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Family Elateridae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Elateriformia superfamily Elateroidea → family Elateridae Leach, 1815



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 19 (5 illustrated). Tribes: 11 (6 illustrated). Subtribes: 6 (2 illustrated). Genera: 112 (35 illustrated). Subgenera: 30 (13 illustrated). Species.

Agrypninae Candèze, 1857 [subfamily]

Agrypnini, Hemirhipini, Oophorini,

Anischiinae Fleutiaux, 1936 [subfamily]

Cardiophorinae Candèze, 1859 [subfamily]

Cardiophorus, Dicronychus

Cebrioninae Latreille, 1802 [subfamily]


Denticollinae Stein and Weise, 1877 [subfamily]

Diminae Candèze, 1863 [subfamily]

Eudicronychinae Girard, 1971 [subfamily]

Hemiopinae Fleutiaux, 1941 [subfamily]

Lissominae Laporte, 1835 [subfamily]

Negastriinae Nakane & Kishii, 1956 [subfamily]

Oxynopterinae Candèze, 1857 [subfamily]


Physodactylinae Lacordaire, 1857 [subfamily]

Pityobiinae Hyslop, 1917 [subfamily]

Semiotinae Jacobson, 1913 [subfamily]

Subprotelaterinae Fleutiaux, 1920 [subfamily]

Tetralobinae Laporte, 1840 [subfamily]

Thylacosterninae Fleutiaux, 1920 [subfamily]

Adelocera Latreille, 1829 [genus]

Adelocera pygmaea

Aeoloderma Fleutiaux, 1928 [genus]

Aeoloderma crucifer

Alestrus Mequignon, 1942 [genus]

Alestrus dolosus

Arctapila Candèze, 1891 [genus]

Arctapila bruckii

Berninelsonius Leseigneur, 1970 [genus]

Berninelsonius hyperboreus

Betarmon Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Betarmon bisbimaculatus

Calais Laporte de Castelnau, 1836 [genus]

Calais parreysii

Calambus C. G. Thomson, 1859 [genus]

Calambus bipustulatus

Campylomimus J. Muller, 1960 [genus]

Campylomimus brelihi

Campylomorphus Jacquelin du Val, 1860 [genus]

Campylomorphus homalisinus

Crepidophorus Mulsant & Guillebeau, 1853 [genus]

Crepidophorus mutilatus

Diacanthous Reitter, 1905 [genus]

Diacanthous undulatus

Eanus LeConte, 1861 [genus]

Eanus, Pareanus

Ectamenogonus Buysson, 1893 [genus]

Ectamenogonus montandoni

Hypoganus Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Hypoganus inunctus

Idiotarmon Binaghi, 1940 [genus]

Idiotarmon quadrivittatus

Idolus Desbrochers des Loges, 1875 [genus]

Idolus picipennis

Idotarmonides Agaev, 1985 [genus]

Idotarmonides rydhi

Ischnodes Germar, 1844 [genus]

Ischnodes sanguinicollis

Isidus Mulsant & Rye, 1874 [genus]

Isidus moreli

Lanelater Arnett, 1952 [genus]

Lanelater notodonta

Liotrichus Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Acteniceromorphus, Liotrichus

Megapenthes Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Megapenthes lugens

Neohypdonus Stibick, 1971 [genus]

Neohypdonus arcticus

Nothodes LeConte, 1861 [genus]

Nothodes parvulus

Odontoderus Schwarz, 1894 [genus]

Odontoderus antigai

Orithales Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Orithales serraticornis

Panspaeus Sharp, 1877 [genus]

Panspaeus guttatus

Paraphotistus Kishii, 1966 [genus]

Paraphotistus, Setasomus

Pheletes Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Pheletes aeneoniger, Pheletes quercus

Pittonotus Kiesenwetter, 1859 [genus]

Pittonotus theseus

Podeonius Kiesenwetter, 1858 [genus]

Podeonius acuticornis

Poemnites Buysson, 1894 [genus]

Poemnites aeratus

Quasimus Gozis, 1886 [genus]


Tetrigus Candèze, 1857 [genus]

Tetrigus cyprius

Zorochros C. G. Thomson, 1859 [genus]


Elateridae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Elateridae sp. (large size).

Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp. Elateridae sp.


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