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Family Scarabaeidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea → family Scarabaeidae Latreille, 1802



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 15 (7 illustrated). Tribes: 57 (30 illustrated). Subtribes: 116 (25 illustrated). Genera: 1463 (150 illustrated). Subgenera: 104 (22 illustrated). Species.

Allidiostomatinae Arrow, 1940 [subfamily]

Allidiostoma, Allidiostoma

Dynamopodinae Arrow, 1911 [subfamily]

Dynamopodini, Thinorycterini,

Orphninae Erichson, 1847 [subfamily]

Aegidiini, Orphnini,

Pachypodinae Erichson, 1840 [subfamily]

Phaenomeridinae Erichson, 1847 [subfamily]

Prototroginae Nikolajev, 2000 [subfamily]


Termitotroginae Wasmann, 1918 [subfamily]


Caccobius [genus]

Caccobius anthracites, Caccobius aterrimus, Caccobius atratus, Caccobius auberti, Caccobius balthasari, Caccobius bawangensis, Caccobius bidentatus, Caccobius binodulus, Caccobius boucomonti, Caccobius brevis, Caccobius callosifrons, Caccobius castaneus, Caccobius cavatus, Caccobius christophi, Caccobius chujoi, Caccobius corniceps, Caccobius cribrarius, Caccobius croceocinctus, Caccobius curvicornis, Caccobius cuspidiger, Caccobius cyclotis, Caccobius demangei, Caccobius denticollis, Caccobius diminutivus, Caccobius discrepans, Caccobius dorsalis, Caccobius dybowskii, Caccobius elephantinus, Caccobius excavatus, Caccobius ferrugineus, Caccobius flavolimbatus, Caccobius foveolatus, Caccobius fukiensis, Caccobius fuliginosus, Caccobius gallinus, Caccobius gananensis, Caccobius gibbosulus, Caccobius gilleti, Caccobius globaticeps, Caccobius gonoderus, Caccobius grossegranosus, Caccobius himalayanus, Caccobius hirsutus, Caccobius histerinus, Caccobius histeroides, Caccobius histrio, Caccobius imitans, Caccobius inconspicuus, Caccobius indicus, Caccobius inops, Caccobius ivorensis, Caccobius jessoensis, Caccobius kelleri, Caccobius krikkeni, Caccobius lateralis, Caccobius leleupi, Caccobius longipennis, Caccobius matsumotoi, Caccobius meridionalis, Caccobius mirabilepunctatus, Caccobius mundus, Caccobius nigritulus, Caccobius nikkoensis, Caccobius obtusus, Caccobius ocellipennis, Caccobius pantherinus, Caccobius pentagonus, Caccobius pilosus, Caccobius polygonus, Caccobius pseudolaevis, Caccobius pulicarius, Caccobius pullus, Caccobius punctatissimus, Caccobius reticuliger, Caccobius rufipennis, Caccobius scheuerni, Caccobius schreberi, Caccobius semiaeneus, Caccobius sericeus, Caccobius sericoides, Caccobius setifer, Caccobius signatipennis, Caccobius sordidus, Caccobius tai, Caccobius torticornis, Caccobius tortus, Caccobius tsunoellus, Caccobius tuberifrons, Caccobius ultor, Caccobius unicornis, Caccobius upembanus, Caccobius villiersi, Caccobius vulcanus, Caccobius yunnanicus, Caccobius zairensis

Catharsius [genus]

Catharsius achates, Catharsius adamastor, Catharsius aethiops, Catharsius africanus, Catharsius alpheus, Catharsius approximans, Catharsius balubanus, Catharsius bellus, Catharsius biconifer, Catharsius bicornutus, Catharsius birmanensis, Catharsius bradshawi, Catharsius brevicornis, Catharsius brittoni, Catharsius brutus, Catharsius calaharicus, Catharsius capucinus, Catharsius cassius, Catharsius chinai, Catharsius congolensis, Catharsius convexiusculus, Catharsius coptorhinaformis, Catharsius crassicornis, Catharsius davidi, Catharsius dayacus, Catharsius dubius, Catharsius duciformis, Catharsius dux, Catharsius erechtheus, Catharsius eteocles, Catharsius fastidiosus, Catharsius furcillatus, Catharsius garambae, Catharsius gorilla, Catharsius gorilloides, Catharsius granulatus, Catharsius guineensis, Catharsius haafi, Catharsius harpagus, Catharsius heros, Catharsius hertli, Catharsius jacksoni, Catharsius javanus, Catharsius juheli, Catharsius karlwerneri, Catharsius kolbei, Catharsius laticeps, Catharsius latifossa, Catharsius lepineyi, Catharsius longiceps, Catharsius luluensis, Catharsius lycaon, Catharsius machadoi, Catharsius marcellus, Catharsius melancholicus, Catharsius mirabilis, Catharsius molossus, Catharsius morettoi, Catharsius mossambicanus, Catharsius nathani, Catharsius neptunus, Catharsius ninus, Catharsius oedipus, Catharsius oryx, Catharsius pandion, Catharsius parafastidiosus, Catharsius phidias, Catharsius philus, Catharsius pithecius, Catharsius platicornis, Catharsius platycerus, Catharsius platynotus, Catharsius platypus, Catharsius polynices, Catharsius pseudocongolensis, Catharsius pseudolycaon, Catharsius pseudooedipus, Catharsius pseudovitulus, Catharsius quadridentatus, Catharsius renaudpauliani, Catharsius rhinoceros, Catharsius saegeri, Catharsius sagax, Catharsius satyrus, Catharsius scopas, Catharsius semirubidus, Catharsius sesostris, Catharsius severini, Catharsius simillimus, Catharsius somalicus, Catharsius spectabilis, Catharsius straeleni, Catharsius stuhlmanni, Catharsius tricornutus, Catharsius tridens, Catharsius ugandicus, Catharsius ulysses, Catharsius upembanus, Catharsius vansoni, Catharsius vitulus

Helictopleurus [genus]

Helictopleurus aeneoniger, Helictopleurus ambiguus, Helictopleurus aurocupreus, Helictopleurus basicornis, Helictopleurus bivittatus, Helictopleurus cambeforti, Helictopleurus carbonarius, Helictopleurus clouei, Helictopleurus coruscus, Helictopleurus cribricollis, Helictopleurus dorbignyi, Helictopleurus fasciolatus, Helictopleurus fissicollis, Helictopleurus fulgens, Helictopleurus fungicola, Helictopleurus furcicornis, Helictopleurus gibbicollis, Helictopleurus giganteus, Helictopleurus halffteri, Helictopleurus hanskii, Helictopleurus heidiae, Helictopleurus hypocrita, Helictopleurus infimus, Helictopleurus littoralis, Helictopleurus marsyas, Helictopleurus minutus, Helictopleurus neoamplicollis, Helictopleurus neuter, Helictopleurus nicollei, Helictopleurus niger, Helictopleurus nigricans, Helictopleurus nigritulus, Helictopleurus nitidicollis, Helictopleurus patricii, Helictopleurus perpunctatus, Helictopleurus perrieri, Helictopleurus pluristriatus, Helictopleurus politicollis, Helictopleurus praerugosus, Helictopleurus pseudoniger, Helictopleurus quadripunctatus, Helictopleurus rubricollis, Helictopleurus rudicollis, Helictopleurus semicupreus, Helictopleurus semimetallicus, Helictopleurus seminiger, Helictopleurus semivirens, Helictopleurus sericeus, Helictopleurus sinuaticornis, Helictopleurus splendidicollis, Helictopleurus splendidus, Helictopleurus steineri, Helictopleurus subretusus, Helictopleurus sumptuosus, Helictopleurus tamatavensis, Helictopleurus tristis, Helictopleurus undatus, Helictopleurus unifasciatus, Helictopleurus vadoni, Helictopleurus viettei, Helictopleurus villiersi, Helictopleurus viridans, Helictopleurus viridiflavus

Metacatharsius [genus]

Metacatharsius abortivus, Metacatharsius anderseni, Metacatharsius anomalus, Metacatharsius auberti, Metacatharsius basilewskyi, Metacatharsius bateke, Metacatharsius benadirensis, Metacatharsius bidentatus, Metacatharsius brevicosta, Metacatharsius clypeolatus, Metacatharsius darfurensis, Metacatharsius dentinum, Metacatharsius duplicatus, Metacatharsius exiguiformis, Metacatharsius exiguus, Metacatharsius ferreirae, Metacatharsius ferrugineus, Metacatharsius freyi, Metacatharsius gardoensis, Metacatharsius holyi, Metacatharsius imitator, Metacatharsius inermis, Metacatharsius kindiai, Metacatharsius latifrons, Metacatharsius lomii, Metacatharsius marani, Metacatharsius minutus, Metacatharsius modestus, Metacatharsius murati, Metacatharsius nubiensis, Metacatharsius omoensis, Metacatharsius opacus, Metacatharsius ovulum, Metacatharsius parcepunctatus, Metacatharsius patrizii, Metacatharsius peleus, Metacatharsius pernitidus, Metacatharsius perpunctatus, Metacatharsius petrovitzi, Metacatharsius politus, Metacatharsius pollicatus, Metacatharsius pseudoopacus, Metacatharsius pumilioniformis, Metacatharsius pumilionis, Metacatharsius pusio, Metacatharsius renaudi, Metacatharsius rochai, Metacatharsius rosinae, Metacatharsius rubidus, Metacatharsius rugosipennis, Metacatharsius seminulum, Metacatharsius simulator, Metacatharsius tchadensis, Metacatharsius tenellus, Metacatharsius togoensis, Metacatharsius transvaalensis, Metacatharsius trianguliceps, Metacatharsius tricarenatus, Metacatharsius troglodytes, Metacatharsius tuberifrons, Metacatharsius useramus, Metacatharsius wittei, Metacatharsius zuluanus

Scarabaeidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Scarabaeidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp. Scarabaeidae sp.


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