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Subfamily Bryophilinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → subfamily Bryophilinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (7 illustrated). Subgenera: 12 (6 illustrated). Species.

Bryomoia Staudinger, 1892 [genus]

Bryomoia melachlora

Bryophila (Treitschke, 1825) [genus]

Bryoleuca, Bryophila, Hymenocryphia, Moureia, Scythobrya

Cryphia (Hubner, 1818) [genus]

Cryphia, Euthales,
Cryphia acharista, Cryphia aerumna, Cryphia albiclava, Cryphia albimixta, Cryphia albipuncta, Cryphia albistigma, Cryphia albomaculata, Cryphia anaemica, Cryphia ancharista, Cryphia antias, Cryphia argentacea, Cryphia assimilis, Cryphia atlantis, Cryphia atrimixta, Cryphia bilineata, Cryphia blepharista, Cryphia brunneiplaga, Cryphia brunneola, Cryphia bryophasma, Cryphia burgeffi, Cryphia canaria, Cryphia cancellata, Cryphia canosparsa, Cryphia commixta, Cryphia conspersa, Cryphia contristans, Cryphia cuerva, Cryphia cyanea, Cryphia cyanympha, Cryphia deceptura, Cryphia diachorisma, Cryphia diehli, Cryphia duseutrei, Cryphia duskei, Cryphia eucharista, Cryphia eucta, Cryphia excurvata, Cryphia fascia, Cryphia felina, Cryphia flavidior, Cryphia flavipuncta, Cryphia fulvifusa, Cryphia galva, Cryphia gigantea, Cryphia granitalis, Cryphia griseata, Cryphia griseola, Cryphia hampsoni, Cryphia hannemanni, Cryphia hedygrapha, Cryphia hemiphaea, Cryphia icterica, Cryphia idonea, Cryphia illosis, Cryphia iranica, Cryphia iridescens, Cryphia klapperichi, Cryphia labecula, Cryphia leucomelaena, Cryphia lichenea, Cryphia literata, Cryphia maderensis, Cryphia marginelota, Cryphia maritima, Cryphia mediofusca, Cryphia metallica, Cryphia microphysa, Cryphia miltophaea, Cryphia mimouna, Cryphia minima, Cryphia minutissima, Cryphia mitsuhashii, Cryphia modesta, Cryphia moeonis, Cryphia molybdea, Cryphia mongolica, Cryphia muscicolor, Cryphia nana, Cryphia nigrescens, Cryphia nilgiria, Cryphia oaklandiae, Cryphia obscura, Cryphia ochrophaea, Cryphia ochrota, Cryphia olivacea, Cryphia omotoi, Cryphia orocharis, Cryphia pallidioides, Cryphia parva, Cryphia paulina, Cryphia pectinata, Cryphia pelidna, Cryphia pinkeri, Cryphia plagifera, Cryphia plumbeola, Cryphia poliophaea, Cryphia prasina, Cryphia protecta, Cryphia protracta, Cryphia pseudoperla, Cryphia pulverosa, Cryphia pulverulenta, Cryphia pungeleri, Cryphia raddei, Cryphia ravuloides, Cryphia remanei, Cryphia ruckbeili, Cryphia rungsi, Cryphia rutilans, Cryphia salomonis, Cryphia sarepta, Cryphia schwingenschussi, Cryphia semifascia, Cryphia simonyi, Cryphia squamosa, Cryphia strigula, Cryphia subliterata, Cryphia sugitanii, Cryphia tabora, Cryphia tenerifensis, Cryphia testouti, Cryphia thamanaena, Cryphia tripuncta, Cryphia troughti, Cryphia ustata, Cryphia uzahovi, Cryphia vartianica, Cryphia vegetata, Cryphia vilis, Cryphia virescens, Cryphia viridata, Cryphia wiltshirei

Nyctobrya (Boursin, 1957) [genus]

Bryopsis, Nyctobrya

Bryophilinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Bryophilinae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Bryophilinae sp. Bryophilinae sp.


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