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Subfamily Larentiinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae → subfamily Larentiinae



Daughter taxa

Tribes: 19 (17 illustrated). Genera: 247 (94 illustrated). Species.

Euphyiini [tribe]


Heterusiini Warren, 1897 [tribe]

Aloba Warren, 1895 [genus]

Aloba cinereus

Carptima Pearsall, 1906 [genus]

Carptima hydriomenata

Ceratodalia Packard, 1876 [genus]

Ceratodalia gueneata

Cleptocosmia Warren, 1896 [genus]

Cleptocosmia mutabilis

Coryphista Hulst, 1896 [genus]

Coryphista meadii

Crasilogia Warren, 1903 [genus]

Crasilogia gressitti

Cyclica Grote, 1882 [genus]

Cyclica frondaria

Eremodorea Turner, 1939 [genus]

Eremodorea haplopsara

Eschatarchia Warren, 1894 [genus]

Eschatarchia lineata

Eucymatoge Hübner, [1825] [genus]

Eucymatoge scotodes

Eurhinosea Packard, 1873 [genus]

Eurhinosea flavaria

Euzimmermania Fletcher, 1979 [genus]

Euzimmermania caustoscia

Exodezia Prout, 1958 [genus]

Exodezia albifusa

Hypycnopa Lower, 1903 [genus]

Hypycnopa delotis

Lagynopteryx Berg, 1883 [genus]

Lagynopteryx botulata

Monostoechia Fletcher, 1978 [genus]

Monostoechia semipectinata

Progonostola Meyrick, 1899 [genus]

Progonostola cremnopis

Psaliodes Guenée, 1857 [genus]

Psaliodes albifascia, Psaliodes albifulva, Psaliodes albistriga, Psaliodes aliena, Psaliodes analiplaga, Psaliodes angustata, Psaliodes annuligera, Psaliodes antesignata, Psaliodes aparallela, Psaliodes apicenotata, Psaliodes apostata, Psaliodes aquila, Psaliodes aurativena, Psaliodes bella, Psaliodes bicolor, Psaliodes biconalis, Psaliodes bifurcata, Psaliodes bilineata, Psaliodes bistrigata, Psaliodes brachiata, Psaliodes castanea, Psaliodes catenifera, Psaliodes cedaza, Psaliodes choma, Psaliodes cidariata, Psaliodes citrinata, Psaliodes clathrata, Psaliodes claudiaria, Psaliodes coacta, Psaliodes completa, Psaliodes composita, Psaliodes concinna, Psaliodes confusa, Psaliodes conimaculata, Psaliodes conspersata, Psaliodes crassinota, Psaliodes crispata, Psaliodes cronia, Psaliodes crotona, Psaliodes cupreipennis, Psaliodes cydna, Psaliodes cynthia, Psaliodes daedala, Psaliodes damia, Psaliodes damophila, Psaliodes demasaria, Psaliodes detractata, Psaliodes disrupta, Psaliodes duplicilinea, Psaliodes electa, Psaliodes endotrichiata, Psaliodes euplaneta, Psaliodes exilis, Psaliodes exuberans, Psaliodes fervescens, Psaliodes flavagata, Psaliodes flavivena, Psaliodes fractifascia, Psaliodes fractilinea, Psaliodes fulva, Psaliodes fuscata, Psaliodes geminisigna, Psaliodes grandis, Psaliodes hieroglyphica, Psaliodes infantula, Psaliodes inferna, Psaliodes infulata, Psaliodes infuscata, Psaliodes interrupta, Psaliodes intersecta, Psaliodes interstrata, Psaliodes inundulata, Psaliodes jabata, Psaliodes laticlara, Psaliodes liebra, Psaliodes lignosata, Psaliodes limbata, Psaliodes lisera, Psaliodes lucida, Psaliodes magnipalpata, Psaliodes marmorata, Psaliodes miniata, Psaliodes monapo, Psaliodes multilinea, Psaliodes myxa, Psaliodes nexilinea, Psaliodes nictitans, Psaliodes nigrifusa, Psaliodes nivestrota, Psaliodes nodosa, Psaliodes nucleata, Psaliodes ocreata, Psaliodes oleagina, Psaliodes olivaria, Psaliodes olivescens, Psaliodes onopria, Psaliodes orozcoa, Psaliodes ossicolor, Psaliodes paleata, Psaliodes pallida, Psaliodes perfuscata, Psaliodes pervasata, Psaliodes philetus, Psaliodes picta, Psaliodes planiplaga, Psaliodes plumbescens, Psaliodes pomona, Psaliodes porcia, Psaliodes posides, Psaliodes potina, Psaliodes prionogramma, Psaliodes prunicolor, Psaliodes quinquelatera, Psaliodes repertita, Psaliodes rica, Psaliodes saja, Psaliodes samaniegoi, Psaliodes seitzi, Psaliodes semirasa, Psaliodes semisecta, Psaliodes serratilinea, Psaliodes siennata, Psaliodes simplex, Psaliodes sordida, Psaliodes stimulata, Psaliodes strigosa, Psaliodes subfulvescens, Psaliodes subocellata, Psaliodes subochreofusa, Psaliodes sutum, Psaliodes tenuinota, Psaliodes tolimata, Psaliodes torsilinea, Psaliodes trilunata, Psaliodes tripartita, Psaliodes tripita, Psaliodes variegata, Psaliodes vernifera, Psaliodes vinosata, Psaliodes vulpina

Pseudaria Staudinger, 1899 [genus]

Pseudaria debilis

Tomopteryx Philippi, 1873 [genus]

Tomopteryx amoena

Tristeirometa Holloway, 1997 [genus]

Tristeirometa bostryx

Larentiinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Larentiinae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp. Larentiinae sp.


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