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Subfamily Limacodinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Zygaenoidea family Limacodidae → subfamily Limacodinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (9 illustrated). Species.

Cnidocampa Dyar, 1905 [genus]

Cnidocampa flavescens

Epiclea Dyar, 1905 [genus]

Epiclea elaea

Hoyosia (Agenjo, 1972) [genus]

Hoyosia codeti, Hoyosia cretica

Parasa (Moore, 1859) [genus]

Parasa acrata, Parasa affinis, Parasa albida, Parasa albipuncta, Parasa ananii, Parasa angusta, Parasa angustivittata, Parasa ankalirano, Parasa argalea, Parasa argentilinea, Parasa argyroneura, Parasa atmodes, Parasa bicolor, Parasa bimaculata, Parasa bombycoides, Parasa brevipennis, Parasa calida, Parasa callidesma, Parasa cambouei, Parasa campylostagma, Parasa canangae, Parasa carnapi, Parasa catori, Parasa cebrenis, Parasa chapmani, Parasa charopa, Parasa chloris, Parasa chlorophila, Parasa chlorostigma, Parasa chlorozonata, Parasa concavata, Parasa connexa, Parasa consocia, Parasa constricta, Parasa convexa, Parasa cor, Parasa costalis, Parasa cucumenica, Parasa cuernavaca, Parasa darma, Parasa dentina, Parasa divisa, Parasa dnophera, Parasa dubiefi, Parasa dulcis, Parasa ebenaui, Parasa entima, Parasa equestris, Parasa euchlora, Parasa flora, Parasa fulvicorpus, Parasa fumosa, Parasa gemmans, Parasa gentilis, Parasa grandis, Parasa hampsoni, Parasa herbifera, Parasa herbina, Parasa hexamitobalia, Parasa hilarata, Parasa humeralis, Parasa imerina, Parasa imitata, Parasa inexspectata, Parasa irrationalis, Parasa isabella, Parasa johannes, Parasa joseana, Parasa karschi, Parasa laeta, Parasa lampra, Parasa lanceolata, Parasa laonome, Parasa laranda, Parasa latistriga, Parasa lemuriensis, Parasa lepida, Parasa lorquini, Parasa loyola, Parasa macrodonta, Parasa marginata, Parasa maysi, Parasa melli, Parasa mesochloris, Parasa metaphaea, Parasa metathermes, Parasa minima, Parasa minuta, Parasa mionexia, Parasa mirza, Parasa mompha, Parasa mossica, Parasa neustria, Parasa notonecta, Parasa ostia, Parasa pacera, Parasa pallida, Parasa pastoralis, Parasa prasina, Parasa prava, Parasa pretiosa, Parasa prussi, Parasa pseudorepanda, Parasa punica, Parasa pyrrhothrix, Parasa reginula, Parasa repanda, Parasa rubriplaga, Parasa rudis, Parasa rutila, Parasa sagittata, Parasa schausi, Parasa semiochracea, Parasa serratilinea, Parasa shirakii, Parasa similis, Parasa singularis, Parasa sinica, Parasa stiphra, Parasa tamara, Parasa trapezoidea, Parasa tripartita, Parasa urda, Parasa valida, Parasa vinculum, Parasa viridiplena, Parasa viridissima, Parasa viridogrisea, Parasa vivida, Parasa wellesca, Parasa zernyi, Parasa zulona


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