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Photo #39684: Hyles gallii


Hyles gallii

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Photo, and identified by: Alexey Perelygin. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2013-09-04 15:23:53, Камчатский край, Корякский АО, Олюторский район, долина реки Малетойваям

Photographer's comment: Эта гусенница бражника снята на севере Камчатки, в Корякском АО. На бражника подмаренникового(Hyles galii) не совсем похожа. Кто знает, помогите определить. Hyles galii встречается на иван-чае, а эта питается кустом ивы.

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08.04.2015 18:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

A couple of words))
Something did not like it as much as the podmarennikovy a pair of attributes:
1) Feed the plant from this specimen. caterpillars willow: most of the literature indicated bedstraw and Cyprus, and the plant is completely out of "another story".
Found himself repeatedly and subsequently feed on the Cyprus and cleavers.Willow is full, but never in it have not been seen caterpillars.
2) Painting is not suitable.
The overall color of caterpillars Black + green or light (usually yellow) spots arranged differently and never expressed so clearly around the spiracles.
Horn caterpillar red (though it surely applies only to the final stage).
In general, it is very strongly pitched for podmarennikovogo.Many species of hawk moths excellent fliers, and characterized by the ability to migrate long distances (podmarennikovy among them). Maybe this is some kind of vagrants? Who knows? Because there could easily and fly someone from America, for example? There are very close ....As an example, a well-knownSphinx pinastrihas been collected in the past year, not somewhere near Moscow and in the archipelago of Fiji ... Although right in the spread adds :))
We had to collect caterpillar, bring up and get imago .....

08.04.2015 10:35, Alexandr Zhakov

A new species of hawk, to the north, much more unlikely than with color variations caterpillars widely ubiquitous species, who was there found. Sam found his tracks in the Arctic Circle in Yakutia.

08.04.2015 10:16, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Not identified Hyles gallii / Confidently identified / Alexey Perelygin.

07.04.2015 21:37, Irina Nikulina

Maletoyvayam Olyutorskii River in the area - at all 32 area (though close to the border with the 34th) A 32 reg. any kind of cemeystva Sphingidae not specified. In the neighboring reg: 33- only Hyles gallii, Smerinthus caecus and Hemaris fuciformis, in the 34th (Kamchatka) - have written below.

07.04.2015 19:31, Alexey Perelygin

Note the black tail with a black stripe at the end gusennitsy. In Hyles galii it is not so. Maybe it was some other kind? (On the Kamchatka Peninsula is found only Hyles galii, in Koryak - questionable?).

07.04.2015 17:50, Irina Nikulina

In fact, some sites (including on tripod.com and funet.fi) among food plants for Hyles gallii stated Salix ssp (although the main Galium spp., And Epilobium spp.). And for Kamchatka indicated only 2 species of the whole family, with a second, Marumba gaschkewitschii, - a question ... But once the caterpillar, and the truth is not quite like the gallii ... What experts say hawk moths?)

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