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Family Calliphoridae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha → family Calliphoridae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 2 (2 illustrated). Tribes: 7 (6 illustrated). Genera: 104 (8 illustrated). Species.

Bengalia [genus]

Bengalia africana, Bengalia akamanga, Bengalia aliena, Bengalia arawakia, Bengalia asymmetria, Bengalia bantuphalla, Bengalia bezziella, Bengalia bezzii, Bengalia calilungae, Bengalia camerina, Bengalia chiangmaiensis, Bengalia chromatella, Bengalia concava, Bengalia congoliana, Bengalia cuthbertsoni, Bengalia depressa, Bengalia emdeniella, Bengalia escheri, Bengalia evafoneae, Bengalia fernandiella, Bengalia ferruginea, Bengalia floccosa, Bengalia fuscipennis, Bengalia gaillardi, Bengalia gandhiana, Bengalia gigas, Bengalia hastativentris, Bengalia hobbyi, Bengalia indipyga, Bengalia inermis, Bengalia jejuna, Bengalia kanoi, Bengalia kosugana, Bengalia krishna, Bengalia kuyanianus, Bengalia labiata, Bengalia lampunta, Bengalia laoziella, Bengalia lyneborgi, Bengalia mandarina, Bengalia martinleakei, Bengalia minor, Bengalia nirvanella, Bengalia pallidicoxa, Bengalia peuhi, Bengalia phantastika, Bengalia philipyga, Bengalia pinatuba, Bengalia pseudovaricolor, Bengalia pygomalaya, Bengalia racovitzai, Bengalia ramsdalei, Bengalia recurva, Bengalia rivanella, Bengalia robertsi, Bengalia roubaudi, Bengalia samburella, Bengalia schiavoae, Bengalia semerunia, Bengalia seniorwhitei, Bengalia shivanella, Bengalia siamensis, Bengalia singhasaria, Bengalia smarti, Bengalia spinifemorata, Bengalia subnitida, Bengalia surcoufi, Bengalia tagaloga, Bengalia taiwanensis, Bengalia taksina, Bengalia tenggeria, Bengalia tibiaria, Bengalia torosa, Bengalia unicolor, Bengalia varicolor, Bengalia walkeriana, Bengalia wangariae, Bengalia wyatti, Bengalia xanthopyga, Bengalia yorubana, Bengalia zouloupyga

Onesia [genus]

Onesia abaensis, Onesia accepta, Onesia americana, Onesia apicalis, Onesia apouna, Onesia arcuata, Onesia assimilis, Onesia auriventris, Onesia australica, Onesia austriaca, Onesia batangensis, Onesia bergmani, Onesia bivittata, Onesia bryani, Onesia caerulea, Onesia campestris, Onesia canescens, Onesia chuanxiensis, Onesia clarki, Onesia clausa, Onesia cuprea, Onesia currani, Onesia cyanea, Onesia danielssoni, Onesia dispar, Onesia dynatophallus, Onesia elliptica, Onesia erlangshanensis, Onesia fae, Onesia festiva, Onesia fijiensis, Onesia flavida, Onesia flavipalpis, Onesia flavisquama, Onesia flora, Onesia floralis, Onesia florida, Onesia franzosternita, Onesia fulvipennis, Onesia fumicosta, Onesia fuscata, Onesia garzeensis, Onesia gentilis, Onesia germana, Onesia giluwea, Onesia girii, Onesia gonideci, Onesia gonidecoides, Onesia hederacea, Onesia higae, Onesia hilaris, Onesia hokkaidensis, Onesia hongyuanensis, Onesia indersinghi, Onesia infernalis, Onesia ismayi, Onesia japonica, Onesia jiuzhaigouensis, Onesia kamimurai, Onesia kiyoshii, Onesia koreana, Onesia kowarzi, Onesia kraussi, Onesia lanka, Onesia lepida, Onesia marina, Onesia melanocera, Onesia melinda, Onesia metallica, Onesia minor, Onesia misera, Onesia muscaria, Onesia nakatae, Onesia nicaeana, Onesia nigra, Onesia nigripalpis, Onesia niuginii, Onesia noumea, Onesia obscurata, Onesia occidentalis, Onesia parafacialis, Onesia perida, Onesia plebeia, Onesia prompta, Onesia pterygoides, Onesia pubescens, Onesia riparia, Onesia robusta, Onesia rubrifacies, Onesia santamaria, Onesia sedlaceki, Onesia sepulcralis, Onesia sidorenkoi, Onesia sinensis, Onesia songpanensis, Onesia spatuliforceps, Onesia steffani, Onesia subalpina, Onesia tariensis, Onesia teres, Onesia tessellata, Onesia tibialis, Onesia tokui, Onesia toxonneura, Onesia velox, Onesia viarum, Onesia viridula, Onesia vulgaris, Onesia wolongensis, Onesia xanthocera, Onesia zumpti

Phumosia [genus]

Phumosia abdominalis, Phumosia aenescens, Phumosia africana, Phumosia alluaudi, Phumosia argentata, Phumosia bicolor, Phumosia biplaga, Phumosia bitincta, Phumosia callipyga, Phumosia cinerea, Phumosia colei, Phumosia congensis, Phumosia consors, Phumosia cooksoni, Phumosia costata, Phumosia currani, Phumosia cuthbertsoni, Phumosia dioclea, Phumosia dubiosa, Phumosia elegans, Phumosia emimelania, Phumosia flavipennis, Phumosia fulva, Phumosia fulvocothurnata, Phumosia gambiensis, Phumosia hunanensis, Phumosia imitans, Phumosia indica, Phumosia keiseri, Phumosia lesnei, Phumosia longiseta, Phumosia lutescens, Phumosia mallochi, Phumosia marginata, Phumosia matilei, Phumosia meropia, Phumosia metallica, Phumosia mossopi, Phumosia murphyi, Phumosia muscoidea, Phumosia nanoides, Phumosia nigricauda, Phumosia nigronitens, Phumosia nigroviolacea, Phumosia njonja, Phumosia nudiuscula, Phumosia optica, Phumosia overlaeti, Phumosia parincerta, Phumosia patersoni, Phumosia pauliani, Phumosia pollinosa, Phumosia promittens, Phumosia proserpina, Phumosia pseudolucilia, Phumosia rossi, Phumosia rufescens, Phumosia rufivaudis, Phumosia saginata, Phumosia schoutedeni, Phumosia scutellata, Phumosia seguyi, Phumosia setulosa, Phumosia spangleri, Phumosia spinicosta, Phumosia spinicostata, Phumosia stabulans, Phumosia stuckenbergi, Phumosia surcoufi, Phumosia testacea, Phumosia tillae, Phumosia unicolor, Phumosia vadoni, Phumosia victoriae, Phumosia violacea, Phumosia viridis, Phumosia vittata, Phumosia waterloti, Phumosia wittei

Rhyncomya [genus]

Rhyncomya aravaensis, Rhyncomya argentata, Rhyncomya bicolor, Rhyncomya botswanae, Rhyncomya buccalis, Rhyncomya bullata, Rhyncomya callopis, Rhyncomya cassotis, Rhyncomya catalypsa, Rhyncomya coelestis, Rhyncomya columbia, Rhyncomya columbina, Rhyncomya cuprea, Rhyncomya currani, Rhyncomya cyanescens, Rhyncomya cyanicolor, Rhyncomya dasyops, Rhyncomya decolor, Rhyncomya depressifrons, Rhyncomya desertica, Rhyncomya disclusa, Rhyncomya discrepans, Rhyncomya diversicolor, Rhyncomya divisa, Rhyncomya echinata, Rhyncomya fasciata, Rhyncomya felina, Rhyncomya flavipes, Rhyncomya forcipata, Rhyncomya formosa, Rhyncomya fovealis, Rhyncomya gaillardi, Rhyncomya hessei, Rhyncomya impavida, Rhyncomya indica, Rhyncomya inflata, Rhyncomya interclusa, Rhyncomya io, Rhyncomya italica, Rhyncomya ituriensis, Rhyncomya jordanensis, Rhyncomya keffana, Rhyncomya koschewnikowi, Rhyncomya limbipennis, Rhyncomya maculata, Rhyncomya masaimara, Rhyncomya messoria, Rhyncomya metzi, Rhyncomya minima, Rhyncomya minutalis, Rhyncomya nana, Rhyncomya navarrica, Rhyncomya negassiana, Rhyncomya negevi, Rhyncomya nigeria, Rhyncomya nigra, Rhyncomya nigripes, Rhyncomya noiroti, Rhyncomya nysas, Rhyncomya obtusa, Rhyncomya paradoxa, Rhyncomya paralutea, Rhyncomya paratristis, Rhyncomya peraequa, Rhyncomya perisi, Rhyncomya peusi, Rhyncomya phasiaeformis, Rhyncomya pollinosa, Rhyncomya pruinosa, Rhyncomya resplendens, Rhyncomya sarotes, Rhyncomya seguyi, Rhyncomya setipyga, Rhyncomya shewana, Rhyncomya sinaiensis, Rhyncomya soyauxi, Rhyncomya speciosa, Rhyncomya stannocuprea, Rhyncomya subspeciosa, Rhyncomya tetropsis, Rhyncomya townsendi, Rhyncomya trispina, Rhyncomya tristis, Rhyncomya tunisia, Rhyncomya ursina, Rhyncomya varifrons, Rhyncomya viridaurea, Rhyncomya yahavensis, Rhyncomya yekatita, Rhyncomya zernyana

Calliphoridae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Calliphoridae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp. Calliphoridae sp.


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