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Family Coreidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Heteroptera infraorder Pentatomomorpha superfamily Coreoidea → family Coreidae Leach, 1815



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 3 (2 illustrated). Tribes: 16 (5 illustrated). Genera: 429 (19 illustrated). Subgenera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Meropachinae Stål, 1867 [subfamily]


Pseudophloeinae Stål, 1867 [subfamily]


Anoplocnemis [genus]

Anoplocnemis achteni, Anoplocnemis affinis, Anoplocnemis africanus, Anoplocnemis aloma, Anoplocnemis amalthea, Anoplocnemis amicta, Anoplocnemis annulicornis, Anoplocnemis apicalis, Anoplocnemis binotata, Anoplocnemis brevicornis, Anoplocnemis brevicrus, Anoplocnemis caffra, Anoplocnemis capucina, Anoplocnemis carmelita, Anoplocnemis castaneicornis, Anoplocnemis cervina, Anoplocnemis chiron, Anoplocnemis consociatus, Anoplocnemis curvipes, Anoplocnemis dallasi, Anoplocnemis dallasiana, Anoplocnemis distincta, Anoplocnemis dodona, Anoplocnemis eumelos, Anoplocnemis eurystheus, Anoplocnemis fuscus, Anoplocnemis gracilicornis, Anoplocnemis grallatoria, Anoplocnemis griseosericea, Anoplocnemis hygrotopora, Anoplocnemis inconspicua, Anoplocnemis laeta, Anoplocnemis lebrunae, Anoplocnemis luctuosa, Anoplocnemis lugubrina, Anoplocnemis madagascariensis, Anoplocnemis melancholica, Anoplocnemis moesta, Anoplocnemis monacha, Anoplocnemis montandoni, Anoplocnemis natalensis, Anoplocnemis nigricornis, Anoplocnemis nkele, Anoplocnemis nubarum, Anoplocnemis overlaeti, Anoplocnemis pagana, Anoplocnemis pectoralis, Anoplocnemis phasianus, Anoplocnemis protracta, Anoplocnemis scutellaris, Anoplocnemis scutellata, Anoplocnemis sericeiventris, Anoplocnemis serricollis, Anoplocnemis signata, Anoplocnemis sotades, Anoplocnemis tartarea, Anoplocnemis tomentovirgata, Anoplocnemis tristator, Anoplocnemis varicornis, Anoplocnemis vidua, Anoplocnemis vittiscutis, Anoplocnemis westwoodi

Homoeocerus [genus]

Homoeocerus abbreviatus, Homoeocerus abdominalis, Homoeocerus adustus, Homoeocerus albiguttulus, Homoeocerus albiventris, Homoeocerus angulatus, Homoeocerus annulatus, Homoeocerus atkinsoni, Homoeocerus badgleyi, Homoeocerus bannaensis, Homoeocerus bequaerti, Homoeocerus bicolor, Homoeocerus bicoloripes, Homoeocerus biguttatus, Homoeocerus bipunctatus, Homoeocerus bipustulatus, Homoeocerus borneensis, Homoeocerus bredoi, Homoeocerus breviplicatus, Homoeocerus cingalensis, Homoeocerus cleio, Homoeocerus cletoformis, Homoeocerus concisus, Homoeocerus concoloratus, Homoeocerus dallasi, Homoeocerus dan, Homoeocerus delagoae, Homoeocerus dilatatus, Homoeocerus discretus, Homoeocerus fasciatus, Homoeocerus fascifer, Homoeocerus fasciolatus, Homoeocerus fraternus, Homoeocerus freynei, Homoeocerus fuscicornis, Homoeocerus glossatus, Homoeocerus graminis, Homoeocerus gutta, Homoeocerus herbaceus, Homoeocerus hulstaerti, Homoeocerus humeralis, Homoeocerus ignotus, Homoeocerus immaculatus, Homoeocerus immaculipennis, Homoeocerus impictus, Homoeocerus indus, Homoeocerus insignis, Homoeocerus insubidus, Homoeocerus javanicus, Homoeocerus karschi, Homoeocerus katangensis, Homoeocerus lacertosus, Homoeocerus laevilineus, Homoeocerus laterinotatus, Homoeocerus limbatipennis, Homoeocerus limbatus, Homoeocerus lineaticollis, Homoeocerus lineaticornis, Homoeocerus lineatus, Homoeocerus lucidus, Homoeocerus ludovicus, Homoeocerus luluensis, Homoeocerus macula, Homoeocerus malayensis, Homoeocerus marginatus, Homoeocerus marginellus, Homoeocerus marginepunctatus, Homoeocerus marginiventris, Homoeocerus maynei, Homoeocerus meniscus, Homoeocerus montanus, Homoeocerus nigridorsum, Homoeocerus nota, Homoeocerus ochraceus, Homoeocerus ornaticollis, Homoeocerus ornativentris, Homoeocerus overlaeti, Homoeocerus pallens, Homoeocerus pallescens, Homoeocerus pallidulus, Homoeocerus pallidus, Homoeocerus perpolitus, Homoeocerus perpunctatus, Homoeocerus picturatus, Homoeocerus plebejus, Homoeocerus ponsi, Homoeocerus prasinus, Homoeocerus puncticornis, Homoeocerus punctum, Homoeocerus pupillatus, Homoeocerus relatus, Homoeocerus rubefactus, Homoeocerus rubromaculatus, Homoeocerus rufulus, Homoeocerus schoutedeni, Homoeocerus scutellatus, Homoeocerus serrifer, Homoeocerus shokaensis, Homoeocerus simiolus, Homoeocerus simplex, Homoeocerus sinicus, Homoeocerus sticheli, Homoeocerus striicornis, Homoeocerus subjectus, Homoeocerus sumbawensis, Homoeocerus tangens, Homoeocerus taprobanensis, Homoeocerus tenuicornis, Homoeocerus tigrinus, Homoeocerus tinctus, Homoeocerus trabeatus, Homoeocerus uelensis, Homoeocerus unicolor, Homoeocerus unipunctatus, Homoeocerus urbanus, Homoeocerus varicolor, Homoeocerus ventriosus, Homoeocerus vicarians, Homoeocerus virescens, Homoeocerus viridis, Homoeocerus viridulus, Homoeocerus walkeri, Homoeocerus walkerianus, Homoeocerus wealei, Homoeocerus yunnanensis

Hygia [genus]

Hygia afflicta, Hygia alta, Hygia alvarezi, Hygia angulicollis, Hygia annulata, Hygia annulipes, Hygia anthrax, Hygia armillata, Hygia bidentata, Hygia binaluana, Hygia bituberosa, Hygia blotei, Hygia borneensis, Hygia breddini, Hygia brevipennis, Hygia capitata, Hygia cassisi, Hygia cliens, Hygia conspersipes, Hygia cornosa, Hygia denticollis, Hygia dentifer, Hygia diaphora, Hygia diplochela, Hygia dolens, Hygia dulita, Hygia dumoga, Hygia erebus, Hygia fasciiger, Hygia flavitarsis, Hygia forsteniana, Hygia frontalis, Hygia funebris, Hygia funesta, Hygia guttatipes, Hygia hainana, Hygia hebeticollis, Hygia heveli, Hygia humilis, Hygia imbellis, Hygia incultus, Hygia inermicollis, Hygia inermis, Hygia javanensis, Hygia kinabaluna, Hygia labecula, Hygia lata, Hygia lativentris, Hygia lepida, Hygia lobata, Hygia lugubris, Hygia luteifusula, Hygia maculipes, Hygia magna, Hygia melas, Hygia minahassae, Hygia mjobergi, Hygia modesta, Hygia moesta, Hygia montana, Hygia murundina, Hygia nana, Hygia nigrifusula, Hygia noctua, Hygia nodulosa, Hygia notata, Hygia nugax, Hygia obscura, Hygia obscuripes, Hygia oligotricha, Hygia omeia, Hygia opaca, Hygia pacalis, Hygia pajuana, Hygia pallidicornis, Hygia palumae, Hygia pedestris, Hygia pentafurcata, Hygia pictipes, Hygia planiceps, Hygia presigna, Hygia pronotata, Hygia punctipes, Hygia pusilla, Hygia reyesi, Hygia roratipes, Hygia rosacea, Hygia rostrata, Hygia sandaracine, Hygia sarawak, Hygia schultheissi, Hygia scitula, Hygia scrutatrix, Hygia selangorana, Hygia severa, Hygia siberuta, Hygia signata, Hygia simalurensis, Hygia simulans, Hygia siporana, Hygia speculigera, Hygia stenocephala, Hygia stenocephaloides, Hygia sulcata, Hygia sylvestris, Hygia tengaha, Hygia terebrans, Hygia terminalis, Hygia tomokunii, Hygia tuberculicollis, Hygia turpis, Hygia unicolor, Hygia utaranus, Hygia vantoli, Hygia varipes, Hygia webbi, Hygia wulingana, Hygia yunnana

Coreidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Coreidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp. Coreidae sp.


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