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Tribe Hemileucini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Bombycoidea family Saturniidae subfamily Hemileucinae → tribe Hemileucini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (5 illustrated). Species.

Automeris Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Automeris abdominalis, Automeris alticola, Automeris amanda, Automeris amoena, Automeris andicola, Automeris annulata, Automeris arminia, Automeris averna, Automeris balachowskyi, Automeris banus, Automeris basalis, Automeris beckeri, Automeris belti, Automeris beutelspacheri, Automeris bilinea, Automeris boops, Automeris boucardi, Automeris boudinotiana, Automeris castrensis, Automeris caucensis, Automeris cecrops, Automeris celata, Automeris chacona, Automeris cinctistriga, Automeris colenon, Automeris complicata, Automeris coresus, Automeris cryptica, Automeris curvilinea, Automeris dandemon, Automeris daudiana, Automeris denhezorum, Automeris denticulata, Automeris denticulatus, Automeris descimoni, Automeris despicata, Automeris dognini, Automeris duchartrei, Automeris egeus, Automeris eogena, Automeris escalantei, Automeris excreta, Automeris falco, Automeris fieldi, Automeris fletcheri, Automeris gabriella, Automeris godartii, Automeris goodsoni, Automeris grammodes, Automeris granulosus, Automeris hamata, Automeris harrisorum, Automeris hebe, Automeris heppneri, Automeris illustris, Automeris incarnata, Automeris innoxia, Automeris inornata, Automeris io, Automeris iris, Automeris janus, Automeris jivaros, Automeris jucunda, Automeris jucundoides, Automeris larra, Automeris lauroia, Automeris lauta, Automeris lemairei, Automeris liberia, Automeris louisiana, Automeris macphaili, Automeris maeonia, Automeris manantlanensis, Automeris margaritae, Automeris masti, Automeris melanops, Automeris melmon, Automeris meridionalis, Automeris metzli, Automeris micheneri, Automeris michoacana, Automeris midea, Automeris moloneyi, Automeris montezuma, Automeris moresca, Automeris naranja, Automeris nebulosus, Automeris niepelti, Automeris nigra, Automeris oberthurii, Automeris oiticicai, Automeris orestes, Automeris ovalina, Automeris pallidior, Automeris pallidor, Automeris pamina, Automeris paramaculata, Automeris patagoniensis, Automeris peigleri, Automeris phrynon, Automeris pomifera, Automeris postalbida, Automeris randa, Automeris rectilinea, Automeris rougeoti, Automeris rubrescens, Automeris schwartzi, Automeris stacieae, Automeris styx, Automeris submacula, Automeris tamsi, Automeris themis, Automeris thyreon, Automeris tridens, Automeris tristis, Automeris violascens, Automeris vomona, Automeris watsoni, Automeris windiana, Automeris zephyria, Automeris zozine, Automeris zugana, Automeris zurobara

Hylesia Hübner, 1820 [genus]

Hylesia acuta, Hylesia aeneides, Hylesia anchises, Hylesia andensis, Hylesia andrei, Hylesia angulex, Hylesia annulata, Hylesia approximans, Hylesia ascodex, Hylesia athlia, Hylesia beneluzi, Hylesia bertrandi, Hylesia biolleya, Hylesia bolivex, Hylesia bouvereti, Hylesia canitia, Hylesia caripitox, Hylesia caucanex, Hylesia cedomnibus, Hylesia chirex, Hylesia coarya, Hylesia coex, Hylesia coinopus, Hylesia colimaifex, Hylesia colimatifex, Hylesia colombex, Hylesia composita, Hylesia continua, Hylesia corevia, Hylesia cottica, Hylesia cressida, Hylesia croex, Hylesia dalifex, Hylesia dalina, Hylesia darlingi, Hylesia derica, Hylesia discifex, Hylesia discutex, Hylesia dognini, Hylesia dyarex, Hylesia ebalus, Hylesia egrex, Hylesia erebus, Hylesia ernestonis, Hylesia euphemia, Hylesia falcifera, Hylesia frigida, Hylesia fulviventris, Hylesia funebris, Hylesia gamelioides, Hylesia gigantex, Hylesia gracilex, Hylesia gyrex, Hylesia hamata, Hylesia haxairei, Hylesia hubbelli, Hylesia humilis, Hylesia huyana, Hylesia ileana, Hylesia index, Hylesia indiviosa, Hylesia indurata, Hylesia inficita, Hylesia invidiosa, Hylesia iola, Hylesia lamis, Hylesia latex, Hylesia lebedoides, Hylesia leilex, Hylesia lilacina, Hylesia lilacinex, Hylesia lilex, Hylesia lineata, Hylesia liturex, Hylesia livex, Hylesia lolamex, Hylesia macellex, Hylesia margarita, Hylesia maurex, Hylesia medifex, Hylesia melanostigma, Hylesia metabus, Hylesia metapyrrha, Hylesia minasia, Hylesia mixtiplex, Hylesia molpex, Hylesia moronensis, Hylesia mortifex, Hylesia multiplex, Hylesia munonia, Hylesia murex, Hylesia muscula, Hylesia mymex, Hylesia mystica, Hylesia nanus, Hylesia natex, Hylesia nigricans, Hylesia nigridorsata, Hylesia nigripes, Hylesia novex, Hylesia obsoleta, Hylesia obtusa, Hylesia ochrifex, Hylesia olivenca, Hylesia omeva, Hylesia orbana, Hylesia orbifex, Hylesia oroyex, Hylesia pachobex, Hylesia palcazua, Hylesia pallidex, Hylesia paulex, Hylesia pauper, Hylesia penai, Hylesia peruvex, Hylesia petena, Hylesia pluto, Hylesia polyploca, Hylesia praeda, Hylesia purpurex, Hylesia remex, Hylesia rex, Hylesia rosacea, Hylesia roseata, Hylesia rosex, Hylesia rubrifrons, Hylesia rubriprocta, Hylesia rufex, Hylesia rufipes, Hylesia santaelenensis, Hylesia scalex, Hylesia schausi, Hylesia schussleri, Hylesia scortina, Hylesia sesostris, Hylesia sorana, Hylesia subaurea, Hylesia subcana, Hylesia subfasciata, Hylesia tapabex, Hylesia tapareba, Hylesia teratex, Hylesia terranea, Hylesia terrosex, Hylesia thaumex, Hylesia tinturex, Hylesia tiphys, Hylesia travassosi, Hylesia tristis, Hylesia umbrata, Hylesia umbratula, Hylesia vagans, Hylesia valvex, Hylesia vassali, Hylesia vespex, Hylesia vialactea, Hylesia vindex, Hylesia violacea, Hylesia violex, Hylesia vittex, Hylesia wagneri, Hylesia zonex

Hemileucini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Hemileucini sp. (large size).

Hemileucini sp. Hemileucini sp. Hemileucini sp. Hemileucini sp.


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