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Family Braconidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea → family Braconidae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 33 (3 illustrated). Genera: 1072 (4 illustrated). Species.

Adeliinae [subfamily]

Adelius, Myriola

Charmontinae [subfamily]


Dirrhopinae [subfamily]


Homolobinae [subfamily]


Lysiterminae [subfamily]


Microtypinae [subfamily]


Miracinae [subfamily]


Rhysipolinae [subfamily]


Alabagrus [genus]

Alabagrus albispina, Alabagrus alixa, Alabagrus arawak, Alabagrus arua, Alabagrus aymara, Alabagrus botocudo, Alabagrus caingang, Alabagrus calibi, Alabagrus caquetio, Alabagrus cara, Alabagrus carib, Alabagrus caudatus, Alabagrus chimu, Alabagrus coatlicue, Alabagrus cocto, Alabagrus combos, Alabagrus cora, Alabagrus cuna, Alabagrus derailersi, Alabagrus diegeli, Alabagrus donnai, Alabagrus ekchuah, Alabagrus elatoscutum, Alabagrus englishi, Alabagrus erythromelas, Alabagrus esenbeckii, Alabagrus festivus, Alabagrus fuscistigma, Alabagrus guayaki, Alabagrus haenschi, Alabagrus imitatus, Alabagrus intimapa, Alabagrus ixtilton, Alabagrus janzeni, Alabagrus jatunqepi, Alabagrus juchuy, Alabagrus kagaba, Alabagrus kiska, Alabagrus laevis, Alabagrus latisoma, Alabagrus latreillei, Alabagrus leptosoma, Alabagrus levipodeum, Alabagrus llampu, Alabagrus lokono, Alabagrus maculipes, Alabagrus marginatifrons, Alabagrus masneri, Alabagrus masoni, Alabagrus mataco, Alabagrus maue, Alabagrus maya, Alabagrus miqa, Alabagrus misa, Alabagrus mixcoatl, Alabagrus mocovi, Alabagrus mojos, Alabagrus muisca, Alabagrus nahuatl, Alabagrus nicoya, Alabagrus nigritulus, Alabagrus nio, Alabagrus olmec, Alabagrus oyana, Alabagrus pachamama, Alabagrus paqo, Alabagrus parunaupi, Alabagrus parusimi, Alabagrus paruyana, Alabagrus parvifaciatus, Alabagrus pecki, Alabagrus pisipuka, Alabagrus plaumanni, Alabagrus porteri, Alabagrus puri, Alabagrus roibasi, Alabagrus sanctus, Alabagrus sarapiqui, Alabagrus semialbus, Alabagrus shorteri, Alabagrus sispacara, Alabagrus sispalatreillei, Alabagrus solox, Alabagrus stigma, Alabagrus suni, Alabagrus testaceus, Alabagrus texanus, Alabagrus triangulifer, Alabagrus tricarinatus, Alabagrus tripartitus, Alabagrus tupinamba, Alabagrus uchuk, Alabagrus uchukqepi, Alabagrus uru, Alabagrus variegatus, Alabagrus varipes, Alabagrus varius, Alabagrus versicolor, Alabagrus voto, Alabagrus wachapu, Alabagrus waiwai, Alabagrus waorani, Alabagrus warrau, Alabagrus watachupa, Alabagrus watsoni, Alabagrus xipe, Alabagrus xoloti, Alabagrus yanamapa, Alabagrus yaruro

Campyloneurus [genus]

Campyloneurus albicans, Campyloneurus alkmaarensis, Campyloneurus angulosus, Campyloneurus apicalis, Campyloneurus ater, Campyloneurus australiensis, Campyloneurus basalis, Campyloneurus basiornatus, Campyloneurus batavianus, Campyloneurus bicarinatus, Campyloneurus bicolor, Campyloneurus biplicatus, Campyloneurus brevistriolatus, Campyloneurus brunneomaculatus, Campyloneurus camerunus, Campyloneurus campbelli, Campyloneurus carinogastra, Campyloneurus cilles, Campyloneurus cingulicauda, Campyloneurus concolor, Campyloneurus consimilis, Campyloneurus crassipes, Campyloneurus crassitarsis, Campyloneurus cultricaudis, Campyloneurus durbanensis, Campyloneurus elegans, Campyloneurus emaillatus, Campyloneurus enderleini, Campyloneurus erythrothorax, Campyloneurus exoletus, Campyloneurus firmus, Campyloneurus flavicosta, Campyloneurus flavimarginatus, Campyloneurus fulvipennis, Campyloneurus fuscipennis, Campyloneurus gibbiventris, Campyloneurus haragamensis, Campyloneurus heterospilus, Campyloneurus heuvelensis, Campyloneurus hindostanus, Campyloneurus hirpinus, Campyloneurus hirtipes, Campyloneurus impressimargo, Campyloneurus insulicolus, Campyloneurus itea, Campyloneurus kirbyi, Campyloneurus lacciphagus, Campyloneurus latesuturalis, Campyloneurus latispeculum, Campyloneurus limbaticauda, Campyloneurus lineaticaudis, Campyloneurus liogaster, Campyloneurus maculiceps, Campyloneurus maculistigma, Campyloneurus manni, Campyloneurus marginiventris, Campyloneurus maynei, Campyloneurus mediator, Campyloneurus melanosoma, Campyloneurus melas, Campyloneurus meridionalis, Campyloneurus nigricosta, Campyloneurus nigrithorax, Campyloneurus pallidus, Campyloneurus persimilis, Campyloneurus phosphor, Campyloneurus pilitarsis, Campyloneurus praeclarus, Campyloneurus praepotens, Campyloneurus profugus, Campyloneurus punctativentris, Campyloneurus quadrifasciatus, Campyloneurus radiator, Campyloneurus resolutus, Campyloneurus reticulatus, Campyloneurus rotundatus, Campyloneurus rubrituberculatus, Campyloneurus rufus, Campyloneurus rugosus, Campyloneurus saitis, Campyloneurus serenans, Campyloneurus serenimanus, Campyloneurus sexfasciatus, Campyloneurus sikkimensis, Campyloneurus similis, Campyloneurus speculiger, Campyloneurus spilopus, Campyloneurus striatus, Campyloneurus striolatus, Campyloneurus suspectus, Campyloneurus tenuilineatus, Campyloneurus tibialis, Campyloneurus transiens, Campyloneurus tricarinatus, Campyloneurus trispeculatus, Campyloneurus umbratilus, Campyloneurus undicuneus, Campyloneurus wissmanni, Campyloneurus xanthurus

Chorebidella Riegel, 1950 [genus]

Chorebidella bergi

Digonogastra [genus]

Digonogastra abancay, Digonogastra abjecta, Digonogastra acuticampa, Digonogastra adornata, Digonogastra affinis, Digonogastra agrili, Digonogastra agrorum, Digonogastra albofasciata, Digonogastra albonigra, Digonogastra albopilosa, Digonogastra amabilis, Digonogastra amazonica, Digonogastra ameghinoi, Digonogastra apicalis, Digonogastra apricans, Digonogastra argentifrons, Digonogastra arribalzagai, Digonogastra aterrima, Digonogastra atripectus, Digonogastra atripennis, Digonogastra augusta, Digonogastra aureopilosa, Digonogastra azteca, Digonogastra basilaris, Digonogastra basimacula, Digonogastra beata, Digonogastra biareata, Digonogastra bicristata, Digonogastra bicunea, Digonogastra bicuneata, Digonogastra bilimeki, Digonogastra blanda, Digonogastra boliviensis, Digonogastra boutheryi, Digonogastra brachyura, Digonogastra braconia, Digonogastra brethesii, Digonogastra brevicapula, Digonogastra brevicunea, Digonogastra busckii, Digonogastra cacica, Digonogastra calderensis, Digonogastra callida, Digonogastra cameroni, Digonogastra carapunae, Digonogastra caridei, Digonogastra caserensis, Digonogastra castanea, Digonogastra chacoensis, Digonogastra chilensis, Digonogastra chontalensis, Digonogastra chubutina, Digonogastra colluncura, Digonogastra columbiana, Digonogastra copelloi, Digonogastra corralensis, Digonogastra costata, Digonogastra crenulata, Digonogastra cruentata, Digonogastra curticaudis, Digonogastra cuyana, Digonogastra debilis, Digonogastra declarata, Digonogastra deflagrator, Digonogastra democrator, Digonogastra digitata, Digonogastra dispar, Digonogastra disparata, Digonogastra diversa, Digonogastra dives, Digonogastra divinator, Digonogastra domina, Digonogastra dubiosa, Digonogastra duploareata, Digonogastra ecuadorensis, Digonogastra elegantula, Digonogastra elongata, Digonogastra epica, Digonogastra eros, Digonogastra erythrocephala, Digonogastra erythrosoma, Digonogastra excurata, Digonogastra explorator, Digonogastra falcator, Digonogastra fenestratoria, Digonogastra fera, Digonogastra feronia, Digonogastra flavicaligata, Digonogastra flavicarpa, Digonogastra floririna, Digonogastra fluminensis, Digonogastra fortis, Digonogastra friburgensis, Digonogastra fuscipalpis, Digonogastra glyptomorpha, Digonogastra godmani, Digonogastra grandiceps, Digonogastra gravida, Digonogastra grenadensis, Digonogastra guaruja, Digonogastra guatemalensis, Digonogastra hector, Digonogastra hilaris, Digonogastra hirtula, Digonogastra holmbergii, Digonogastra honesta, Digonogastra honorata, Digonogastra horni, Digonogastra huebrichi, Digonogastra humerosa, Digonogastra humilis, Digonogastra ignava, Digonogastra inaequalis, Digonogastra jaculans, Digonogastra javaryensis, Digonogastra jujuyensis, Digonogastra kimballi, Digonogastra lacteifasciata, Digonogastra laetabilis, Digonogastra laevigata, Digonogastra laevis, Digonogastra lancearia, Digonogastra lata, Digonogastra latecrenulata, Digonogastra latefasciata, Digonogastra laticampa, Digonogastra laticunea, Digonogastra limitata, Digonogastra longicapula, Digonogastra longula, Digonogastra lustrator, Digonogastra lynchii, Digonogastra macella, Digonogastra mathewi, Digonogastra mediofusca, Digonogastra melanoderes, Digonogastra melanopyga, Digonogastra mendozana, Digonogastra mercedesiensis, Digonogastra meridensis, Digonogastra molesta, Digonogastra mystica, Digonogastra nebulosa, Digonogastra nemorivaga, Digonogastra nephele, Digonogastra nigripalpis, Digonogastra nigripectus, Digonogastra nigriscapus, Digonogastra obscurilineata, Digonogastra obtusicampus, Digonogastra occidentalis, Digonogastra ochripes, Digonogastra oeceticola, Digonogastra pacifica, Digonogastra pacta, Digonogastra pagana, Digonogastra pamparum, Digonogastra paraguayensis, Digonogastra paranensis, Digonogastra parasitica, Digonogastra pebasiana, Digonogastra pedator, Digonogastra penniseta, Digonogastra peregrina, Digonogastra perforator, Digonogastra peronata, Digonogastra persecutor, Digonogastra persimilis, Digonogastra persimilotriplus, Digonogastra pertinax, Digonogastra piliventris, Digonogastra pilosella, Digonogastra pilosula, Digonogastra platensis, Digonogastra plebeja, Digonogastra pocitensis, Digonogastra posthumus, Digonogastra postpropinqua, Digonogastra postulator, Digonogastra praecellens, Digonogastra proxima, Digonogastra pseudovipio, Digonogastra puber, Digonogastra puberula, Digonogastra puberuloides, Digonogastra pubescens, Digonogastra pudens, Digonogastra pugillator, Digonogastra pulchripes, Digonogastra pumicata, Digonogastra punctulata, Digonogastra querandi, Digonogastra quichua, Digonogastra rectivena, Digonogastra reduvioides, Digonogastra repentina, Digonogastra rex, Digonogastra rimac, Digonogastra rixosa, Digonogastra rubriceps, Digonogastra rufiscapus, Digonogastra rufoplagiata, Digonogastra rugulosa, Digonogastra saccharalis, Digonogastra saltensis, Digonogastra salvini, Digonogastra schrottkyi, Digonogastra schrottkyii, Digonogastra scita, Digonogastra scitula, Digonogastra secutor, Digonogastra semialba, Digonogastra semiflava, Digonogastra sicuaniensis, Digonogastra sigillata, Digonogastra similaris, Digonogastra similata, Digonogastra simillima, Digonogastra solitaria, Digonogastra sonorensis, Digonogastra speculata, Digonogastra spegazzinii, Digonogastra starksi, Digonogastra striata, Digonogastra striatula, Digonogastra suavolus, Digonogastra subpartita, Digonogastra surinamensis, Digonogastra tacitutus, Digonogastra terebrator, Digonogastra teres, Digonogastra testaceator, Digonogastra testaceipalpis, Digonogastra tobarum, Digonogastra tornowii, Digonogastra trailii, Digonogastra transversalis, Digonogastra triangulator, Digonogastra trinidadensis, Digonogastra tripartita, Digonogastra tristis, Digonogastra trochanterata, Digonogastra tuberculata, Digonogastra tucumana, Digonogastra tuyupareensis, Digonogastra ultor, Digonogastra vagabunda, Digonogastra variicolor, Digonogastra variipennis, Digonogastra ventralis, Digonogastra versicolor, Digonogastra victor, Digonogastra watertoni, Digonogastra weyenbergii, Digonogastra wolcottii, Digonogastra xanthostigma, Digonogastra zaglyptogastra, Digonogastra zapotensis

Euagathis [genus]

Euagathis abbotti, Euagathis albotarsus, Euagathis alluaudi, Euagathis annulitarsis, Euagathis argentosa, Euagathis atripennis, Euagathis aurea, Euagathis bifasciata, Euagathis bifoveolata, Euagathis bipartita, Euagathis borneoensis, Euagathis brevitibialis, Euagathis chinensis, Euagathis chromoptera, Euagathis clathrata, Euagathis crenata, Euagathis decorsei, Euagathis dejongi, Euagathis dravida, Euagathis eburnea, Euagathis ecostata, Euagathis elevata, Euagathis ephippium, Euagathis flava, Euagathis flavicornis, Euagathis flavida, Euagathis flavominuta, Euagathis forticarinata, Euagathis fortipes, Euagathis fulvipennis, Euagathis fuscinervis, Euagathis fuscinotum, Euagathis fuscipennis, Euagathis fuscistigma, Euagathis gracilitarsis, Euagathis hemixanthoptera, Euagathis henseni, Euagathis indica, Euagathis interdicta, Euagathis intermedia, Euagathis javana, Euagathis kapili, Euagathis kendariensis, Euagathis khasiana, Euagathis leptoptera, Euagathis levis, Euagathis longicollis, Euagathis lorensis, Euagathis maculata, Euagathis maculipennis, Euagathis maculipennoides, Euagathis magnifica, Euagathis malayensis, Euagathis maxichora, Euagathis mayunae, Euagathis mellifacies, Euagathis mellisoma, Euagathis minuta, Euagathis minutoides, Euagathis nigriceps, Euagathis nigris, Euagathis nigrisoma, Euagathis novabritanica, Euagathis novaguineensis, Euagathis ophippium, Euagathis pallidipes, Euagathis parallela, Euagathis paraminuta, Euagathis philippinensis, Euagathis polita, Euagathis pubescens, Euagathis pulcha, Euagathis punctata, Euagathis raymondi, Euagathis robusta, Euagathis rotunda, Euagathis ruficollis, Euagathis rufithorax, Euagathis rufonigra, Euagathis rufoscapa, Euagathis scutellata, Euagathis semifusca, Euagathis semperi, Euagathis sentosa, Euagathis serena, Euagathis similis, Euagathis subpilosa, Euagathis suturalis, Euagathis tambora, Euagathis tobiasi, Euagathis toxopeusi, Euagathis transitor, Euagathis vechti, Euagathis vermiculata

Mama [genus]

Mama mariae

Microgaster Latreille, 1804 [genus]

Microgaster abengouroui, Microgaster acilia, Microgaster adisurae, Microgaster agama, Microgaster alajensis, Microgaster albomarginata, Microgaster alebion, Microgaster alvearifex, Microgaster ambositrensis, Microgaster anandra, Microgaster annulata, Microgaster annulipesiduo, Microgaster areolaris, Microgaster asramenes, Microgaster atropa, Microgaster auriculata, Microgaster australis, Microgaster balearica, Microgaster bambeyi, Microgaster bekilyensis, Microgaster berberidis, Microgaster biaca, Microgaster bicolorinus, Microgaster blanchardi, Microgaster breviterebrae, Microgaster brittoni, Microgaster bumbana, Microgaster campestris, Microgaster canadensis, Microgaster carinicollis, Microgaster cariniger, Microgaster caris, Microgaster chivensis, Microgaster chrysosternis, Microgaster chrysostigma, Microgaster cincticornis, Microgaster cingulata, Microgaster congregatiformis, Microgaster consors, Microgaster coronata, Microgaster coxalis, Microgaster crassicornis, Microgaster debilii, Microgaster debilitata, Microgaster deceptor, Microgaster deductor, Microgaster desertorum, Microgaster detracta, Microgaster discoidus, Microgaster ductilis, Microgaster dudichi, Microgaster duvauae, Microgaster earina, Microgaster elegans, Microgaster epagoges, Microgaster epectina, Microgaster epectinopsis, Microgaster erro, Microgaster euchthoniae, Microgaster eupolis, Microgaster eurygaster, Microgaster famula, Microgaster femoralamericana, Microgaster ferruginea, Microgaster fischeri, Microgaster flaviventris, Microgaster flavofacialis, Microgaster fulvicrus, Microgaster fusca, Microgaster gelechiae, Microgaster gerulus, Microgaster glabrior, Microgaster glabritergites, Microgaster gracilis, Microgaster grangeri, Microgaster gregaria, Microgaster guamensis, Microgaster harnedi, Microgaster heterocera, Microgaster himalayensis, Microgaster homocera, Microgaster hospes, Microgaster hungarica, Microgaster hyalina, Microgaster indica, Microgaster insularis, Microgaster intercus, Microgaster kivuana, Microgaster kuchingensis, Microgaster laeviscuta, Microgaster latitergum, Microgaster leechi, Microgaster longicalcar, Microgaster longicaudata, Microgaster longiterebra, Microgaster luctuosa, Microgaster maculata, Microgaster magnifica, Microgaster mediosulcata, Microgaster megaulax, Microgaster memorata, Microgaster meridiana, Microgaster messoria, Microgaster mexicana, Microgaster mikeno, Microgaster mortuorum, Microgaster neglecta, Microgaster nerione, Microgaster nigricans, Microgaster nigricornis, Microgaster nigromacula, Microgaster nitidula, Microgaster nixalebion, Microgaster nixoni, Microgaster nobilis, Microgaster novicia, Microgaster noxia, Microgaster obscuripennata, Microgaster opheltes, Microgaster ostriniae, Microgaster palpicolor, Microgaster pantographae, Microgaster parvistriga, Microgaster peroneae, Microgaster persimilis, Microgaster phthorimaeae, Microgaster pictipes, Microgaster pinos, Microgaster planiabdominalis, Microgaster plecopterae, Microgaster plutocongoensis, Microgaster polita, Microgaster postica, Microgaster primordialis, Microgaster procera, Microgaster pseudotibialis, Microgaster psilocnema, Microgaster pteroloba, Microgaster punctithorax, Microgaster ravus, Microgaster recusans, Microgaster reticulata, Microgaster ruandana, Microgaster rubricollis, Microgaster ruficoxis, Microgaster rufipes, Microgaster rufithorax, Microgaster rufotestacea, Microgaster rugosicoxa, Microgaster ruralis, Microgaster russata, Microgaster scopelosomae, Microgaster semirufa, Microgaster seyrigi, Microgaster shennongjiaensis, Microgaster sinica, Microgaster steinbergi, Microgaster stenoterga, Microgaster stictica, Microgaster subcomplectus, Microgaster subcompleta, Microgaster subcutanea, Microgaster subtilipunctata, Microgaster subtorquata, Microgaster sulcata, Microgaster superba, Microgaster sylleptae, Microgaster szelenyii, Microgaster taishana, Microgaster tianmushana, Microgaster tibialis, Microgaster tjibodas, Microgaster torquatiger, Microgaster tortricis, Microgaster tremenda, Microgaster tristiculus, Microgaster turneri, Microgaster uliginosa, Microgaster utibilis, Microgaster vacillatropsis, Microgaster varicornis, Microgaster vulcana, Microgaster wittei, Microgaster yichunensis, Microgaster yunnanensis, Microgaster zhaoi

Stantonia [genus]

Stantonia achterbergi, Stantonia agroterae, Stantonia algirica, Stantonia alternata, Stantonia alvarengai, Stantonia angustata, Stantonia annulicornis, Stantonia ashmeadi, Stantonia baiteta, Stantonia bakeri, Stantonia bezarki, Stantonia carinata, Stantonia carpocapsae, Stantonia caudata, Stantonia cerdai, Stantonia chaoi, Stantonia chaparensis, Stantonia conspurcata, Stantonia eala, Stantonia elizabethae, Stantonia flava, Stantonia garamba, Stantonia gracilis, Stantonia gulliveri, Stantonia hammersteini, Stantonia inca, Stantonia inka, Stantonia intermediana, Stantonia issikii, Stantonia jacobsoni, Stantonia katiae, Stantonia kawensis, Stantonia longicornis, Stantonia lutea, Stantonia magnifica, Stantonia mara, Stantonia maracapatana, Stantonia mazatlanensis, Stantonia minuta, Stantonia nana, Stantonia ngilima, Stantonia nigra, Stantonia nigristernum, Stantonia osa, Stantonia pachycornis, Stantonia pallida, Stantonia patinyi, Stantonia pellicea, Stantonia peninsularis, Stantonia peruana, Stantonia procera, Stantonia qui, Stantonia quincemila, Stantonia rossa, Stantonia ruficornis, Stantonia rufithorax, Stantonia sabahensis, Stantonia sampaioi, Stantonia sauteri, Stantonia scotti, Stantonia scutellaris, Stantonia seyrigi, Stantonia siamensis, Stantonia sirena, Stantonia sommeijeri, Stantonia spasskensis, Stantonia sumatrana, Stantonia takeuchii, Stantonia testacea, Stantonia tianmushana, Stantonia veronicae, Stantonia vittata, Stantonia wonvillei, Stantonia xiangqianensis, Stantonia xochiquetzalis

Streblocera [genus]

Streblocera adusta, Streblocera aethiopica, Streblocera affinis, Streblocera aglaia, Streblocera amplissima, Streblocera antennata, Streblocera bredoi, Streblocera burgeoni, Streblocera carinata, Streblocera cerva, Streblocera chaoi, Streblocera chiuae, Streblocera cornigera, Streblocera cornis, Streblocera cornuta, Streblocera curta, Streblocera curvata, Streblocera curviclava, Streblocera dayuensis, Streblocera debellata, Streblocera denticulata, Streblocera dentiscapa, Streblocera destituta, Streblocera distincta, Streblocera ekphora, Streblocera emarginata, Streblocera emeiensis, Streblocera flava, Streblocera flaviceps, Streblocera fulviceps, Streblocera galinae, Streblocera garleppi, Streblocera gibba, Streblocera gigantea, Streblocera guangxiensis, Streblocera hefengensis, Streblocera hei, Streblocera helvenaca, Streblocera hikoensis, Streblocera himalayica, Streblocera hsiufui, Streblocera immensa, Streblocera insperata, Streblocera janus, Streblocera jezoensis, Streblocera kenchingi, Streblocera lalashanensis, Streblocera latibrocha, Streblocera latiscapa, Streblocera levis, Streblocera liboensis, Streblocera lienhuachihensis, Streblocera linearata, Streblocera lini, Streblocera longiscapha, Streblocera macroscapa, Streblocera macroscapus, Streblocera major, Streblocera meifengensis, Streblocera moholeei, Streblocera monocera, Streblocera monticola, Streblocera nantouensis, Streblocera nigra, Streblocera nigrithoracica, Streblocera nocturnalis, Streblocera obtusa, Streblocera octava, Streblocera okadai, Streblocera olivera, Streblocera opima, Streblocera panda, Streblocera parva, Streblocera pila, Streblocera piliscapa, Streblocera planicornis, Streblocera planispina, Streblocera primotina, Streblocera quinaria, Streblocera rhinoceros, Streblocera romanica, Streblocera serrata, Streblocera shaowuensis, Streblocera sichuanensis, Streblocera silvicola, Streblocera spasskensis, Streblocera spiniscapa, Streblocera sungkangensis, Streblocera tachulaniana, Streblocera taiwanensis, Streblocera tayulingensis, Streblocera thayi, Streblocera triquetra, Streblocera tsuifengensis, Streblocera tungpuensis, Streblocera ussurica, Streblocera villosa, Streblocera xanthocarpa, Streblocera xianensis

Synaldis [genus]

Synaldis acutidens, Synaldis alfalfae, Synaldis altera, Synaldis aplicata, Synaldis argamani, Synaldis armenica, Synaldis azorica, Synaldis babiyana, Synaldis baloghi, Synaldis bavarica, Synaldis bicolorator, Synaldis blantoni, Synaldis bokhaica, Synaldis bullis, Synaldis cabinica, Synaldis cespitator, Synaldis concolor, Synaldis cultrigaster, Synaldis difficilis, Synaldis distenta, Synaldis distracta, Synaldis esipenkoi, Synaldis evgenievka, Synaldis exitiosae, Synaldis extremiorientalis, Synaldis fraudulenta, Synaldis fuscoflava, Synaldis glabrifovea, Synaldis glabripleura, Synaldis globipes, Synaldis goeteborgensis, Synaldis graeca, Synaldis hirsuta, Synaldis incisa, Synaldis incompleta, Synaldis israelica, Synaldis jordanica, Synaldis kangauziensis, Synaldis kaszabiana, Synaldis kitweensis, Synaldis lacessiva, Synaldis laquintensis, Synaldis leshii, Synaldis licho, Synaldis liliputana, Synaldis madeiracola, Synaldis mandibulata, Synaldis maruyamae, Synaldis matherana, Synaldis maxima, Synaldis megaseliae, Synaldis megastigma, Synaldis microcara, Synaldis nakhonensis, Synaldis nigriceps, Synaldis nitidula, Synaldis nitidulator, Synaldis nodosa, Synaldis numerosa, Synaldis orotshi, Synaldis painteri, Synaldis perfida, Synaldis propedistractam, Synaldis pygmaea, Synaldis quadrata, Synaldis quinnipiacorum, Synaldis reducta, Synaldis rotundidens, Synaldis segmentata, Synaldis sensillosa, Synaldis seralae, Synaldis simplimarginata, Synaldis sinaulice, Synaldis sincera, Synaldis soederlundi, Synaldis spiraculosa, Synaldis spiritalis, Synaldis sternaulis, Synaldis sulcata, Synaldis tenerifensis, Synaldis tothi, Synaldis ultima, Synaldis ussuriana, Synaldis venustula, Synaldis vestigata, Synaldis viructae

Urosigalphus [genus]

Urosigalphus acutulus, Urosigalphus acutus, Urosigalphus addabruchus, Urosigalphus aeternus, Urosigalphus alius, Urosigalphus anthonomi, Urosigalphus aquilus, Urosigalphus armatus, Urosigalphus australis, Urosigalphus avocadoae, Urosigalphus barberi, Urosigalphus bicolor, Urosigalphus bidentatus, Urosigalphus braziliensis, Urosigalphus breviovipositorus, Urosigalphus bruchi, Urosigalphus bruchivorus, Urosigalphus bugabensis, Urosigalphus cautus, Urosigalphus chalcodermi, Urosigalphus clarus, Urosigalphus confusor, Urosigalphus crassisculptus, Urosigalphus curculionis, Urosigalphus dakotaensis, Urosigalphus diversus, Urosigalphus donnae, Urosigalphus durangoensis, Urosigalphus eulechriopis, Urosigalphus femoratus, Urosigalphus flavens, Urosigalphus flexus, Urosigalphus floridaensis, Urosigalphus forbesi, Urosigalphus griseae, Urosigalphus hondurensis, Urosigalphus hubbardi, Urosigalphus ignotus, Urosigalphus iowensis, Urosigalphus islandicus, Urosigalphus meridianus, Urosigalphus mexicanus, Urosigalphus mimosestes, Urosigalphus monotonus, Urosigalphus muesebecki, Urosigalphus neoarmatus, Urosigalphus neobruchi, Urosigalphus neomexicanus, Urosigalphus neopunctifrons, Urosigalphus neoschwarzi, Urosigalphus nigrescens, Urosigalphus nigripes, Urosigalphus novissimus, Urosigalphus obscurus, Urosigalphus obsoletus, Urosigalphus ornatus, Urosigalphus otidocephali, Urosigalphus panamaensis, Urosigalphus paraguayensis, Urosigalphus pardus, Urosigalphus porteri, Urosigalphus pseudochelonus, Urosigalphus pullatus, Urosigalphus punctifrons, Urosigalphus robustus, Urosigalphus rubicarapace, Urosigalphus rubicorpus, Urosigalphus rubidus, Urosigalphus rufiventris, Urosigalphus rufus, Urosigalphus rugosocorpus, Urosigalphus rugosus, Urosigalphus safflavus, Urosigalphus salsola, Urosigalphus sanguineus, Urosigalphus schwarzi, Urosigalphus spinatus, Urosigalphus subtropicus, Urosigalphus surinamensis, Urosigalphus tamaulipas, Urosigalphus tarsalis, Urosigalphus trinidadensis, Urosigalphus trituberculatus, Urosigalphus tuberculatus, Urosigalphus venezuelaensis, Urosigalphus yucatanensis

Yelicones [genus]

Yelicones affinis, Yelicones africanus, Yelicones anchanae, Yelicones anitae, Yelicones arizonus, Yelicones artitus, Yelicones ateronotus, Yelicones barroci, Yelicones bello, Yelicones belokobylskiji, Yelicones belshawi, Yelicones bentoni, Yelicones bicoloripes, Yelicones boliviensis, Yelicones braziliensis, Yelicones buloloensis, Yelicones butcheri, Yelicones cameroni, Yelicones canalensis, Yelicones cardaleae, Yelicones colombiensis, Yelicones concavus, Yelicones confusus, Yelicones contractus, Yelicones cooki, Yelicones crassicornis, Yelicones crassipes, Yelicones crassitarsis, Yelicones crica, Yelicones crurobicolor, Yelicones delicatus, Yelicones desertus, Yelicones diasus, Yelicones divaricatus, Yelicones doyeni, Yelicones elegans, Yelicones fijiensis, Yelicones fisheri, Yelicones fittoni, Yelicones flavus, Yelicones gavinbroadi, Yelicones geminus, Yelicones gessi, Yelicones girardozae, Yelicones glabromaculatus, Yelicones gracilus, Yelicones hansoni, Yelicones howdeni, Yelicones huggerti, Yelicones infuriatus, Yelicones iranus, Yelicones joaquimi, Yelicones kibaleiensis, Yelicones koreanus, Yelicones kraaijeveldi, Yelicones levelus, Yelicones longiantennatus, Yelicones longigena, Yelicones longivena, Yelicones longulus, Yelicones luridus, Yelicones luteus, Yelicones maculatus, Yelicones magnus, Yelicones manzarii, Yelicones marutus, Yelicones mayi, Yelicones medius, Yelicones melanocephalus, Yelicones minutus, Yelicones napo, Yelicones natsanae, Yelicones naumanni, Yelicones nigridorsum, Yelicones nigrigaster, Yelicones nigroantennatus, Yelicones nigrocaputus, Yelicones nigromaculatus, Yelicones nigromarginatus, Yelicones nipponensis, Yelicones ormei, Yelicones panameus, Yelicones pappi, Yelicones paradoxus, Yelicones paso, Yelicones pennapallidus, Yelicones pennapunctum, Yelicones pennatrum, Yelicones pennoexemplarus, Yelicones peruensis, Yelicones pilops, Yelicones plaumanni, Yelicones plenus, Yelicones pocsi, Yelicones polaszeki, Yelicones publicus, Yelicones pulawskii, Yelicones pulcherus, Yelicones quarterus, Yelicones ramosi, Yelicones sangvornae, Yelicones satoshii, Yelicones scutellaris, Yelicones setosus, Yelicones shawi, Yelicones siamensis, Yelicones spectabilis, Yelicones spurcus, Yelicones sumatranus, Yelicones surinamensis, Yelicones tavaresi, Yelicones theinsrii, Yelicones tricolor, Yelicones usae, Yelicones usanae, Yelicones variegatus, Yelicones vespapulcher, Yelicones vestigium, Yelicones vilawanae, Yelicones violaceipennis, Yelicones vojnitsi, Yelicones vulgaris, Yelicones woldai, Yelicones wui, Yelicones zaldivari, Yelicones zitanae

Braconidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Braconidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp. Braconidae sp.


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