissa, Argia fraudatricula, Argia frequentula, Argia fulgida, Argia fumigata, Argia fumipennis, Argia funcki, Argia funebris, Argia garrisoni, Argia gaumeri, Argia gerhardi, Argia hamulata, Argia harknessi, Argia hasemani, Argia herberti, Argia hinei, Argia huanacina, Argia immunda, Argia impura, Argia inculta, Argia indicatrix, Argia indocilis, Argia infrequentula, Argia infumata, Argia insipida, Argia iralai, Argia jocosa, Argia joergenseni, Argia johannella, Argia jujuya, Argia kokama, Argia lacrimans, Argia leonorae, Argia lilacina, Argia limitata, Argia lugens, Argia medullaris, Argia mishuyaca, Argia modesta, Argia moesta, Argia mollis, Argia munda, Argia nahuana, Argia nigrior, Argia oculata, Argia oenea, Argia orichalcea, Argia pallens, Argia percellulata, Argia pima, Argia pipila, Argia plana, Argia pocomana, Argia popoluca, Argia pulla, Argia reclusa, Argia rhoadsi, Argia rogersi, Argia rosseri, Argia sabino, Argia sedula, Argia serva, Argia smithiana, Argia sordida, Argia subapicalis, Argia talamanca, Argia tamoyo, Argia tarascana, Argia telesfordi, Argia terira, Argia tezpi, Argia thespis, Argia tibialis, Argia tinctipennis, Argia tonto, Argia translata, Argia tupi, Argia ulmeca, Argia underwoodi, Argia variabilis, Argia variata, Argia variegata, Argia vivida, Argia westfalli, Argia yungensis

Bromeliagrion De Marmels in De Marmels and Garrison, 2005 [genus]

Bromeliagrion beebeanum, Bromeliagrion fernandezianum, Bromeliagrion rehni

Calvertagrion St. Quentin, 1960 [genus]

Calvertagrion minutissimum

Chromagrion Needham, 1903 [genus]

Chromagrion conditum

Coryphagrion Morton, 1924 [genus]

Coryphagrion grandis

Enacantha Donnelly & Alayo, 1966 [genus]

Enacantha caribbea

Hesperagrion Calvert, 1902 [genus]

Hesperagrion heterodoxum

Hylaeonympha Rácenis, 1968 [genus]

Hylaeonympha magoi

Junix Rácenis, 1968 [genus]

Junix elumbis

Lamproneura De Marmels, 2003 [genus]

Lamproneura lucerna

Leucobasis Rácenis, 1959 [genus]

Leucobasis candicans

Megaloprepus Rambur, 1842 [genus]

Megaloprepus caerulatus

Microneura Hagen in Selys, 1886 [genus]

Microneura caligata

Oxyallagma Kennedy, 1920 [genus]

Oxyallagma dissidens

Proneura Selys, 1889 [genus]

Proneura prolongata

Protallagma Kennedy, 1920 [genus]

Protallagma titicacae

Pseudagrion [genus]

Pseudagrion acaciae, Pseudagrion aguessei, Pseudagrion alcicorne, Pseudagrion ambatoroae, Pseudagrion ampolomitae, Pseudagrion andamanicum, Pseudagrion angolense, Pseudagrion apicale, Pseudagrion approximatum, Pseudagrion arabicum, Pseudagrion assegaii, Pseudagrion aureofrons, Pseudagrion australasiae, Pseudagrion azureum, Pseudagrion basicornu, Pseudagrion bernardi, Pseudagrion bicoerulans, Pseudagrion bidentatum, Pseudagrion buenafei, Pseudagrion caffrum, Pseudagrion calosomum, Pseudagrion camerunense, Pseudagrion celebense, Pseudagrion cheliferum, Pseudagrion chloroceps, Pseudagrion cingillum, Pseudagrion citricola, Pseudagrion civicum, Pseudagrion coarctatum, Pseudagrion coeleste, Pseudagrion coeruleipunctum, Pseudagrion commoniae, Pseudagrion coomansi, Pseudagrion coriaceum, Pseudagrion crocops, Pseudagrion cyathiforme, Pseudagrion daponshanensis, Pseudagrion deconcertans, Pseudagrion decorum, Pseudagrion demorsum, Pseudagrion deningi, Pseudagrion dispar, Pseudagrion divaricatum, Pseudagrion draconis, Pseudagrion dundoense, Pseudagrion elongatum, Pseudagrion emarginatum, Pseudagrion epiphonematicum, Pseudagrion estesi, Pseudagrion evanidum, Pseudagrion farinicollis, Pseudagrion fisheri, Pseudagrion fumipennis, Pseudagrion furcigerum, Pseudagrion gamblesi, Pseudagrion giganteum, Pseudagrion gigas, Pseudagrion glaucescens, Pseudagrion glaucoideum, Pseudagrion greeni, Pseudagrion grilloti, Pseudagrion guichardi, Pseudagrion hageni, Pseudagrion hamoni, Pseudagrion hamulus, Pseudagrion helenae, Pseudagrion hemicolon, Pseudagrion hypermelas, Pseudagrion igniceps, Pseudagrion ignifer, Pseudagrion incisurum, Pseudagrion inconspicuum, Pseudagrion indicum, Pseudagrion ingrid, Pseudagrion inopinatum, Pseudagrion jedda, Pseudagrion kaffinum, Pseudagrion kersteni, Pseudagrion kibalense, Pseudagrion laidlawi, Pseudagrion lalakense, Pseudagrion lindicum, Pseudagrion lorenzi, Pseudagrion lucidum, Pseudagrion lucifer, Pseudagrion macrolucidum, Pseudagrion makabusiense, Pseudagrion malabaricum, Pseudagrion malagasoides, Pseudagrion malgassicum, Pseudagrion mascagnii, Pseudagrion massaicum, Pseudagrion melanicterum, Pseudagrion mellisi, Pseudagrion merina, Pseudagrion microcephalum, Pseudagrion mohelii, Pseudagrion newtoni, Pseudagrion nigripes, Pseudagrion nigrofasciatum, Pseudagrion niloticum, Pseudagrion nubicum, Pseudagrion olsufieffi, Pseudagrion pacificum, Pseudagrion palauense, Pseudagrion pelecotomum, Pseudagrion perfuscatum, Pseudagrion pilidorsum, Pseudagrion pontogenes, Pseudagrion pruinosum, Pseudagrion pterauratum, Pseudagrion punctum, Pseudagrion quadrioculatum, Pseudagrion ranauense, Pseudagrion renaudi, Pseudagrion risi, Pseudagrion rubriceps, Pseudagrion rubridorsum, Pseudagrion rufocinctum, Pseudagrion rufostigma, Pseudagrion rusingae, Pseudagrion salisburyense, Pseudagrion samoense, Pseudagrion schmidtianum, Pseudagrion serrulatum, Pseudagrion seyrigi, Pseudagrion silaceum, Pseudagrion simile, Pseudagrion simonae, Pseudagrion simplicilaminatum, Pseudagrion sjoestedti, Pseudagrion spencei, Pseudagrion spernatum, Pseudagrion spinithoracicum, Pseudagrion starreanum, Pseudagrion stuckenbergi, Pseudagrion sublacteum, Pseudagrion sudanicum, Pseudagrion symoensii, Pseudagrion syriacum, Pseudagrion thenartum, Pseudagrion tinctipennis, Pseudagrion torridum, Pseudagrion tricorne, Pseudagrion trigonale, Pseudagrion umsingaziense, Pseudagrion ungulatum, Pseudagrion ustum, Pseudagrion vaalense, Pseudagrion vakoanae, Pseudagrion vumbaense, Pseudagrion williamsi, Pseudagrion williamsoni

Roppaneura Santos, 1966 [genus]

Roppaneura beckeri

Skiallagma Förster, 1906 [genus]

Skiallagma baueri

Tigriagrion Calvert, 1909 [genus]

Tigriagrion aurantinigrum

Zoniagrion Kennedy, 1917 [genus]

Zoniagrion exclamationis

Coenagrionidae photos with superspecies identification

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Coenagrionidae sp. Coenagrionidae sp. Coenagrionidae sp.


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06.12.2015 1:26, Eugene Karolinskiy Corrected data.

Coenagrionidae → Coenagrionidae Kirby, 1890.

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