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Subfamily Sterrhinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae → subfamily Sterrhinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 8 (7 illustrated). Genera: 89 (27 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (4 illustrated). Species.

Lythriini [tribe]


Anisodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857 [genus]

Anisodes absconditaria, Anisodes acampes, Anisodes acomposthena, Anisodes acritophyrta, Anisodes aedes, Anisodes aequalipunctata, Anisodes aguzata, Anisodes albidiscata, Anisodes alienaria, Anisodes ampligutta, Anisodes anablemma, Anisodes annularis, Anisodes antennaria, Anisodes apogona, Anisodes aquila, Anisodes arenosaria, Anisodes argenticristata, Anisodes argentosa, Anisodes argyromma, Anisodes argyromyces, Anisodes aspera, Anisodes atrimacula, Anisodes aurantiata, Anisodes auricosta, Anisodes aurora, Anisodes binocellaria, Anisodes bipartita, Anisodes bipunctata, Anisodes bisecta, Anisodes bitactata, Anisodes bizaria, Anisodes brevipalpis, Anisodes caducaria, Anisodes calama, Anisodes castraria, Anisodes circummaculata, Anisodes clandestina, Anisodes coenosata, Anisodes colysirrhachia, Anisodes comosa, Anisodes compacta, Anisodes concinnipicta, Anisodes conferta, Anisodes confiniscripta, Anisodes connexa, Anisodes contrariata, Anisodes cora, Anisodes costinotata, Anisodes coxaria, Anisodes cristata, Anisodes curtisi, Anisodes dalmatensis, Anisodes decretaria, Anisodes decussata, Anisodes denticulata, Anisodes dewitzi, Anisodes dicycla, Anisodes difficilis, Anisodes dilogia, Anisodes dimerites, Anisodes diplosticta, Anisodes discofera, Anisodes dispergaria, Anisodes dispilota, Anisodes dithyma, Anisodes dognini, Anisodes dotilla, Anisodes dulcicola, Anisodes effeminata, Anisodes endospila, Anisodes eos, Anisodes epicoccastria, Anisodes evocata, Anisodes exaucta, Anisodes fantomaria, Anisodes fasciata, Anisodes fastidiosa, Anisodes faustina, Anisodes ferruginata, Anisodes festiva, Anisodes flavicornis, Anisodes flavidiscata, Anisodes flavipuncta, Anisodes flavirubra, Anisodes flavispila, Anisodes flavissima, Anisodes flavistigma, Anisodes frenaria, Anisodes furcata, Anisodes geranium, Anisodes germaini, Anisodes gigantula, Anisodes globaria, Anisodes glomerata, Anisodes gloria, Anisodes gracililinea, Anisodes granillosa, Anisodes griseata, Anisodes griseomixta, Anisodes harrietae, Anisodes heterostigma, Anisodes heydena, Anisodes hieroglyphica, Anisodes hirtifemur, Anisodes hirtipalpis, Anisodes hypocris, Anisodes hypomion, Anisodes ignea, Anisodes illepidaria, Anisodes illinaria, Anisodes imparistigma, Anisodes imperialis, Anisodes inaequalis, Anisodes incumbens, Anisodes indecisa, Anisodes iners, Anisodes inhibita, Anisodes inquinata, Anisodes insigniata, Anisodes insitiva, Anisodes intermixtaria, Anisodes interpulsata, Anisodes intortaria, Anisodes irregularis, Anisodes japaria, Anisodes jocosa, Anisodes jonaria, Anisodes khakiata, Anisodes kohensis, Anisodes lancearia, Anisodes landanata, Anisodes lateritiaria, Anisodes lateritica, Anisodes lautokensis, Anisodes lechriostropha, Anisodes leonaria, Anisodes leptopasta, Anisodes leucaniata, Anisodes lichenea, Anisodes liosceles, Anisodes longidiscata, Anisodes lutearia, Anisodes lutosicosta, Anisodes lyciscaria, Anisodes maculidiscata, Anisodes major, Anisodes marginepunctata, Anisodes maroniensis, Anisodes matthias, Anisodes maximaria, Anisodes mediolineata, Anisodes megista, Anisodes melantroches, Anisodes melitia, Anisodes mesocupha, Anisodes mesotoma, Anisodes metamorpha, Anisodes mezclata, Anisodes microsticta, Anisodes minorata, Anisodes mionectes, Anisodes misella, Anisodes monera, Anisodes monetaria, Anisodes morbosa, Anisodes nebuligera, Anisodes nebulosata, Anisodes nepheloscia, Anisodes nephelospila, Anisodes nesidica, Anisodes nigricosta, Anisodes nigropustulata, Anisodes niveopuncta, Anisodes nivestrota, Anisodes nodigera, Anisodes nudaria, Anisodes obliviaria, Anisodes obrinaria, Anisodes obstataria, Anisodes obviata, Anisodes ochraria, Anisodes ochricomata, Anisodes ockendeni, Anisodes ocularis, Anisodes oothesia, Anisodes orboculata, Anisodes ordinata, Anisodes palingenes, Anisodes palirrhoea, Anisodes pantophyrta, Anisodes paragloria, Anisodes parallela, Anisodes paratropha, Anisodes parciscripta, Anisodes parcisquamata, Anisodes parvidens, Anisodes patruelis, Anisodes paucinotata, Anisodes pauper, Anisodes penumbrata, Anisodes pepira, Anisodes perpunctulata, Anisodes perscripta, Anisodes pictimaculis, Anisodes pilibrachia, Anisodes pintada, Anisodes plenistigma, Anisodes plethophora, Anisodes poeciloptera, Anisodes poliotaria, Anisodes polysticta, Anisodes pomidiscata, Anisodes porphyropis, Anisodes portenta, Anisodes posticamplum, Anisodes posticipuncta, Anisodes praetermissa, Anisodes prionodes, Anisodes privata, Anisodes proconcava, Anisodes prunelliaria, Anisodes psilomera, Anisodes ptochopoea, Anisodes pulvinaris, Anisodes punctata, Anisodes punctulosa, Anisodes pyrrhocrica, Anisodes radiata, Anisodes raspata, Anisodes recreta, Anisodes recumbens, Anisodes renifera, Anisodes renistigma, Anisodes resignata, Anisodes rhodobapta, Anisodes rhodostigma, Anisodes roseofusa, Anisodes rotundata, Anisodes rubrannulata, Anisodes rudis, Anisodes ruficeps, Anisodes ruficosta, Anisodes rufifrons, Anisodes rufiplaga, Anisodes rufistigma, Anisodes rufulata, Anisodes sabulosa, Anisodes samoana, Anisodes sarawackaria, Anisodes scintillans, Anisodes sciota, Anisodes scriptata, Anisodes semicompleta, Anisodes seposita, Anisodes silas, Anisodes sopater, Anisodes sordida, Anisodes sordidata, Anisodes spadix, Anisodes spatara, Anisodes spectabilis, Anisodes spiculifer, Anisodes spissata, Anisodes sticta, Anisodes stigmatilinea, Anisodes stramineata, Anisodes stricticata, Anisodes striginota, Anisodes subaenescens, Anisodes subalbescens, Anisodes subcarnearia, Anisodes subdolaria, Anisodes suberea, Anisodes sublanuginosa, Anisodes sublunata, Anisodes subpallida, Anisodes subrosea, Anisodes subroseata, Anisodes subrubrata, Anisodes subsimilis, Anisodes subviolescens, Anisodes superflua, Anisodes suspiciens, Anisodes sypharia, Anisodes sypharioides, Anisodes taiwana, Anisodes temperata, Anisodes tenuilinea, Anisodes terrens, Anisodes tharossa, Anisodes thermosaria, Anisodes timotheus, Anisodes tolinta, Anisodes torsivena, Anisodes transecta, Anisodes tricrista, Anisodes turneri, Anisodes tychicus, Anisodes urcearia, Anisodes variospila, Anisodes viator, Anisodes vineotincta, Anisodes violens, Anisodes vuha, Anisodes warreni, Anisodes xenocometes, Anisodes zeuctospila

Antilycauges Prout, 1913 [genus]

Antilycauges pinguis

Autanepsia Turner, 1908 [genus]

Autanepsia poliodesma

Chlorerythra Warren, 1895 [genus]

Chlorerythra rubriplaga

Chorizomena Turner, 1939 [genus]

Chorizomena nivosa

Chrysocraspeda Swinhoe, 1893 [genus]

Chrysocraspeda abhadraca, Chrysocraspeda altegradia, Chrysocraspeda analiplaga, Chrysocraspeda aurimargo, Chrysocraspeda auristigma, Chrysocraspeda autarces, Chrysocraspeda baderi, Chrysocraspeda callima, Chrysocraspeda cambogiodes, Chrysocraspeda charites, Chrysocraspeda comptaria, Chrysocraspeda concentrica, Chrysocraspeda conspicuaria, Chrysocraspeda croceomarginata, Chrysocraspeda cruoraria, Chrysocraspeda dinawa, Chrysocraspeda dysmothauma, Chrysocraspeda elaeophragma, Chrysocraspeda erythraria, Chrysocraspeda eumeles, Chrysocraspeda euryodia, Chrysocraspeda eutmeta, Chrysocraspeda flavimacula, Chrysocraspeda flavimedia, Chrysocraspeda flavisparsa, Chrysocraspeda fruhstorferi, Chrysocraspeda fulviplaga, Chrysocraspeda gibbosa, Chrysocraspeda heringi, Chrysocraspeda ignita, Chrysocraspeda indopurpurea, Chrysocraspeda iole, Chrysocraspeda leighata, Chrysocraspeda leucotoca, Chrysocraspeda lilacina, Chrysocraspeda lunulata, Chrysocraspeda mitigata, Chrysocraspeda nigribasalis, Chrysocraspeda olearia, Chrysocraspeda orgalea, Chrysocraspeda perpicta, Chrysocraspeda phaedra, Chrysocraspeda philoterpes, Chrysocraspeda phrureta, Chrysocraspeda plumbeofusa, Chrysocraspeda praegriseata, Chrysocraspeda remutans, Chrysocraspeda rosina, Chrysocraspeda rothschildi, Chrysocraspeda sanguinea, Chrysocraspeda sanguinipuncta, Chrysocraspeda semiocellata, Chrysocraspeda subangulata, Chrysocraspeda tricolora, Chrysocraspeda truncipennis, Chrysocraspeda uncimargo

Dizuga Warren, 1896 [genus]

Dizuga recusataria

Echthrocollix Inoue, 1953 [genus]

Echthrocollix minuta

Epicleta Prout, 1915 [genus]

Epicleta calidaria

Lipomelia Warren, 1893 [genus]

Lipomelia subusta

Lophophleps Hampson, 1891 [genus]

Lophophleps triangularis

Paratyria Warren, 1895 [genus]

Paratyria darna

Ptochophyle Warren, 1896 [genus]

Ptochophyle albidisca, Ptochophyle ambolosy, Ptochophyle ambrensis, Ptochophyle anala, Ptochophyle anamale, Ptochophyle angulosa, Ptochophyle anisocosma, Ptochophyle anosibe, Ptochophyle anthocroca, Ptochophyle apicirubra, Ptochophyle apseogramma, Ptochophyle aurantibasis, Ptochophyle bradyspila, Ptochophyle callichroa, Ptochophyle carioni, Ptochophyle conservata, Ptochophyle corallina, Ptochophyle crypsaurea, Ptochophyle cyphosticha, Ptochophyle dargei, Ptochophyle definita, Ptochophyle dilucida, Ptochophyle dipyramida, Ptochophyle dischista, Ptochophyle dollmani, Ptochophyle doricaria, Ptochophyle dracontias, Ptochophyle dubiefi, Ptochophyle dujardini, Ptochophyle eclipsis, Ptochophyle exitela, Ptochophyle flavipuncta, Ptochophyle gnamptoloma, Ptochophyle herbuloti, Ptochophyle hiaraka, Ptochophyle hilaris, Ptochophyle hyalotypa, Ptochophyle innotata, Ptochophyle inornata, Ptochophyle jabaina, Ptochophyle kenricki, Ptochophyle lakato, Ptochophyle lineata, Ptochophyle madecassa, Ptochophyle marginata, Ptochophyle medioplaga, Ptochophyle miniosa, Ptochophyle moramanga, Ptochophyle nasuta, Ptochophyle nebulifera, Ptochophyle neurina, Ptochophyle niobe, Ptochophyle notata, Ptochophyle oophora, Ptochophyle orana, Ptochophyle orthogramma, Ptochophyle ozophanes, Ptochophyle peristoecha, Ptochophyle permutans, Ptochophyle phanoptica, Ptochophyle phlogea, Ptochophyle planaria, Ptochophyle planctogramma, Ptochophyle polyniphes, Ptochophyle porphyrochlamys, Ptochophyle prouti, Ptochophyle ptolegenes, Ptochophyle pulverulenta, Ptochophyle rubida, Ptochophyle rubricata, Ptochophyle rubripennis, Ptochophyle sanguinipuncta, Ptochophyle saturnuna, Ptochophyle silvatica, Ptochophyle sogai, Ptochophyle sparsipuncta, Ptochophyle strigata, Ptochophyle subdefinita, Ptochophyle subminiosa, Ptochophyle tantale, Ptochophyle tigrina, Ptochophyle togata, Ptochophyle tristicula, Ptochophyle vadoni, Ptochophyle vinosa, Ptochophyle virgata, Ptochophyle vitrata, Ptochophyle vola, Ptochophyle volutaria, Ptochophyle volutisignata, Ptochophyle zaphleges, Ptochophyle zearia, Ptochophyle zombensis

Spiralisigna Holloway, 1997 [genus]

Spiralisigna subpumilata

Zalissolepis Warren, 1895 [genus]

Zalissolepis subviolaria

Sterrhinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Sterrhinae sp. (large size).

Sterrhinae sp. Sterrhinae sp. Sterrhinae sp. Sterrhinae sp. Sterrhinae sp. Sterrhinae sp.


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