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Photo #8271: Apatura schrenckii


Apatura schrenckii

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Vladimir Mescheryakov. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2010-07-19 15:00:00, Near Vladivostok

Photographer's comment: Same as: schrenckii, mimathyma schrenckii... (Son'ka the Golden Hand:)

Comments on this image

04.04.2011 12:05, Peter Khramov

That was about "better" or "worse"?

04.04.2011 4:48, Vladimir Mescheryakov


01.04.2011 5:03, Vladimir Mescheryakov

Gentlemen! Glad to hear that you like it :) I also had such blunders... long time ago and got it over :) As for software... maybe I should change some settings :) My monitor shows it rather good, even 200% scale :(

31.03.2011 1:46, Eugene Karolinskiy

Yeah, I can see the photo was originally not good. Sorry and sorry once more for such unreasonable harassment. :)

31.03.2011 1:03, Peter Khramov

Look at the original photo there: http://lepidoptera.pro/8271.jpg. Height was 769 pix, so it had to be a little bit cut. Basically, he checked "No to any retouching" box, so I just cut it and got small photo, no more. For the large photo I used a new software, so there should be no blunders, and for small one I did old, so that can be somehow wrongly scaled.

30.03.2011 23:27, Evgeny Komarov

One more version of the reasons of this noise is that, maybe, the sharpness was increased generally, all over the shot, and after that some noise was removed or just dark background was blurred. And the object was still outlined roughly and thin antennas got this noise around. I had such blunders, thanks God, so long time ago ;) Anyway, Evgeny, you know, Petr keeps talking that this website is not about photography and most photos are acceptable enough for a proper identifying. Not every user is bothered with the quality of large size, 800-1000 pix, shots :) Yet it's always nice to see decent, not somehow spoiled images here.

30.03.2011 23:13, Eugene Karolinskiy

I mean large size. Think, Evgeny is right. This noise "rainbow" around antennas was just so glaring... Even though it's Apatura. ;)

30.03.2011 21:24, Evgeny Komarov

I think, he means large size :) This is evident author's blunder, cause the sharpness was obviously increased rather roughly, the object was not outlined precisely, and some adjacent areas, colored way darker, were sharpened also. So that's the source of this "noise". It couldn't be like this considering Petr's general retouching. He definitely shouldn't do detailed retouching and remove noises and glitches from all photos!

30.03.2011 21:11, Peter Khramov

Evgeny, do you mean 320 pixel shot or large size?

30.03.2011 20:24, Eugene Karolinskiy

And I'm like a broken record... :) Petr (and Roman), I want to ask if this visual "noise" around antennas was in original shot or as a result of retouching? If last, put this retouching software to the garbage bin...

30.03.2011 11:39, Yuri Semejkin This species is identified correctly.

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