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Meanwhile, in Kotelnich

Community and ForumBlogMeanwhile, in Kotelnich

Peter Khramov, 09.03.2024 16:19

And yes! An entomological exhibition is taking place in Kotelnich too. And where is Kotelnich situated? Kotelnich is situated on the confluence of the two great Russian rivers — The Volga and The Oka. If fact, it's not. This one was about Nighny Novgorod. And when it comes to Kotelnich, the town lies on the middle reaches of the Vyatka river, right next to The Kotelnich Location of Pareiasaurs (Pareiasauridae) (Permian period of the Paleozoic era). There are some butterflies, some spiders and some scorpions at the exhibition and I'm afrait that's all I can tell you about it.

Sergey Tsapaev is the author of the photo on the museum's website.

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