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Superfamily Leptophlebioidea

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Palaeoptera order Ephemeroptera → superfamily Leptophlebioidea

Daughter taxa

Families: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 141 (0 illustrated). Species.

Leptophlebiidae [family]

Acanthophlebia, Adenophlebia, Adenophlebiodes, Amoa, Aprionyx, Arachnocolus, Archethraulodes, Askola, Atalomicria, Atalophlebia, Atalophlebioides, Atopophlebia, Aupouriella, Austroclima, Austronella, Austrophlebiodes, Barba, Bessierus, Bibulmena, Borinquena, Calliarcys, Careospina, Castanophlebia, Celiphlebia, Chiusanophlebia, Choroterpes, Choroterpides, Coula, Cryophlebia, Cryptopenella, Dactylophlebia, Deleatidium, Demoulinellus, Dipterophlebiodes, Ecuaphlebia, Edmundsula, Euthraulus, Farrodes, Fasciamirus, Fittkaulus, Fulleta, Fulletomimus, Garinjuga, Gilliesia, Gonserellus, Habroleptoides, Habrophlebia, Habrophlebiodes, Hagenulodes, Hagenulopsis, Hagenulus, Hapsiphlebia, Hermanella, Hermanellopsis, Homothraulus, Hyalophlebia, Hydromastodon, Hydrosmilodon, Hylister, Indialis, Isca, Isothraulus, Jappa, Kalbaybaria, Kaninga, Kariona, Kilariodes, Kimminsula, Kirrara, Koornonga, Kouma, Leentvaaria, Lepegenia, Lepeorus, Leptophlebia, Lisetta, Loamaggalangta, Magallanella, Magnilobus, Maheathraulus, Manggabora, Marmenuera, Massartella, Massartellopsis, Mauiulus, Megaglena, Meridialaris, Microphlebia, Miroculis, Miroculitus, Nathanella, Neboissophlebia, Needhamella, Neochoroterpes, Neohagenulus, Neozephlebia, Nesophlebia, Nonnullidens, Notachalcus, Notophlebia, Nousia, Nyungara, Oumas, Ounia, Papposa, Paraleptophlebia, Paraluma, Paramaka, Peloracantha, Penaphebia, Perissophlebiodes, Petersophlebia, Petersula, Polythelais, poranga, Radima, Rhigotopus, Riekophlebia, Secochela, Segesta, Simothraulopsis, Simothraulus, Simulacala, Sulawesia, Sulu, Tenagophila, Tepakia, Terpides, Thraulodes, Thraulophlebia, Thraulus, Tikuna, Tillyardophlebia, Tindea, Traverella, Traverina, Ulmeritis, Ulmeritoides, Ulmeritus, Ulmerophlebia, Zephlebia


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