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16.04.2024 18:03, Peter Khramov: comment on A. Gordon, O. Gorbunov, V. Murzin on Russian TV in 2004

A nice video from 2004 with Oleg Gorbunov and Vladimir Murzin visiting Alexander Gordon. It's nice to see respected people 20 years ago, even if the TV show was so-so: the guests could not make a clear story on the topic, and the show presenter could not help them. But I still recommend watching it!)

10.04.2024 20:35, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #95660

Переношу пока к подвиду memnon'a.

10.04.2024 20:34, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #95661

Переношу пока к подвиду memnon'a.

09.04.2024 21:13, Peter Khramov: comment on Recognition of species/taxa by file names of uploaded photos has become more convenient

When uploading photos to the website (both by one file and many files in the zip-archives), the system tries to recognize the species in the photo (as well as subspecies and upper taxa) by file name. Previously, the system was quite demanding, now it is much easier to work with it. I have studied what mistakes that users most often make in file names and added automatic handling of such cases. ...

03.04.2024 12:43, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #57889

У пилильщиков нет таких ног. Голова не признак.

01.04.2024 7:55, Vitaly Gumenuk: comment on photo #57907


01.04.2024 7:54, Vitaly Gumenuk: comment on photo #58017


30.03.2024 20:42, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #94646

Леон, если не секрет, где нашли именно "сосновый" название для этого вида? Не то что бы с русскими названиями насекомых был какой-то порядок, но просто интересно...

28.03.2024 15:34, Peter Khramov: comment on We changed timeouts for the author to edit some data for his photos on the website

Now you can edit the identification field (linking a photo to an insect taxon) for an unlimited amount of time — if there are no comments from other users on the photo. But if there are such comments, the possibility of changing the taxon in the photo by the author is immediately blocked, and the photo is to be moved to the new taxon by the moderator or admin. Such rule will help to indicate ...

26.03.2024 11:59, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #94474

Это не Pachyprotasis antennata

26.03.2024 11:58, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #94475

Tenthredopsis sp.

26.03.2024 0:27, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #94479

Tenthredo sp.

26.03.2024 0:26, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #94480

Это не Pachyprotasis antennata видно же личинка то есть уже Это Rhogogaster punctulata смотреть тут http://insectamo.ru/sawfly/25-pililshchiki/3707-rhogogaster-punctulata

25.03.2024 23:01, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #94404

Андрей, спасибо за указание на ошибку. Я поставил себе пометку свести род Hartigia с Phylloecus на будущее, а пока перенес фото к Phylloecus linearis. Напоминаю, что комментарии, относящиеся не к фото, а к таксону, необходимо оставлять на ...

25.03.2024 22:59, Peter Khramov: comment on Hartigia

Синоним Phylloecus. Необходимо провести работу на сайту по сведению двух этих таксонов. В качестве источника может быть использовать в т.ч. Review of the genus Phylloecus (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) in Belgium and Western Europe (2020).

19.03.2024 21:47, Peter Khramov: comment on Insecta.pro and the entomological forum Integration

Integration is coming to an active phase. An email newsletter should soon be sent to users of the entomological forum with explanations and individual links to establish a connection between accounts on Insecta and ento-forum. In this topic, you can ask questions about integration and link between accounts.

16.03.2024 1:00, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #93912

Бабочка-монарх Danaus plexippus

10.03.2024 13:42, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #93455

I just wanted to comment that the photo looks like retro-style. It turned out that it is actually a retro reversal film slide 6x6 cm!

09.03.2024 16:19, Peter Khramov: comment on Meanwhile, in Kotelnich

And yes! An entomological exhibition is taking place in Kotelnich too. And where is Kotelnich situated? Kotelnich is situated on the confluence of the two great Russian rivers — The Volga and The Oka. If fact, it's not. This one was about Nighny Novgorod. And when it comes to Kotelnich, the town lies on the middle reaches of the Vyatka river, right next to The Kotelnich Location of Pareiasaurs ...

09.03.2024 15:34, Peter Khramov: comment on Entomologist? What kind of job is it?

One of the foreign non-specialized websites has interesting material on the topic of what a professional entomologist does, is he afraid of insects or not, is he obliged to has at least a bachelor's degree or is there is enough forestry technical school, what places you can go to work as an entomologist, well, and the most interesting thing is the salaries and comparison with seemingly similar ...

06.03.2024 13:14, Peter Khramov: comment on

И ведь никто ничего не пишет. Хоть бы кто ответил, мол, «фуууу»... Или «я когда таких вижу, сразу отворачиваюсь». Молчат! Автору: я понимаю, что для одноразового сообщения регистрироваться с именем лениво, но имейте ввиду, ...

04.03.2024 20:49, Peter Khramov: comment on The insects exhibition in Kotlas

February is a month of no travel. But for the brave ones, there is the right direction — Kotlas. An exhibition dedicated to insects has recently opened in Kotlas museum. There is a selection of specimens of insects of the region, macrophotos of insects in a decent more then size, and most importantly, a model of an entomological net is demonstrated, it's ideal for catching insects. The net has ...

02.03.2024 20:21, Peter Khramov: comment on Interview with Alexander Zatakovoy, one of the wild Russian entomologists

The "Russia 24 Nizhny Novgorod" TV channel in the "Breakfast with" TV show introduced an interview with Alexander Zatakovoy, a man who is seriously infected by entomology, but not only that! Of the videos that can be shared on our website, only Rutube player is available, so I'm posting it through the Rutube (and so you have to use your browser's translating options).

29.02.2024 18:58, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #62250

Moved to identified tentatively.

15.02.2024 21:41, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #76385

In sync with the comments to the photo https://insecta.pro/gallery/76388

08.02.2024 13:23, Peter Khramov: comment on The website functioning updates

We updated the design of comments for photos, species, superspecies taxa, as well as topics in the Community/forum. Now the comments are more indented, they separated by a light line and alternate by background color. It will be easier to read them like this.

07.02.2024 21:03, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #77252

To uncertain identification for now...

06.02.2024 19:45, Peter Khramov: comment on References labeling (including PM) was updated

The species page now displays more complete information about the sources of information (references) - for synonyms, subspecies and descriptions (previously not all of it was shown). Personal communications are now indicated each with its own code in square brackets (similar to literary sources). For example, [3] is a regular source, and [PC1] is a personal communication. At the bottom of the ...

20.01.2024 15:17, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #37126

Zoran, if you have other photos of this specimen or any other information in connection with which you can confidently define the species, please let us know.

20.01.2024 10:45, Evgeny Komarov: comment on Curtonotus

Transfer and changes based on: K.V. Makarov, O.L. Kryzhanovsky, I.A. Belousov, A.S. Zamotailov, I.I. Kabak, B.M. Kataev, V.G. Shilenkov, A. V. Matalin, D. N. Fedorenko E. V. Komarov. Systematic list of ground beetles (Carabidae) of Russia. https://www.zin.ru/Animalia/Coleoptera/rus/car_rus.htm 2020.

20.01.2024 1:42, Evgeny Komarov: comment on photo #84280

All identifications of my Cucullia - A. Matov.

20.01.2024 1:41, Evgeny Komarov: comment on photo #84435

All identifications of my Cucullia - A. Matov.

19.01.2024 22:45, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #70078

Ok, let's leave it in S. roborella.

18.01.2024 21:48, Peter Khramov: comment on Agnoea

Transfer source: S.Yu. Sinev & A.L. Lvovsky. Taxonomic status and species composition of the little known genus Agnoea Walsingham, 1907 (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Lypusidae) // Zoosystematica Rossica, 23(1): 137–144. 25 June 2014. [382]

18.01.2024 21:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Agnoea flavifrontella

Typo is corrected.

18.01.2024 15:15, Andrey Ponomarev: comment on photo #90935

Based on this, you can easily figure out who is who.

12.01.2024 17:31, Peter Khramov: comment on Stephanocleonus

A comment for the sake of order - the species were added by Evgeniy himself.

11.01.2024 14:18, Evgeny Komarov: comment on Xiphydria camelus


09.01.2024 14:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Euura humeralis

The species is already on the website as Amauronematus humeralis. As soon as we understand where we are taking Euura squalida, I will transfer photographs if necessary and I'll assign illustrations.

09.01.2024 13:23, Peter Khramov: comment on Stauronematus

Andrey, I've added Stauronematus platycerus species.

07.01.2024 15:24, Peter Khramov: comment on Fenusa

Andrey, I've added F. ewaldi according to David R. Smith, Ewald Altenhofer. The Second Record of a Sawfly Leafminer on Rosa, A New Species of Fenusa (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae). April 2011. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 113(1): 57-60. And Fenusa nana (Klug, 1816) - apparently, after all, a synonym for Fenusella nana?

06.01.2024 22:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Euura

Euura saliciscinereae was added. Is E. squalida a synonym of Euura humeralis (Audinet-Serville, 1823)?

04.01.2024 20:34, Peter Khramov: comment on

If you'd like to catch more insects and make less effort at the same time, and you do not have specialization for specific groups of Insecta, just put a white screen at night (even a white sheet is suitable like one) and turn on different lights on it (for example, one mercury lamp plus one UV lamp). You can put it almost anywhere, the main thing is that there is a socket for powering light bulbs ...

29.12.2023 23:27, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #66599

Same as #66601.

29.12.2023 23:27, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #66600

Same as #66601.

29.12.2023 23:26, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #66602

Same as #66601.

29.12.2023 20:40, Peter Khramov: comment on The petition in defense of biological nomenclature

There are proposals to correct existing taxa names of living organisms in order to change "inappropriate". For example, names of "controversial" persons, as well as words that can offend adherents of certain religions or speakers of certain languages. The results of the implementation of such proposals — mass renaming — can be very negative, and the impression of the authors of such ...

28.12.2023 21:56, Peter Khramov: comment on Autosuggestions by synonyms and local species names when uploading new photos or editing previously uploaded photos

Earlier, when filling the "taxon" field in the photo upload form (or when editing "taxon" field of a previously uploaded photo), autosuggestions worked only for the main taxon name (full correspondence or incomplete correspondence) and did not worked for synonyms, genera combinations and local (for example, English) names. In some cases, this was inconvenient: for example, you upload a photo, ...

26.12.2023 23:04, Peter Khramov: comment on photo #84514

The subspecies has been added.

18.12.2023 20:54, Peter Khramov: comment on New map mark radius indicating glitch was fixed

Previously, when setting a new map point, the "Radius" value might not be picked up, and it had to be entered additionally on the mark editing page. Now this problem has been fixed. You can to specify the radius when setting the new point, and it will be displayed correctly.

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