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Family Psychidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tineoidea → family Psychidae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 7 (5 illustrated). Tribes: 14 (8 illustrated). Genera: 212 (13 illustrated). Species.

Placodominae [subfamily]


Acoremata Davis, 1998 [genus]

Acoremata aquila

Bruandia [genus]

Melasina Boisduval, 1840 [genus]

Melasina abacodes, Melasina accurata, Melasina acmastis, Melasina alluaudiella, Melasina amica, Melasina anarmosta, Melasina anasactis, Melasina animosa, Melasina astracitis, Melasina aulodoma, Melasina autadelpha, Melasina autochthonia, Melasina autopetra, Melasina bettoni, Melasina bostrychota, Melasina brachiata, Melasina byrseis, Melasina campestris, Melasina capyrota, Melasina certatrix, Melasina chlorotricha, Melasina circophora, Melasina cirrhocephala, Melasina cnaphalodes, Melasina coagulata, Melasina colonica, Melasina corniculata, Melasina craterodes, Melasina cremata, Melasina cylindraula, Melasina decaryella, Melasina deposita, Melasina devincta, Melasina diallactis, Melasina dissoluta, Melasina effervescens, Melasina energa, Melasina epiclera, Melasina erethopa, Melasina evagata, Melasina expedita, Melasina expressa, Melasina exsecrata, Melasina fibriculatella, Melasina folligera, Melasina frenigera, Melasina granularis, Melasina gregaria, Melasina gypsopetra, Melasina halieutis, Melasina hemithalama, Melasina holodryas, Melasina holoxyla, Melasina homopercna, Melasina hortatrix, Melasina hyacinthias, Melasina ichnophora, Melasina immanis, Melasina imminuta, Melasina imparata, Melasina imperfecta, Melasina inarticulata, Melasina incauta, Melasina indigena, Melasina infensa, Melasina inimica, Melasina interscissa, Melasina inveterata, Melasina isonephela, Melasina isopeda, Melasina isopoca, Melasina isospila, Melasina jactata, Melasina kuldjaensis, Melasina lanyphaea, Melasina lativagans, Melasina lavata, Melasina leucosceptra, Melasina lignosa, Melasina linicoma, Melasina linodyta, Melasina liochra, Melasina lugubris, Melasina marmarodes, Melasina melicrana, Melasina meliochra, Melasina meliphaea, Melasina metherca, Melasina morbida, Melasina multiplex, Melasina murifica, Melasina mylica, Melasina nectaritis, Melasina nigra, Melasina nigrescens, Melasina niphocosma, Melasina nomadopis, Melasina nota, Melasina obtrectans, Melasina ochrocoma, Melasina ochthopsamma, Melasina olenitis, Melasina onthostola, Melasina paraclasta, Melasina paraphrictis, Melasina paricropa, Melasina paulusella, Melasina pelodoxa, Melasina pelostrota, Melasina pericrossa, Melasina petrodes, Melasina phaeocasis, Melasina phaeogenes, Melasina picea, Melasina polycapnias, Melasina practicopa, Melasina praecepta, Melasina psephota, Melasina ptochodora, Melasina ptyalistis, Melasina punctata, Melasina ramifera, Melasina recondita, Melasina rhythmopis, Melasina salicoma, Melasina sauropa, Melasina scrutaria, Melasina semota, Melasina seyrigiella, Melasina siticulosa, Melasina spanioctenis, Melasina spumosa, Melasina stabularia, Melasina stelitis, Melasina stibarodes, Melasina stratifica, Melasina stupens, Melasina subacta, Melasina susurrans, Melasina systolaea, Melasina tabernalis, Melasina talaria, Melasina tanyphaea, Melasina tetraspila, Melasina trepidans, Melasina trichodyta, Melasina triscia, Melasina tylota, Melasina tyrophanes, Melasina vadonella, Melasina varicosa, Melasina vorticosa, Melasina xanthocrana, Melasina zalomorpha

Psychidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Psychidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp. Psychidae sp.


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