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Terms of use and publishing policy

Terms of use

The materials available at Insecta.pro fall into one of the two categories

The descriptions can be freely used, copied and shared, including posting on other web sites, but only if the author is indicated and a direct hyperlink, visible to both users and search engines, to the Insecta.pro page containing that description is provided

All rights to the articles published in the Articles section and images in the Gallery section and/or used as illustrations to descriptions or articles are reserved by their authors. These materials are published at Insecta.pro with permission from their authors. In order to use them elsewhere obtaining permission from the author is required website administratorhe may be able to help.

Further information on copyright and related rights can be found in the text of the relevant law.

The publication of photographs on the website

[857582] Orthotomicus Ferrari, 1867 [Род] [1015602] Pachynematus clitellatus [1000984] Halyzia sedecimguttata pyrgus malvae [1] Lepidoptera

Our site is in permanent need of authors contributing photographs to illustrate descriptions of insects species and higher taxa.

Photographs are also posted in the Gallery, which already contains thousands of images.

Author information

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Submission of images

By submitting an image you confirm that you are its author and agree to its publication at Insecta.pro. Please do not send us photos taken by someone else. Submission methods:

Any questions and comments regarding the Terms of Use and Rules of Publication at Insecta.pro can be directed by email to (contact person: Peter Khramov).

Random photos from the gallery

[10763] Rhopobota naevana [1015244] Siobla sturmii Smerinthus ocellata [787166] Coenagrion puella Photo #83001 (Undetermined species) Photo #37681 (Undetermined species) [14624] Ascia monuste (Linnaeus, 1764) [Вид] [3395] Agonopterix alstromeriana [1015457] Pristiphora alpestris [11097] Aphelia ferugana [243448] Dorytomus tortrix [4047] Gladiovalva aizpuruai Pieris rapae — Репница [497457] Stethophyma grossum [21690] Amraica superans [86057] Chamaita nympha Lasiommata deidamia = Lopinga deidamia Photo #35161 (Undetermined species) Cicindela songorica Motschulsky, 1845 Photo #24376 (Undetermined species) minois dryas [791406] Hymenopus coronatus clepsis rogana [3052] Falcaria lacertinaria Photo #34343 (Undetermined species) Papilio ambrax [1015359] Dolerus eversmanni Euphaedra losinga wardi [989869] Arge pagana Platarctia atropurpurea Dichrorampha obscuratana Goneoteryx-rhamni [1022197] Hoplomachus thunbergii [1002313] Cryptocephalus coronatus [1021735] Tingis ampliata [1014893] Cephus brachycercus [43298] Nisoniades haywardi [22201] Harpyia tokui [1016049] Claremontia uncta [1] Lepidoptera [814031] Coleoptera callicore lyca [1032810] Bembidion solskyi [647763] Amesia namouna [948983] Acrididae

Insecta.pro: international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

Project editor in chief and administrator: Peter Khramov.

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Thanks to all authors, who publish materials on the website.

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