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Photo #40359: Calliteara pudibunda


Calliteara pudibunda

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Base gallery. Pinned specimen.

Photo, and identified by: Yuri Semejkin. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2015-06-03 00:00:00, Владивосток, Академгородок

Comments on this image

03.06.2015 18:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I also agree with the definition Matov since appeared straightened. And my question is eliminated.
For comparison photo The underside of my male collected in train May 24 this year, and we have only two species of the genus.
Spread into the main gallery not become due ulёtannosti instance.
Just compare :)

03.06.2015 17:05, Alexandr Zhakov

Yuri, I personally agree with the definition of dull, and therefore transferred the photos to mind, but in the Primorye Territory, wrote Vasily, 6 species, who can knows your fauna better, come to a different opinion. :)

03.06.2015 17:00, Yuri Semejkin

Alexander ! A more specific on the other. You can believe? I would like to see.

03.06.2015 15:48, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Imago Male.

03.06.2015 15:28, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Aldeksandr, well, that was not kept and has remembered me (
To expose at least one copy. independently and accurately and then straightened budeschem have the full moral right to criticize someone else's raspravku ...
In your gallery no one straightened butterfly at the moment and, therefore, the work of others you have no right to criticize.For example: very much want to see a definitive sign of how important the rear fenders in species Noctua exposed you, but do not have such a possibility ((
I'm sorry, but simply started to hurt your butting is not childish. Not serious....

03.06.2015 13:59, Yuri Semejkin

Well I do not mind. Peter straightened prowess, so the site does not spoil.

03.06.2015 13:38, Alexandr Zhakov

Yuri, I do what I do not delete. :) As, in order to exercise, I do not know, I'm sorry to ruin vain. The site displays all kinds of photos at once, and any poor-quality picture, roofing in nature, whether in the expanded form, each time will catch the eye. This is not the forum where seeing and photo goes on the back burner and it will only see the meticulous :).If you set out to create a collection, then gradually start to spread. then as a prompt. if these unfolding in aid for defining, then yes, but it is better to insert in the comments, then they will not be seen on the pages of the form. I'd like to have all kinds of high-quality photos are presented.Yuri, you're persuading yourself or me? :))) It does not matter whether the butterfly shown in nature, and then in the expanded form. and has a value of quality characteristics for determining if the reverse side of any. :)) This is my personal opinion and of course you can do as you see fit.besides, in this instance there may be other views (I have the species of) :))

03.06.2015 13:26, Yuri Semejkin

The site is almost all the pictures I have odinochnye.A and live and Dried. Though bad, but straightened

03.06.2015 13:23, Yuri Semejkin

Alexander! I do not get me yet. Like all do as they say, and there is no result. They say practicing on cabbage or some ragged. . But they still have to catch.
It took off because there are such. Especially with the underside - are all one and the round spots on without HCC. Compare underside 40360.
There are normally straightened, and then delete these.However, if you feel that they have no place here, you can remove seysas I do not mind.

03.06.2015 13:05, Alexandr Zhakov

Yuri :))) must be of puts straightened. You Vasily competition lineup. :))

03.06.2015 13:03, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Not identified Calliteara pudibunda / Confidently identified / Yuri Semejkin.

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