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Subfamily Pexicopiinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Gelechiidae → subfamily Pexicopiinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (1 illustrated). Species.

Platyedra (Meyrick, 1895) [genus]

Platyedra subcinerea

Thiotricha (Meyrick, 1886) [genus]

Thiotricha acrantha, Thiotricha acronipha, Thiotricha acrophantis, Thiotricha amphixysta, Thiotricha anarpastis, Thiotricha angelica, Thiotricha animosella, Thiotricha anticentra, Thiotricha argyrea, Thiotricha arthrodes, Thiotricha atractodes, Thiotricha aucupatrix, Thiotricha balanopa, Thiotricha bullata, Thiotricha centritis, Thiotricha characias, Thiotricha chinochrysa, Thiotricha chrysantha, Thiotricha chrysopa, Thiotricha cleodorella, Thiotricha clepsidoxa, Thiotricha clidias, Thiotricha clinopeda, Thiotricha coleella, Thiotricha complicata, Thiotricha crypsichlora, Thiotricha cuneiformis, Thiotricha delacma, Thiotricha dissobola, Thiotricha embolarcha, Thiotricha epiclista, Thiotricha eremita, Thiotricha flagellatrix, Thiotricha fridaella, Thiotricha galactaea, Thiotricha galenaea, Thiotricha gemmulans, Thiotricha glenias, Thiotricha godmani, Thiotricha grammitis, Thiotricha hamulata, Thiotricha hemiphaea, Thiotricha hexanesa, Thiotricha hoplomacha, Thiotricha janitrix, Thiotricha laterestriata, Thiotricha leucothona, Thiotricha lindsayi, Thiotricha majorella, Thiotricha margarodes, Thiotricha melanaema, Thiotricha microrrhoda, Thiotricha nephelodesma, Thiotricha nephodesma, Thiotricha niphastis, Thiotricha obvoluta, Thiotricha oleariae, Thiotricha operaria, Thiotricha orthiastis, Thiotricha oxygramma, Thiotricha oxyopis, Thiotricha oxytheces, Thiotricha pancratiastis, Thiotricha panglycera, Thiotricha paraconta, Thiotricha parthenica, Thiotricha polyaula, Thiotricha pontifera, Thiotricha prosoestea, Thiotricha pteropis, Thiotricha pyrphora, Thiotricha rabida, Thiotricha rhodomicta, Thiotricha rhodopa, Thiotricha saulotis, Thiotricha scioplecta, Thiotricha sciurella, Thiotricha scotaea, Thiotricha strophiacma, Thiotricha subocellea, Thiotricha symphoracma, Thiotricha synacma, Thiotricha syncentritis, Thiotricha synodonta, Thiotricha tenuis, Thiotricha termanthes, Thiotricha tethela, Thiotricha tetraphala, Thiotricha thorybodes, Thiotricha trapezoidella, Thiotricha trichoma, Thiotricha tylephora, Thiotricha wollastoni, Thiotricha xanthaspis, Thiotricha xanthodora


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