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Insects photoshooting

Talks on Insecta shooting in nature and in collections. Technical and aesthetical aspects. Links to ace photographers.

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Microblog with caterpillars "pen" 15.06.2015 22:37 Shamil Murtazin

Gusyanok stop collecting butterflies and eggs, at the same time head of the diary for self-control to a month and all dovyvodit safely go on vacation and not for someone not to worry. At the same time, it is a little "magic Pendeli" for Peter in ...

15.04.2016 7:29 Shamil Murtazin, Microblog with caterpillars "pen"

In the refrigerator stored in moist sphagnum moss. I think now we need to add a bit of "Topaz", so as not moldy, even slightly. Conclusions In the cage: a pot of water, the ...

Pictures eggs 19.01.2014 14:02 Shamil Murtazin

There is a great desire otfotografirovat butterflies eggs with high magnification. They have a very varied and interesting form and texture. The equipment is available. If you pass with eggs in the South Urals - welcome to the photo shoot. At ...

24.08.2015 15:43 Leon Ortlieb, Pictures eggs

Excellent shooting experience! Like. Also somehow I like micro photography. He became interested in .. Butterflies patterns are impressive. Here example of the kind ...

Technical requirements for pictures. 27.10.2013 15:50 Shamil Murtazin

Q and simple and complex simultaneously. This subject is beginning to stir in the brain after reading the correspondence about the quality of the photo. I was confused recommendation to photograph without flash. For almost all of my photos are ...

12.05.2015 19:04 Peter Khramov, Technical requirements for pictures.

Yes, all the cylinders can be a separate topic, or start the same in the direction of blogs already starting to look a long time had the idea Well ... We pokumekat.

Lorenzo Comoglio 02.12.2013 13:27 Svetlana Shchavelina

Here's another passionate lover of butterflies: Lorenzo Comoglio. Those who registered on Facebook - can see his blog: Home to him I can not get out, Kaspersky swears and will not allow.

05.12.2013 17:42 Peter Khramov, Lorenzo Comoglio

Facebook is the author and without login to the system all seems.

Colin Hutton and his photo 17.10.2013 13:32 Svetlana Shchavelina

Found on the web Colin Hutton's website, he's a macro photographer, takes stunning macro of insects and others including lepidoptera and larvae. Enjoy:

21.10.2013 22:59 Peter Khramov, Colin Hutton and his photo

The author has agreed to the publication of his pictures on our website, today I downloaded the first few of them. Can anyone please suggest a specific accessory for (well, ...

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