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Questions about image upload and editing on the website

All the questions on image upload on the website, editing data and stuff alike. Bug alerts and suggestions on upgrading the project.

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Не могу связать несколько фото одного и того же экзепляра 02.07.2018 12:20 Alexander Belousov

I can link only one photo! How to link the whole series?

29.11.2023 23:20 Peter Khramov, Не могу связать несколько фото одного и того же экзепляра

I see the photos are connected. But if not all of them are connected, and the problem remains — please let me know.

Uploading photo error 30.05.2021 21:53 Kseniya Trofimova

When uploading a photo, the website's message is "fill in the "file" field", although the photo is selected.

05.10.2023 23:57 Peter Khramov, Uploading photo error

Just in case, I'll write here: such a problem could indeed have occurred earlier when uploading some photos, but it was solved. You can upload both single photos and archives ...

Trouble uploading pictures 30.07.2012 19:44 Alex Dumchus

So it says "'File' field not filled".

22.05.2020 15:37 Adrian Peplak, Trouble uploading pictures

Sorry for digging out such an ancient thread, but I have a similar bug. I try to upload a jpg photo (4,6 MB) and I receive such a notification: Please, fill \"File\" field. ...

Bugs 06.07.2015 6:01 Yuri Semejkin

When you click on the Gallery, instead of the usual type is proposed to use the new directory. And yet, when you open a picture with the butterfly climbs inscription - said there is no picture gallery site

15.05.2016 13:00 Shamil Murtazin, Bugs

Looking at the gallery and selecting a stage "adults" - ignored "male", "female", well, etc. In terms of databases all true of course, but logically wrong =)

Suggestion for making mandatory noting of shoot location and date data (especially important for the primary identification) 01.02.2013 21:24 Vasiliy Feoktistov

I'd like to ask all to accept this as a mandatory upload condition. It's quite embarrassing to deal with some uncertain photo with no data, nothing to do but scratch own head wondering. Maybe not to add such photos at all. I think, many will ...

08.02.2016 2:47 Yuri Semejkin, Suggestion for making mandatory noting of shoot location and date data (especially important for the primary identification)

Happened ! Thank you, Peter!

Changing the color of pictures 23.08.2014 8:33 Vladimir Bryukhov

Hello! When loading Xanthia togata three shots in two (# 32834 and # 32832) to change the brightness, contrast, and the third (# 32836) Download as you are. What is the reason?

14.11.2015 22:21 Peter Khramov, Changing the color of pictures

Excellent! Please send us your pictures!

About uncertain to type photo 29.01.2011 10:17 Evgeny Komarov

As I see it, it is for the site to the possibility of placing images that are not defined to the species level, but surely determined to genus or family at least, in the appropriate taxonomic groups. Iewhile watching some kind / family / subfamily ...

12.10.2015 11:51 Peter Khramov, About uncertain to type photo

Generally, yes, but now I work as usual, ie infa previews for ...

New photos uploading form is needed 25.09.2015 22:07 Evgeny Komarov

In fact, we are talking about just one field - the "top bottom of the wings." When loading the representatives of groups other than Lepidoptera, better this field in its present form does not fill = stupid work. Universal for any insect would be ...

06.10.2015 15:38 Evgeny Komarov, New photos uploading form is needed

For bugs (and all other) in the form of load: Perspective: top, bottom, ...

On the issue of the mandatory fields "gathering place / shooting " 26.04.2011 13:12 Evgeny Komarov

Peter and colleagues! In my overdue mandatory filling of the field when you add a photo! Well, here is the picture without underside copper-butterfly # 9025 without specifying the place of shooting. Though it would have to guess, but having a place, ...

25.09.2015 22:06 Peter Khramov, On the issue of the mandatory fields "gathering place / shooting "

1. And the chicken or the egg? 2. And we have a determination not only to ...

Question on uploading photos 08.12.2012 10:14 Viktor Kolesnikov

So I've got a few questions. 1. Is it possible to upload a new image instead of one previously added (for some reason like if I'm not content with its quality, angle or I've got another one of better quality or of worse quality but the angle may be ...

22.09.2015 6:10 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Question on uploading photos

Eugene, but I also look everything is normal. So do not fly off :)

Take a look: 14.12.2013 13:31 Svetlana Shchavelina

Sarbanissa sundana and Sarbanissa transiens - the same picture on the pages of description of these butterflies.

15.06.2015 12:39 Peter Khramov, Take a look:

Memo needs in the subject, where the question was asked - in the case when ...

Personal Area. 08.01.2011 12:35 Vasiliy Feoktistov

That raised the question of whether to allow users to adjust from his LC data to photos that have already been downloaded, but not yet been published (and sometimes the need arises). In particular, when the form is loaded to the new site is that it ...

16.04.2015 15:44 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Personal Area.

Peter, again, a fresh question LK) Do please edit menu selection on the ...

Changing of the image status 29.05.2012 2:30 Yuri Semejkin

Petr, hello! I've got some questions to ask. There are three images held at my personal account for already lots of time somehow not been moved yet, can't understand why not. Also: certain already moved images are still named as "undetermined" ...

13.01.2014 16:21 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Changing of the image status

Peter, let me quote George: "Yuri Semeykin, 01/12/2014 13:32 Hello, ...

Zoran from Serbia: wrong identifications 09.01.2014 21:08 Zoran Bozovic

After applying comments, of all of You, i am absolutely confident in Moderator from Serbian forum. All mistakes are done by me, by copy/paste the names. I thank all of You and appologize for upseting You.

10.01.2014 0:46 Peter Khramov, Zoran from Serbia: wrong identifications

Doubles who found removed. If someone else will find that this - write in ...

"Please do not edit" box 26.12.2013 14:05 Jan van Holten

Hello, As promised I submitted yesterday my first 71 photo's to the website including a subspecies like Lycaena dispar rutila. All images are fully edited including sharpening and they are all of a large size so others can enlarge them. Concerning ...

27.12.2013 18:26 Peter Khramov, "Please do not edit" box

Yang, the mention of the flag - just an oversight in the interface of the ...

Clarification on photo photo 29.11.2013 20:56 Nastya Krujkova

I want to cut the photos, which will reduce their "weight." What is the metric value of the "pure" from the expanded field background butterfly? Photo collection specimens welcome?

30.11.2013 14:09 Peter Khramov, Clarification on photo photo

That's okay: http://lepidoptera.ru/gallery/13980. As for the shadows - a ...

Transfer to the kinds of ph and accuracy 27.10.2013 13:07 Peter Khramov

On the pages of some of the photons in the comments sparked controversy on the topic - what are the options considered and inaccurate determination to carry wilted, respectively, and which are generally regarded as uncertain."Where is the line?" To ...

29.10.2013 11:25 Alexandr Zhakov, Transfer to the kinds of ph and accuracy

The exact definition, when the author considers its definition variants ...

EXIF in photos 31.05.2013 11:51 Shamil Murtazin

Good day to you! The issue of such a plan. I would like to fill in the on site EXIF ​​remained in the photos. Sometimes it is useful to see who does what and how to remove. Plus, the new cameras can pull out the coordinates of the shooting.

01.06.2013 1:41 Peter Khramov, EXIF in photos

I am also in favor. Ie leave exif, of course, is not necessary. But some ...

The problem with uploading your photos 28.02.2011 23:26 Konstantin Kraevsky

When images are downloaded archive, the archive is not completely processed. First time filled 200+ images in one file, in the loaded display only 128. The remaining 104 picture again filled the archives, loaded hit only 68 of them. Of the first 128 ...

10.03.2011 19:32 Peter Khramov, The problem with uploading your photos

It is necessary that the first-pile thread like Wikipedia, but that is not ...

Date-time photos 23.01.2011 17:00 Nikolai Vladimirov

There is a proposal to obtain this information from exif`a. And if that is not present (a scanned photo or anything else) - then leave the template to fill in manually.

23.01.2011 23:51 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Date-time photos

Correctly! Though a file txt. I keep these things, but still welcome.

The problem with LC 23.01.2011 16:23 Vasiliy Feoktistov

Namely the absence of all previously downloaded photos (including recent). I have them today I have disappeared all at once. It would be desirable to find out how things are going with all this. Strange things happen any. Quote: Pending ...

23.01.2011 18:01 Evgeny Komarov, The problem with LC

Well, it all came back!

Personal Area 19.01.2011 21:46 Boris Loboda

I see "Downloaded images " delayed only one photo, I understand there has to be all about? Or so conceived?

23.01.2011 17:29 Peter Khramov, Personal Area

Everything is OK. See the news http://lepidoptera.ru/community/2133/

Pending publication 18.01.2011 21:33 Dmitriy Pozhogin

If the BOS, in the pictures is expected to publish their prevyushek- no need to remove or ???

19.01.2011 0:58 Dmitriy Pozhogin, Pending publication

Just those photos for a long time hanging (the very first throw). Some ...

The extra photos 13.01.2011 20:08 Andrey Sazykin

Loading photos today, and three photos uploaded twice (that I flew Net). Unnecessary remove please. My apologies..

14.01.2011 16:21 Peter Khramov, The extra photos

Yes, it will be gradually introduced new capabilities for editing users / ...

You can not delete photos 08.01.2011 22:49 Evgeny Komarov

Several times already faced with a situation where as a result of its own mistakes uploaded the wrong photo. Alas, something to do after the download is no longer possible.In my opinion it is necessary to provide the ability to delete pictures ...

08.01.2011 23:02 Peter Khramov, You can not delete photos

Vasiliy Feoktistov had just offered to make unpublished data fotah ...

Upload photos 01.09.2009 23:01 Elvir Izmailov

I wanted to send a couple of pictures and recorded. But somehow cant download.

19.12.2010 14:17 Peter Khramov, Upload photos

Launched a new version of the site. With commentaries and wishes - ...

How to upload photos of butterflies, which are not described on the site? 21.05.2009 12:37 Vasiliy Feoktistov

Good afternoon. I have a question for you. I have photos of butterflies that are not described on the website, including tropical species. How can I load them for publication?

23.05.2009 0:11 Peter Khramov, How to upload photos of butterflies, which are not described on the site?

Basil, not for that. Regarding the filter on the degree of determination ...

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