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Users and the Community

Comments and ideas on relocation of the threads according to the Community structure. Complaints on moderators, curators and the editor. Users appreciation.

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On the "vacation", "time off" and the like. 14.02.2014 2:21 Vasiliy Feoktistov

Actually I made the subject since going to disappear from the site for some time for personal reasons. And being the moderator can not talk about without notice. In general, I think that this topic is needed, in order to each other do not be ...

26.07.2018 15:34 Irina Nikulina, On the "vacation", "time off" and the like.

Радуюсь за вас с Олей и завидую белой завистью!) С каким бы удовольствием присоединилась, тоже ...

Your plans for the new season 23.03.2017 20:07 Evgeny Komarov

Let's share our plans for the trips, travels and about-entomological adventures for the years to come. It's interesting who is going where and what we can expect from them!

31.08.2017 23:21 Evgeny Komarov, Your plans for the new season

Ok, I've got it. I can't share the facebook photos here (

География точек в Бразилии 08.05.2016 15:13 Shamil Murtazin

I will try to spread information on the geography here points at which the photographs were taken, spread on the site. In particular, from Shirley Sekarajasingham. I'd like the edited first post. The following are just a question and answer. All ...

09.05.2016 13:18 Peter Khramov, География точек в Бразилии

Shamil, will not find Old. I have a duplicate fotami otherwise unlikely as it will. Either link under each fotoy sculpt, but it's really quite ...

Relationship users and moderators 27.10.2013 13:09 Peter Khramov

If someone who did not understand, someone who had hurt someone with someone not disagree on a particular issue, and fundamentally, by the behavior - let's deal with these questions in this topic. Where there meets both abstract argument, let the ...

26.06.2014 11:08 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Relationship users and moderators

Alexander, I am also not sure yet, "what if?" :) In fact, a serious issue, and I support the proposal of Alexander. You can make two fields: one (with autosubstitution) to ...

Almost a butterfly ... 26.03.2014 12:02 Svetlana Shchavelina

There is such a thing ... I was here recently in Thailand on business .. Well, Thai comrades know that it is possible, I take pictures of butterflies, if you have some spare time and a suitable object for shooting. Before leaving, I presented a ...

07.04.2014 17:53 Svetlana Shchavelina, Almost a butterfly ...

OK, catch.

Thanks users 27.10.2013 2:00 Peter Khramov

In this topic, you can publicly express their gratitude to site members.In the first post, as is customary in such cases, I would like to thank all the contributors to the site for their contributions, and all visitors of the site - for attention to ...

15.03.2014 20:19 Peter Khramov, Thanks users

Anna, thank you very much for your kind words, it is very nice to hear: -)

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