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Family Asilidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha → family Asilidae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 8 (4 illustrated). Tribes: 14 (6 illustrated). Genera: 524 (17 illustrated). Species.

Bana [genus]

Bana apicida

Damalis [genus]

Damalis achilles, Damalis albatus, Damalis amphora, Damalis anamaliensis, Damalis andron, Damalis angola, Damalis annulata, Damalis artigasi, Damalis basalis, Damalis beijingensis, Damalis beta, Damalis bicolor, Damalis bigoti, Damalis brauni, Damalis brevis, Damalis calicutensis, Damalis candonensis, Damalis carapacina, Damalis cederholmi, Damalis centurionis, Damalis chelomakolon, Damalis cinctipes, Damalis claripennis, Damalis clavigera, Damalis compacta, Damalis complecta, Damalis concolor, Damalis conica, Damalis crypta, Damalis cylindrica, Damalis dattai, Damalis debilis, Damalis dentata, Damalis dimidiata, Damalis divisa, Damalis dorsalis, Damalis doryphorus, Damalis dravidica, Damalis drilus, Damalis dubia, Damalis elongata, Damalis erijthrophthalmus, Damalis erythrophthalma, Damalis fabricii, Damalis fascia, Damalis felderi, Damalis femoralis, Damalis flaventis, Damalis floresana, Damalis formosana, Damalis fulvipes, Damalis fulvus, Damalis fumipennis, Damalis furcula, Damalis fusca, Damalis fuscipennis, Damalis grossa, Damalis heterocera, Damalis himalayaensis, Damalis hirtalula, Damalis hirtidorsalis, Damalis hirtiventris, Damalis hyalipennis, Damalis immerita, Damalis indica, Damalis infuscata, Damalis kassebeeri, Damalis keralaensis, Damalis kerzhneri, Damalis knysna, Damalis kottayamensis, Damalis limipidipennis, Damalis londti, Damalis longipennis, Damalis lugens, Damalis macula, Damalis maculata, Damalis major, Damalis marginata, Damalis mercaraensis, Damalis monochaetes, Damalis myops, Damalis natalensis, Damalis neavei, Damalis nigella, Damalis nigrabdomina, Damalis nigripalpis, Damalis nigriscans, Damalis pallida, Damalis pallinota, Damalis pandens, Damalis paradoxa, Damalis planiceps, Damalis politus, Damalis pollinosa, Damalis poseidon, Damalis prytanis, Damalis pseudoartigasi, Damalis pulchella, Damalis quasimodo, Damalis rufoabdominalis, Damalis saïgonensis, Damalis scrobiculata, Damalis scutellata, Damalis signata, Damalis simplex, Damalis speciosa, Damalis speculiventris, Damalis sphekodes, Damalis spinifemurata, Damalis taciturna, Damalis tibialis, Damalis turneri, Damalis venusta, Damalis vitalisi, Damalis vitripennis, Damalis xaniomerus

Dysmachus [genus]

Dysmachus albiseta, Dysmachus albisetosus, Dysmachus albovestitus, Dysmachus americanus, Dysmachus antipai, Dysmachus appendiculatus, Dysmachus atripes, Dysmachus basalis, Dysmachus bequaerti, Dysmachus bidentatus, Dysmachus bifurcus, Dysmachus bilobus, Dysmachus bimucronatus, Dysmachus bulbosus, Dysmachus calceatus, Dysmachus cephalenus, Dysmachus cinereus, Dysmachus cochleatus, Dysmachus costalis, Dysmachus cristatus, Dysmachus dasyproctus, Dysmachus decipiens, Dysmachus dentiger, Dysmachus digitulus, Dysmachus echinurus, Dysmachus elapsus, Dysmachus evanescens, Dysmachus femoratellus, Dysmachus fraudator, Dysmachus fuscipennis, Dysmachus gratiosus, Dysmachus hamulatus, Dysmachus harpagonis, Dysmachus harpax, Dysmachus hermonensis, Dysmachus hiulcus, Dysmachus hradskyi, Dysmachus kasachstanicus, Dysmachus kiritschenkoi, Dysmachus kuznetzovi, Dysmachus medius, Dysmachus monticola, Dysmachus montium, Dysmachus nigripennis, Dysmachus obtusus, Dysmachus olympicus, Dysmachus ornatus, Dysmachus periscelis, Dysmachus picipes, Dysmachus poecilus, Dysmachus praemorsus, Dysmachus putoni, Dysmachus rectus, Dysmachus safranboluticus, Dysmachus schurovenkovi, Dysmachus semidesertus, Dysmachus setiger, Dysmachus setipyga, Dysmachus stenogastrus, Dysmachus strigitibia, Dysmachus stylifer, Dysmachus suludereae, Dysmachus theodori, Dysmachus transcaucasicus, Dysmachus tricuspis, Dysmachus trigonus, Dysmachus trilobus, Dysmachus uschinskii, Dysmachus verticillatus, Dysmachus zaitzevi

Heligmonevra [genus]

Heligmonevra africana, Heligmonevra albiseta, Heligmonevra anamalaiensis, Heligmonevra andamanensis, Heligmonevra annulata, Heligmonevra assamensis, Heligmonevra astricta, Heligmonevra bengalensis, Heligmonevra bigoti, Heligmonevra biligata, Heligmonevra calceolaria, Heligmonevra chaetoprocta, Heligmonevra cheriani, Heligmonevra congeda, Heligmonevra debilis, Heligmonevra didymoides, Heligmonevra divaricata, Heligmonevra dravidica, Heligmonevra elaphra, Heligmonevra fanovanensis, Heligmonevra flagrans, Heligmonevra flavida, Heligmonevra forcipatus, Heligmonevra frommeri, Heligmonevra fuscinalonga, Heligmonevra genitalis, Heligmonevra gracilis, Heligmonevra griseola, Heligmonevra himalayana, Heligmonevra impiger, Heligmonevra incisularis, Heligmonevra insularis, Heligmonevra kumaunensis, Heligmonevra ladakhensis, Heligmonevra laevis, Heligmonevra lata, Heligmonevra lavignei, Heligmonevra litoralis, Heligmonevra macula, Heligmonevra madagascarensis, Heligmonevra mediana, Heligmonevra mehtai, Heligmonevra miniata, Heligmonevra modesta, Heligmonevra nigra, Heligmonevra nigrifascia, Heligmonevra nigrostriata, Heligmonevra nuda, Heligmonevra occidentalis, Heligmonevra ornata, Heligmonevra poonmudiensis, Heligmonevra pulcher, Heligmonevra pygmaea, Heligmonevra ricardoi, Heligmonevra rodhaini, Heligmonevra rubripes, Heligmonevra rufinota, Heligmonevra rufipes, Heligmonevra russea, Heligmonevra seminuda, Heligmonevra shimogaensis, Heligmonevra singaporensis, Heligmonevra spreta, Heligmonevra sula, Heligmonevra tenuicornis, Heligmonevra trifurca, Heligmonevra tsacasi, Heligmonevra yenpingensis

Neolophonotus [genus]

Neolophonotus abuntius, Neolophonotus acrolophus, Neolophonotus acrophilia, Neolophonotus acuminatus, Neolophonotus agrestis, Neolophonotus aktites, Neolophonotus albibarbis, Neolophonotus albiciliatus, Neolophonotus albion, Neolophonotus albofasciatus, Neolophonotus albopilosus, Neolophonotus albus, Neolophonotus algidus, Neolophonotus amazanenes, Neolophonotus amnoni, Neolophonotus amplus, Neolophonotus anatolicus, Neolophonotus angola, Neolophonotus anguicolis, Neolophonotus angustibarbus, Neolophonotus annae, Neolophonotus annettae, Neolophonotus anomalus, Neolophonotus antidasophrys, Neolophonotus aphellas, Neolophonotus arboreus, Neolophonotus argyphus, Neolophonotus arno, Neolophonotus atopus, Neolophonotus atrox, Neolophonotus attenuatus, Neolophonotus aureolocus, Neolophonotus ausensis, Neolophonotus avus, Neolophonotus baeoura, Neolophonotus bamptoni, Neolophonotus bezzii, Neolophonotus bicuspis, Neolophonotus bigoti, Neolophonotus bimaculatus, Neolophonotus boa, Neolophonotus botswana, Neolophonotus braunsi, Neolophonotus brendani, Neolophonotus breonii, Neolophonotus brevicauda, Neolophonotus bromleyi, Neolophonotus brunales, Neolophonotus carnifex, Neolophonotus carorum, Neolophonotus chaineyi, Neolophonotus chalcogaster, Neolophonotus chrysopylus, Neolophonotus chubbii, Neolophonotus circus, Neolophonotus clavulus, Neolophonotus coetzeei, Neolophonotus colubris, Neolophonotus comatus, Neolophonotus congoensis, Neolophonotus coronatus, Neolophonotus costatus, Neolophonotus crassicolis, Neolophonotus crassifemoralis, Neolophonotus crenulatus, Neolophonotus crinitus, Neolophonotus cristatus, Neolophonotus culinarius, Neolophonotus cupreus, Neolophonotus currani, Neolophonotus cuthberstoni, Neolophonotus cymbius, Neolophonotus cynthiae, Neolophonotus declivicauda, Neolophonotus depilis, Neolophonotus destructor, Neolophonotus diana, Neolophonotus dichaetus, Neolophonotus dispar, Neolophonotus dolabratus, Neolophonotus dondoensis, Neolophonotus dubius, Neolophonotus dysmicus, Neolophonotus efflatouni, Neolophonotus elgon, Neolophonotus ellenbergeri, Neolophonotus engeli, Neolophonotus ensiculus, Neolophonotus expandocolis, Neolophonotus feijeni, Neolophonotus fimbriatus, Neolophonotus flavibarbis, Neolophonotus flavopilosus, Neolophonotus floccus, Neolophonotus forcipatus, Neolophonotus fumosus, Neolophonotus furcatus, Neolophonotus gemsbock, Neolophonotus geniculatus, Neolophonotus genitalis, Neolophonotus gertrudae, Neolophonotus gilvipilosus, Neolophonotus gorongoza, Neolophonotus gravicauda, Neolophonotus grossus, Neolophonotus haplotherates, Neolophonotus hara, Neolophonotus hermanni, Neolophonotus hessei, Neolophonotus hilaryae, Neolophonotus hirtipes, Neolophonotus hobbyi, Neolophonotus holmi, Neolophonotus holoxanthus, Neolophonotus hulli, Neolophonotus hymenotelus, Neolophonotus incisuralis, Neolophonotus indicus, Neolophonotus io, Neolophonotus iota, Neolophonotus iranensis, Neolophonotus irwini, Neolophonotus jubatus, Neolophonotus junodi, Neolophonotus kalahari, Neolophonotus karooensis, Neolophonotus kerteszi, Neolophonotus kolochaetes, Neolophonotus ktenistus, Neolophonotus labeonis, Neolophonotus labocuneatus, Neolophonotus lacustrinus, Neolophonotus ladon, Neolophonotus lasius, Neolophonotus lawrencei, Neolophonotus leechi, Neolophonotus leoninus, Neolophonotus leptostylus, Neolophonotus leucodiadema, Neolophonotus leucopygus, Neolophonotus leucotaenia, Neolophonotus leucothrix, Neolophonotus lightfooti, Neolophonotus lindneri, Neolophonotus loewi, Neolophonotus loganius, Neolophonotus longicauda, Neolophonotus louisi, Neolophonotus macquarti, Neolophonotus macrocercus, Neolophonotus macromystax, Neolophonotus macropterus, Neolophonotus mafingaensis, Neolophonotus malawi, Neolophonotus mamathesiana, Neolophonotus manselli, Neolophonotus margaracta, Neolophonotus marshalli, Neolophonotus mediolocus, Neolophonotus megaphallus, Neolophonotus meiswinkeli, Neolophonotus melanolophus, Neolophonotus melanoura, Neolophonotus melinus, Neolophonotus membrana, Neolophonotus membraneus, Neolophonotus mesotopus, Neolophonotus midas, Neolophonotus milleri, Neolophonotus milvus, Neolophonotus minutus, Neolophonotus mivatus, Neolophonotus molestus, Neolophonotus molitor, Neolophonotus montanus, Neolophonotus munroi, Neolophonotus namaqua, Neolophonotus namibiensis, Neolophonotus nanus, Neolophonotus natalensis, Neolophonotus necator, Neolophonotus nero, Neolophonotus nigricans, Neolophonotus nigripes, Neolophonotus nigriseta, Neolophonotus nisus, Neolophonotus niveus, Neolophonotus noas, Neolophonotus nodus, Neolophonotus notius, Neolophonotus obtectocolis, Neolophonotus obtusus, Neolophonotus occesilitus, Neolophonotus occidualis, Neolophonotus ochrochaetus, Neolophonotus oldroydi, Neolophonotus orientalis, Neolophonotus pachystylus, Neolophonotus parvus, Neolophonotus pegasus, Neolophonotus pellitus, Neolophonotus penrithae, Neolophonotus percus, Neolophonotus pilosus, Neolophonotus pinheyi, Neolophonotus pollex, Neolophonotus porcellus, Neolophonotus pulcher, Neolophonotus pusillus, Neolophonotus quickelbergei, Neolophonotus ramus, Neolophonotus rapax, Neolophonotus raptor, Neolophonotus raymondi, Neolophonotus rhodesiensis, Neolophonotus rhodesii, Neolophonotus rhopalotus, Neolophonotus roberti, Neolophonotus robertsoni, Neolophonotus robustus, Neolophonotus rolandi, Neolophonotus rossi, Neolophonotus rudi, Neolophonotus rufulus, Neolophonotus rufus, Neolophonotus salina, Neolophonotus sanchorus, Neolophonotus satanus, Neolophonotus saxatilus, Neolophonotus schalki, Neolophonotus schoemani, Neolophonotus schofieldi, Neolophonotus setiventris, Neolophonotus seymourae, Neolophonotus sicarius, Neolophonotus similis, Neolophonotus sinis, Neolophonotus sinuvena, Neolophonotus somali, Neolophonotus soutpanensis, Neolophonotus spinicaudata, Neolophonotus spiniventris, Neolophonotus spinosus, Neolophonotus spoliator, Neolophonotus squamosus, Neolophonotus stannus, Neolophonotus stevensoni, Neolophonotus struthaulon, Neolophonotus stuckenbergi, Neolophonotus suillus, Neolophonotus swaensis, Neolophonotus tanymedus, Neolophonotus tarsalis, Neolophonotus theroni, Neolophonotus tibialis, Neolophonotus torridus, Neolophonotus transvaalensis, Neolophonotus tribulosus, Neolophonotus trilobius, Neolophonotus truncatus, Neolophonotus umbrivena, Neolophonotus uncinus, Neolophonotus unicalamus, Neolophonotus ursinus, Neolophonotus vansoni, Neolophonotus variabilis, Neolophonotus variegatus, Neolophonotus vermiculatus, Neolophonotus vincenti, Neolophonotus virescens, Neolophonotus walkeri, Neolophonotus wiedemanni, Neolophonotus wroughtoni, Neolophonotus xanthodasus, Neolophonotus xiphichaetus, Neolophonotus zambiensis, Neolophonotus zigzag, Neolophonotus zimbabwe, Neolophonotus zogreus, Neolophonotus zopherus, Neolophonotus zulu

Asilidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Asilidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp. Asilidae sp.


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