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Subfamily Cossinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Cossoidea family Cossidae → subfamily Cossinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 25 (11 illustrated). Species.

Cossus (Fabricius, 1793) [genus]

Cossus abyssinicus, Cossus acronyctoides, Cossus aegyptiacus, Cossus airani, Cossus aksuensis, Cossus araraticus, Cossus aries, Cossus badiala, Cossus balcanicus, Cossus bianchii, Cossus bohatschi, Cossus bongiovannii, Cossus breviculus, Cossus brunneofasciatus, Cossus cadambae, Cossus cashmirensis, Cossus celebensis, Cossus centerensis, Cossus centrimaculatus, Cossus cheesmani, Cossus chloratus, Cossus cinereus, Cossus cirrilator, Cossus colossus, Cossus cossus, Cossus crassicornis, Cossus crassilineatus, Cossus crucis, Cossus dentilinea, Cossus divisus, Cossus eutelia, Cossus fanti, Cossus florita, Cossus frater, Cossus fulvosparsa, Cossus funkei, Cossus fuscibasis, Cossus gaerdesi, Cossus giganteus, Cossus greeni, Cossus horrifer, Cossus hunanensis, Cossus hycranus, Cossus incandescens, Cossus inconspicuus, Cossus javanus, Cossus kinabaluensis, Cossus kwouus, Cossus lepta, Cossus likiangi, Cossus mauretanicus, Cossus modestus, Cossus mokshanensis, Cossus mongolicus, Cossus mucidus, Cossus nigeriae, Cossus nigromaculatus, Cossus nina, Cossus orientalis, Cossus parvipunctatus, Cossus parvulus, Cossus pavidus, Cossus perplexus, Cossus polygraphus, Cossus populi, Cossus pusillus, Cossus rectangulatus, Cossus reussi, Cossus rufidorsia, Cossus saharae, Cossus sakalava, Cossus sareptensis, Cossus seineri, Cossus semicurvatus, Cossus senex, Cossus shmakovi, Cossus sidamo, Cossus siniaevi, Cossus stertzi, Cossus stigmaticus, Cossus streineri, Cossus striolatus, Cossus subocellatus, Cossus suffuscus, Cossus tahamae, Cossus tahlai, Cossus tapinus, Cossus tenebroides, Cossus toluminus, Cossus turati, Cossus unguiculatus, Cossus verbeeki, Cossus vinctus, Cossus windhoekensis, Cossus ziliante

Danielostygia (Reisser, 1962) [genus]

Danielostygia persephone

Eogystia Schoorl, 1990 [genus]

Eogystia sibirica

Fania Barnes & McDunnough, 1911 [genus]

Fania nana

Kotchevnik Yakovlev, 2004 [genus]

Kotchevnik durrelli

Paracossulus (Schoorl, 1990) [genus]

Paracossulus thrips

Streltzoviella Yakovlev, 2007 [genus]

Streltzoviella insularis

Wiltshirocossus (Yakovlev, 2007) [genus]

Wiltshirocossus aries


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