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Random photos from the gallery

[1] Lepidoptera Orthosia cerasi [16585] Pareronia argolis [1017215] Harpalus distinguendus [244733] Phyllobius pomaceus Photo #30633 (Undetermined species) Photo #20787 (Undetermined species) [176924] Euonthophagus amyntas [107816] Polygrapha xenocrates ernestoi brenthis ino hamadryas feronia [8570] Boloria selene Eilema pseudocomplana [832815] Chauliognathus basalis Ahlbergia frivaldszkyi — Голубянка фривальдского [177437] Phanaeus bispinus Bates, 1868 [Вид] [825440] Saprinus semistriatus [8262] Plusia putnami [15241] Graphium angolanus sphinx ligustri Photo #42161 (Undetermined species) [1] Lepidoptera Photo #40420 (Undetermined species) [245889] Sitona ambiguus [1021029] Dermestes olivieri

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