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Insecta.pro Community and Forum

Here you can find the web forum messages and all the comments of registered users on photos and species descriptions. Feel free to comment any thread you find interesting, ask a question, read users comments and the administrator's replies. To comment a photo or a species description, please use relevant photo page of a species or the page with description

Species and other taxa discussions. Taxonomy

Comments on species and other taxa (17611)

All the comments on species, genera, families and other insects taxa, also subspecies and taxonomic units alike. To comment any taxa please use relevant taxon page.

25.03.2024 23:03 Peter Khramov, Phylloecus linearis

Phylloecus linearis and Hartigia linearis were merged [380].

Taxonomy. Classification (218/37)

Discussions on general taxonomy questions of the website Insecta. Suggestions on the website database updates and ordering taxa.

06.03.2024 13:14 Peter Khramov, Что это за насекомое?

И ведь никто ничего не пишет. Хоть бы кто ответил, мол, «фуууу»... Или «я когда таких вижу, сразу ...

Entomological collections (402/7)

Tips on the insects collecting and insect specimen care. Entomological equipment for collecting and storing specimens.

09.04.2018 18:58 Peter Khramov, Specials and discussion store Naturaliste


Photo discussions

Comments on photos (43512)

All the comments on the website photos sorted by newest first. Once again, to comment any photo please use relevant photo page.

16.04.2024 13:02 Peter Khramov, photo #95925

Corrected data. Шмель-кукушка - Psithyrus sylvestris

Questions about image upload and editing on the website (315/28)

All the questions on image upload on the website, editing data and stuff alike. Bug alerts and suggestions on upgrading the project.

29.11.2023 23:20 Peter Khramov, Не могу связать несколько фото одного и того же экзепляра

I see the photos are connected. But if not all of them are connected, and the problem remains — please let me know.

Hexapods photoshooting (81/5)

Talks on Insecta shooting in nature and in collections. Technical and aesthetical aspects. Links to ace photographers.

15.04.2016 7:29 Shamil Murtazin, Microblog with caterpillars "pen"

In the refrigerator stored in moist sphagnum moss. I think now we need to add a bit of "Topaz", so as not moldy, even slightly. Conclusions In the cage: a pot of water, the ...

Website and the Community

Website news and updates (2303/553)

Posts and discussions on website updates. Only the editor is authorized to add posts on website updates. All registered users are free to comment.

09.04.2024 21:13 Peter Khramov, Recognition of species/taxa by file names of uploaded photos has become more convenient

When uploading photos to the website (both by one file and many files in ...

Blog (389/202)

Posts from the Insecta.pro Blog.

16.04.2024 18:03 Peter Khramov, A. Gordon, O. Gorbunov, V. Murzin on Russian TV in 2004

A nice video from 2004 with Oleg Gorbunov and Vladimir Murzin visiting Alexander Gordon. It's nice to see respected people 20 years ago, even if the TV show was so-so: the ...

Discussions on the website functionality (615/37)

Comments and suggestions on the technical aspects of the website. Ideas on new sections and projects. All registered users can upload topics and comment.

29.11.2023 23:31 Peter Khramov, About the letter, comments and add information about the kinds of

It's been less than 5.5 years, and I've already fixed the typo!)

Users and the Community (131/6)

Comments and ideas on relocation of the threads according to the Community structure. Complaints on moderators and the administrator. Users' appreciation.

26.07.2018 15:34 Irina Nikulina, On the "vacation", "time off" and the like.

I am happy for you and Olya and I envy you with white envy!) I would join with pleasure, I also never got to the end of July or the beginning of August... But so far, only ...

Other questions

Insects threads (439/76)

Other Insects threads not subject to the previous sections. Travels, links to interesting (media) sources, species IDs made on other websites, questions aka “I found a larva in my backyard” and so on.

04.01.2024 20:34 Peter Khramov, Где ловить в Москве и Подмосковье?

If you'd like to catch more insects and make less effort at the same time, and you do not have specialization for specific groups of Insecta, just put a white screen at night ...

Talks beyond Insects (204/18)

Humour, cars, sport, fashion, non-insecta themed trips, books, cinema, gambling, rumours, gossip, scandals and other off-topic: free talks between the website users.

17.05.2018 14:47 Sergei Eremin, Job offer, Moscow region



All comments feed (68674)

Feed of all comments on all the themes of the Community, and all taxons and photos. Comfortable home page for hardcore users who want to stay up to date.

16.04.2024 18:03 Peter Khramov, A. Gordon, O. Gorbunov, V. Murzin on Russian TV in 2004

A nice video from 2004 with Oleg Gorbunov and Vladimir Murzin visiting ...

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