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Subfamily Tetriginae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Caelifera infraorder Acrididea superfamily Tetrigoidea family Tetrigidae → subfamily Tetriginae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Paratettix I. Bolivar, 1887 [genus]

Paratettix africanus, Paratettix albescens, Paratettix amplus, Paratettix antennatus, Paratettix argillaceus, Paratettix asbenensis, Paratettix australis, Paratettix austronanus, Paratettix aztecus, Paratettix brevipennis, Paratettix bruneri, Paratettix chagosensis, Paratettix chopardi, Paratettix cingalensis, Paratettix crassus, Paratettix cucullatus, Paratettix curtipennis, Paratettix difficilis, Paratettix feejeeanus, Paratettix femoralis, Paratettix femoratus, Paratettix freygessneri, Paratettix freygessnerii, Paratettix gentilis, Paratettix gibbosulus, Paratettix gilloni, Paratettix gracilis, Paratettix hachijoensis, Paratettix hancockus, Paratettix heteropus, Paratettix hirsutus, Paratettix infelix, Paratettix iranica, Paratettix jhapanus, Paratettix lamellitettigodes, Paratettix latipennis, Paratettix lippensi, Paratettix macrostenus, Paratettix marshallii, Paratettix meridionalis, Paratettix mexicanus, Paratettix nigrescens, Paratettix obesus, Paratettix obliteratus, Paratettix obtusopulvillus, Paratettix overlaeti, Paratettix pallipes, Paratettix pictus, Paratettix proximus, Paratettix pullus, Paratettix rotundatus, Paratettix rugosus, Paratettix ruwenzoricus, Paratettix scaber, Paratettix scapularis, Paratettix schochi, Paratettix shelfordi, Paratettix singularis, Paratettix sinuatus, Paratettix spathulatus, Paratettix spicuvertex, Paratettix striata, Paratettix subiosum, Paratettix subpustulata, Paratettix timidus, Paratettix toltecus, Paratettix tuberculata, Paratettix tumidus, Paratettix uvarovi, Paratettix vexator, Paratettix villiersi, Paratettix zonata

Tetrix Latreille, 1804 [genus]

Tetrix aelytra, Tetrix akagiensis, Tetrix albistriatus, Tetrix albomaculatus, Tetrix albomarginis, Tetrix albonota, Tetrix americana, Tetrix andeanum, Tetrix arcunotus, Tetrix arenosa, Tetrix areolata, Tetrix baoshanensis, Tetrix barbifemura, Tetrix beibuwanensis, Tetrix beihaiensis, Tetrix bipunctata, Tetrix bipunctatus, Tetrix bolivari, Tetrix brachynota, Tetrix brevipennis, Tetrix brunneri, Tetrix brunnerii, Tetrix cavifrontalis, Tetrix cenwanglaoshana, Tetrix ceperoi, Tetrix ceperoides, Tetrix changbaishanensis, Tetrix changchunensis, Tetrix chichibuensis, Tetrix chongqingensis, Tetrix cliva, Tetrix collina, Tetrix condylops, Tetrix crassivulva, Tetrix curvimarginus, Tetrix cuspidata, Tetrix cyaneum, Tetrix dentifemura, Tetrix dimidiata, Tetrix dongningensis, Tetrix dorrigensis, Tetrix dubiosus, Tetrix ensifer, Tetrix erhaiensis, Tetrix fengmanensis, Tetrix fuchuanensis, Tetrix fuhaiensis, Tetrix fuliginosa, Tetrix gibbosa, Tetrix gifuensis, Tetrix glochinota, Tetrix gracilis, Tetrix granulata, Tetrix grossifemura, Tetrix grossovalva, Tetrix guangxiensis, Tetrix guibeiensis, Tetrix guibeioides, Tetrix guilinica, Tetrix guinanensis, Tetrix hururanus, Tetrix interrupta, Tetrix irrupta, Tetrix japonica, Tetrix jigongshanensis, Tetrix jilinensis, Tetrix jingheensis, Tetrix jinshajiangensis, Tetrix jiuwanshanensis, Tetrix kantoensis, Tetrix kraussi, Tetrix kunmingensis, Tetrix kunmingoides, Tetrix laticeps, Tetrix latifemuroides, Tetrix latipalpa, Tetrix lativertex, Tetrix liuwanshanensis, Tetrix lochengensis, Tetrix longipennis, Tetrix longzhouensis, Tetrix macilenta, Tetrix maguanensis, Tetrix minor, Tetrix miserus, Tetrix montivaga, Tetrix morbillosus, Tetrix mundus, Tetrix nanpanjiangensis, Tetrix nanus, Tetrix nigricolle, Tetrix nigrimarginis, Tetrix nigristriatus, Tetrix nigromaculata, Tetrix nigrotibialis, Tetrix nikkoensis, Tetrix nonmaculata, Tetrix ochronotata, Tetrix ornata, Tetrix parabarbifemura, Tetrix parabipunctata, Tetrix parabrachynota, Tetrix phrynus, Tetrix priscus, Tetrix pseudosimulans, Tetrix qilianshanensis, Tetrix qinlingensis, Tetrix rectimargina, Tetrix reductus, Tetrix ruyuanensis, Tetrix sadoensis, Tetrix serrifemoralis, Tetrix serrifemoroides, Tetrix shaanxiensis, Tetrix shennongijaensis, Tetrix sierrana, Tetrix sigillatum, Tetrix signatus, Tetrix silvicultrix, Tetrix simulanoides, Tetrix simulans, Tetrix sinufemoralis, Tetrix sipingensis, Tetrix subulata, Tetrix subulatoides, Tetrix tartara, Tetrix tenuicornis, Tetrix tenuicornoides, Tetrix tianensis, Tetrix tinkhami, Tetrix torulosinota, Tetrix torulosinotoides, Tetrix totulihumerus, Tetrix transimacula, Tetrix tubercarina, Tetrix tuerki, Tetrix undatifemura, Tetrix undulata, Tetrix wadai, Tetrix wagai, Tetrix weishanensis, Tetrix wutaishanensis, Tetrix xiangzhouensis, Tetrix xinchengensis, Tetrix xinganensis, Tetrix xinjiangensis, Tetrix yangshuoensis, Tetrix yaoshanensis, Tetrix yizhouensis, Tetrix yunlongensis, Tetrix yunnanensis, Tetrix zayuensis, Tetrix zhengi

Tetriginae photos with superspecies identification

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Tetriginae sp. Tetriginae sp. Tetriginae sp.


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