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Subfamily Geometrinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae → subfamily Geometrinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 19 (14 illustrated). Genera: 168 (49 illustrated). Subgenera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Jodiini [tribe]

Berta, Jodis

Lophochoristini Ferguson, 1969 [tribe]

Eueana, Lophochorista

Alloeopage Prout, 1913 [genus]

Alloeopage cinerea

Anomogenes Turner, 1932 [genus]

Anomogenes morphnopa

Aoshakuna Matsumura, 1925 [genus]

Aoshakuna lucia

Apodasmia Turner, 1910 [genus]

Apodasmia rufonigraria

Cenochlora Warren, 1898 [genus]

Cenochlora quieta

Chloristola Holloway, 1996 [genus]

Chloristola setosa

Chlorodes Guenée, 1857 [genus]

Chlorodes boisduvalaria

Cosmogonia Warren, 1897 [genus]

Cosmogonia decorata

Gonochlora Swinhoe, 1904 [genus]

Gonochlora minutaria

Heliomystis Meyrick, 1888 [genus]

Heliomystis electrica

Hemichloreis Turner, 1917 [genus]

Hemichloreis exoterica

Iulops Prout, 1912 [genus]

Iulops argocrana

Leucesthes Warren, 1902 [genus]

Leucesthes alba

Limbatochlamys Rothschild, 1894 [genus]

Limbatochlamys rosthorni

Lophothorax Turner, 1939 [genus]

Lophothorax eremnopis

Mesurodes Warren, 1895 [genus]

Mesurodes erichlora

Metallothea Prout, 1916 [genus]

Metallothea eucrostes

Mixochroa Warren, 1898 [genus]

Mixochroa gratiosata

Mystichlora Holloway, 1996 [genus]

Mystichlora mystica

Neothela Turner, 1910 [genus]

Neothela cissochroa

Oenochlora Warren, 1896 [genus]

Oenochlora imperialis

Olerospila Holloway, 1996 [genus]

Olerospila oleraria

Opisthotia Warren, 1894 [genus]

Opisthotia tumidilinea

Oxyphanes Turner, 1936 [genus]

Oxyphanes thiobapta

Paraterpna Goldfinch, 1929 [genus]

Paraterpna harrisoni

Prasinocyma Warren, 1897 [genus]

Prasinocyma absimilis, Prasinocyma aetheraea, Prasinocyma albicosta, Prasinocyma albinotatat, Prasinocyma albiseriata, Prasinocyma albisticta, Prasinocyma albivenata, Prasinocyma ampla, Prasinocyma anadyomene, Prasinocyma angiana, Prasinocyma angolica, Prasinocyma angulilinea, Prasinocyma annexa, Prasinocyma arabica, Prasinocyma bamenda, Prasinocyma bicolor, Prasinocyma bifimbriata, Prasinocyma bilobata, Prasinocyma bipunctata, Prasinocyma caecata, Prasinocyma caeruleotincta, Prasinocyma candida, Prasinocyma caniola, Prasinocyma cellularia, Prasinocyma centralis, Prasinocyma chloroprosopa, Prasinocyma coerulea, Prasinocyma congrua, Prasinocyma consobrina, Prasinocyma convergens, Prasinocyma corolla, Prasinocyma corrugata, Prasinocyma crenulata, Prasinocyma croca, Prasinocyma crossota, Prasinocyma debilis, Prasinocyma delicata, Prasinocyma delicataria, Prasinocyma dentatilineata, Prasinocyma deviata, Prasinocyma differens, Prasinocyma dioscorodes, Prasinocyma discata, Prasinocyma discoprivata, Prasinocyma dohertyi, Prasinocyma dorsipunctata, Prasinocyma edwardsi, Prasinocyma eichhorni, Prasinocyma eremica, Prasinocyma exililinea, Prasinocyma flavicosta, Prasinocyma flavilimes, Prasinocyma florediscata, Prasinocyma fragilis, Prasinocyma fraterna, Prasinocyma furcata, Prasinocyma gajdacsi, Prasinocyma geminata, Prasinocyma geminipuncta, Prasinocyma gemmatimargo, Prasinocyma geometrica, Prasinocyma germinaria, Prasinocyma glauca, Prasinocyma gracilis, Prasinocyma hadrata, Prasinocyma hailei, Prasinocyma hiaraka, Prasinocyma ibandana, Prasinocyma idiotica, Prasinocyma immaculata, Prasinocyma inconspicuata, Prasinocyma indentilinea, Prasinocyma indistincta, Prasinocyma infirma, Prasinocyma inornata, Prasinocyma intermedia, Prasinocyma inturbida, Prasinocyma inversicaulis, Prasinocyma iosticta, Prasinocyma iseres, Prasinocyma jefferyi, Prasinocyma laticostata, Prasinocyma latistriga, Prasinocyma leucocycla, Prasinocyma leucophracta, Prasinocyma leucopis, Prasinocyma limpida, Prasinocyma lindemannae, Prasinocyma loveridgei, Prasinocyma lychnopasta, Prasinocyma marginepunctata, Prasinocyma marina, Prasinocyma megacydes, Prasinocyma minutapuncta, Prasinocyma nandiensis, Prasinocyma neavei, Prasinocyma neglecta, Prasinocyma nereis, Prasinocyma nictata, Prasinocyma nigrimacula, Prasinocyma nigripunctata, Prasinocyma niphobola, Prasinocyma niphosporas, Prasinocyma niveisticta, Prasinocyma nivisparsa, Prasinocyma nonyma, Prasinocyma oblita, Prasinocyma obsoleta, Prasinocyma oculata, Prasinocyma ocyptera, Prasinocyma ornatifimbria, Prasinocyma oxybeles, Prasinocyma oxycentra, Prasinocyma pallidulata, Prasinocyma panchlora, Prasinocyma pavlitzkiae, Prasinocyma pedicata, Prasinocyma periculosa, Prasinocyma perineti, Prasinocyma peristicta, Prasinocyma permagna, Prasinocyma permitis, Prasinocyma perpolluta, Prasinocyma perpulverata, Prasinocyma philocala, Prasinocyma phoenicogramma, Prasinocyma pictifimbria, Prasinocyma polluta, Prasinocyma pomonae, Prasinocyma pratti, Prasinocyma pulchraria, Prasinocyma pumilata, Prasinocyma punctifimbria, Prasinocyma punctilligera, Prasinocyma punctulata, Prasinocyma pupillata, Prasinocyma rhodocosma, Prasinocyma rhodocycla, Prasinocyma rhodostigma, Prasinocyma rubrimacula, Prasinocyma rudipunctata, Prasinocyma ruficollis, Prasinocyma ruficosta, Prasinocyma ruficulmen, Prasinocyma rufimargo, Prasinocyma rufistriga, Prasinocyma rugistrigula, Prasinocyma salutaria, Prasinocyma sanguinicosta, Prasinocyma scintillans, Prasinocyma semicincta, Prasinocyma semicrocea, Prasinocyma seminivea, Prasinocyma serratilinea, Prasinocyma signifera, Prasinocyma simiaria, Prasinocyma simplex, Prasinocyma simpliciata, Prasinocyma sororcula, Prasinocyma stictimargo, Prasinocyma stictoloma, Prasinocyma syntyche, Prasinocyma tandi, Prasinocyma tenera, Prasinocyma tetracosmia, Prasinocyma tranquilla, Prasinocyma transita, Prasinocyma triangulata, Prasinocyma tricolorifrons, Prasinocyma trifilifimbria, Prasinocyma triglena, Prasinocyma tripuncta, Prasinocyma tryphera, Prasinocyma turlini, Prasinocyma vagabunda, Prasinocyma vagilinea, Prasinocyma vagrans, Prasinocyma venata, Prasinocyma vermicularia, Prasinocyma vestigiata, Prasinocyma votiva

Rhombocentra Holloway, 1996 [genus]

Rhombocentra semipurpurea

Rhuma Walker, 1860 [genus]

Rhuma subaurata

Thalassodes Guenée, 1857 [genus]

Thalassodes acutipennis, Thalassodes albifimbria, Thalassodes antiquadraria, Thalassodes antithetica, Thalassodes aptifimbria, Thalassodes aucta, Thalassodes baladensis, Thalassodes byrsopis, Thalassodes charops, Thalassodes chloropis, Thalassodes curiosa, Thalassodes deloloma, Thalassodes dentatilinea, Thalassodes depulsata, Thalassodes diaphana, Thalassodes dissepta, Thalassodes dissitoides, Thalassodes dorsilinea, Thalassodes dorsipunctata, Thalassodes effata, Thalassodes figurata, Thalassodes fiona, Thalassodes flavifimbria, Thalassodes furvifimbria, Thalassodes gigas, Thalassodes grammonota, Thalassodes halioscia, Thalassodes hypoxantha, Thalassodes hyraria, Thalassodes immissaria, Thalassodes inconclusaria, Thalassodes interalbata, Thalassodes javensis, Thalassodes leucospilota, Thalassodes linguissita, Thalassodes liquescens, Thalassodes maipoensis, Thalassodes microchloropis, Thalassodes minor, Thalassodes mohrae, Thalassodes nivestrota, Thalassodes opaca, Thalassodes opalina, Thalassodes opalinoides, Thalassodes pantascia, Thalassodes pilaria, Thalassodes progressa, Thalassodes proquadraria, Thalassodes pseudochloropis, Thalassodes quadraria, Thalassodes regressa, Thalassodes retusa, Thalassodes rhytiphorus, Thalassodes rubellifrons, Thalassodes sapoliaria, Thalassodes saturata, Thalassodes scrutata, Thalassodes semihyalina, Thalassodes subquadraria, Thalassodes subviridis, Thalassodes sundissepta, Thalassodes tanymelea, Thalassodes umbrimedia, Thalassodes unicolor, Thalassodes viridifascia, Thalassodes viridimargo, Thalassodes zebrata, Thalassodes zothalmia

Xenochlaena Lower, 1903 [genus]

Xenochlaena porphyropa

Geometrinae photos with superspecies identification

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Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp. Geometrinae sp.


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