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Arctia caja (Linnaeus, 1758)

Имаго  (Arctia caja)


class Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae tribe Arctiini subtribe Arctiina genus Arctia → species Arctia caja

Species name(s)

Arctia caja (Linnaeus, 1758).

Garden Tiger.



This species marks on the maps: 7.

Zoogeographical regions

Palaearctic, Nearctic.

Russia regions

#1. Kaliningradsky; #2. Kolsky; #3. Karelsky; #4. Evropeisky Severo-Zapadny; #6. Evropeisky Severo-Vostochny; #7. Evropeisky yuzhno-tayozhny; #8. Evropeisky Tsentralny; #9. Evropeisky Tsentralno-Chernozyomny; #10. Sredne-Volzhsky; #11. Volgo-Donsky; #12. Nizhnevolzhsky; #13. Zapadno-Kavkazsky; #14. Vostochno-Kavkazsky; #15. Severo-Uralsky; #16. Sredne-Uralsky; #17. Yuzhno-Uralsky; #19. Sredneobsky; #20. Yuzhno-Zapadnosibirsky; #22. Krasnoyarsky; #23. Predaltaisky; #24. Gorno-Altaisky; #25. Tuvinsky; #26. Predbaikalsky; #27. Pribaikalsky; #28. Zabaikalsky; #29. Zapadno-Yakutsky; #30. Vostochno-Yakutsky; #31. Yuzhno-Yakutsky; #33. Severo-Okhotomorsky; #34. Kamchatsky; #35. Sredne-Okhotsky*; #36. Sredne-Amursky; #37. Nizhne-Amursky; #38. Sakhalin; #39. Yuzhno-Kurilsky; #40. Primorsky.

* An asterisk denotes a region for which the species is listed as an migrant or information that requires additional checking.

Forewing length

25—33 mm.

Primary colors

Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown/Gray/Black, White.

Flight time

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Larva lifespan

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Over-wintering stage


Имаго  (Arctia caja)

Detailed information with references


  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Soviet Union - the European part, Finland, France , Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Yugoslavia. [1].
  • Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the British Isles, France, Germany, Greece (mainland), Denmark (mainland), Ireland, Spain (mainland), Italy (mainland), Corsica, Latvia , Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway (mainland)Channel Islands, Poland, Portugal (mainland), Russia, Romania, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Faroe Islands, Finland, France (mainland), Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Yugoslavia. [10].
  • Regions of the Russian Federation: the Volga-Don, East Caucasus, East Yakutia, Gorno-Altaisk, the European North-East, the European North-West, the European Central Black Earth, the European Central European South taiga, Transbaikalia, Western Caucasus, West Yakut, Kaliningrad, Kamchatka, Karelia, Kola,Krasnoyarsk, Nizhne-Amur, Lower Volga, Prealtay, of Baikal, Pribaikalskiy, Primorye, Sakhalin, the North Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the North Urals, Mid-Amur, Mid-Volzhsky, Average Okhotsk (?) Average Urals, Sredneobskaya, Tuva, South -Zapadnosibirsky, South Kuril, South Ural, South Yakutia. [3].
  • The area - the whole of Europe, is found even in Lapland. In the mountains - at altitudes up to 2,000 meters. [5].
  • Kazakhstan [PC1149].

Imago Habitus and Differences from alike species

  • Length of front wing is 2.5, and sometimes all of 3.3 cm. The top of the front wings is painted in white and brown, the top rear - red with blue spots. The butterfly is very variable.Drawing top of the front wings can vary from individual to individual, the rear are not only red, but yellow stains on them may be more or less, there are also instances, and completely devoid of stains, as well as individuals with solid black rear wings. [5].

General info about Imago

  • It prefers relatively damp sites, with good adapts to the cultural landscape. Bear kaya are active mainly at night, during the day they hide by using the features of his painting.If the enemy still finds a bear that moves the front wings forward, opening brightly colored rear, raschityvaya that such a surprise would give her time trying to retreat. [5].

Imago lifespan

  • Adult butterflies fly in July and August. [5].

General info about Larva

  • In the body of the caterpillar long hairs on the head, they are collected in the red beams, track length - up to 6 cm. In case of danger, Arctia caja larva drops to the ground and rolled into a ball, pretending to be dead, naprivlekatelnoy for a predator. Pupation takes place between the stem or in a recess on the ground, while the caterpillar itself entangled web. [5].

Larva food plants / other food objects

  • Allium, Betula, Alnus, Salix, Populus, Rheum, Sedum, Ribes, Fragaria, Rubus, Filipendula, Spiraea, Malus, Sorbus, Crataegus, Prunus, Geum rivale, Trifolium, Vaccinium, Calystegia, Stachys, Lamium, Plantago, Achillea, Taraxacum . [28].
  • Arctia caja feeds on raspberry and blackberry on Kalina and heather, gorse and on honeysuckle and many other herbaceous plants and shrubs, being so typical polyphage. [5].

Larva lifespan

  • Caterpillars live from September to May. [5].

Overwintering stage

  • Caterpillar. [5].

Subspecies of Arctia caja


Initial species uploading to the site: Peter Khramov.

Photos: Vitaly Gumenuk, Shamil Murtazin.

Text data: Peter Khramov, Alexander Belousov.

The species characteristics formalization: Peter Khramov, Sergei Kotov.



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30.01.2014 22:08, Sergei Kotov Corrected data.

Over-wintering stage: No formalized data → Larva.

13.06.2009 15:17, Vasiliy Feoktistov

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