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Не могу связать несколько фото одного и того же экзепляра

Community and ForumQuestions about image uploading and editing on the websiteНе могу связать несколько фото одного и того же экзепляра

Alexander Belousov, 02.07.2018 12:20

I can link only one photo! How to link the whole series?


09.07.2018 11:23, Shamil Murtazin

Standard mode:
- upload a series of photos;
- go to "Edit" (https://insecta.pro/usercab/usergallery );
- find the first image of the planned group there and copy the photo number to the site database, for example #68725 (copy only numbers);
- find the rest of the photos, except for the first (copied), and put the number of the first photo (copied) in their extreme column;
- click "Update and Delete" at the bottom left of the screen form.

If it didn't work, then this is a website problem and only Peter can solve it ... i.e. you will have to write to him :)

12.07.2018 16:14, Alexander Belousov

Thank you Shamil, I tried, it didn't help. Old numbers are not removed and new ones are not added. It looks like everything needs to be reloaded here. There is no desire. Don't let it be as it is.

29.11.2023 23:20, Peter Khramov

I see the photos are connected. But if not all of them are connected, and the problem remains — please let me know.

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