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Subfamily Bruchinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae → subfamily Bruchinae Latreille, 1802



Daughter taxa

Tribes: 5 (2 illustrated). Subtribes: 6 (2 illustrated). Genera: 31 (6 illustrated). Species.

Rhaebini [tribe]


Abutiloneus Bridwell, 1946 [genus]

Abutiloneus idoneus

Acanthoscelides Schilsky, 1905 [genus]

Acanthoscelides aequalis, Acanthoscelides alboscutellatus, Acanthoscelides atomus, Acanthoscelides aureolus, Acanthoscelides baboquivari, Acanthoscelides bisignatus, Acanthoscelides biustulus, Acanthoscelides calvus, Acanthoscelides chiricahuae, Acanthoscelides compressicornis, Acanthoscelides comstocki, Acanthoscelides daleae, Acanthoscelides desmanthi, Acanthoscelides distinguendus, Acanthoscelides flavescens, Acanthoscelides floridae, Acanthoscelides fraterculus, Acanthoscelides fumatus, Acanthoscelides griseolus, Acanthoscelides helianthemum, Acanthoscelides herissantitus, Acanthoscelides inquisitus, Acanthoscelides kingsolveri, Acanthoscelides lobatus, Acanthoscelides longistilus, Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus, Acanthoscelides margaretae, Acanthoscelides mixtus, Acanthoscelides modestus, Acanthoscelides mundulus, Acanthoscelides napensis, Acanthoscelides obrienorum, Acanthoscelides obsoletus, Acanthoscelides obtectus, Acanthoscelides oregonensis, Acanthoscelides pallidipennis, Acanthoscelides pauperculus, Acanthoscelides pectoralis, Acanthoscelides pedicularius, Acanthoscelides perforatus, Acanthoscelides plagiatus, Acanthoscelides prosopoides, Acanthoscelides pullus, Acanthoscelides pusillimus, Acanthoscelides quadridentatus, Acanthoscelides rufovittatus, Acanthoscelides schaefferi, Acanthoscelides schrankiae, Acanthoscelides seminulum, Acanthoscelides speciosus, Acanthoscelides stylifer, Acanthoscelides subaequalis, Acanthoscelides submuticus, Acanthoscelides tenuis, Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus

Borowiecius Anton, 1994 [genus]

Borowiecius ademptus

Bruchidius Schilsky, 1905 [genus]

Bruchidius albolineatus, Bruchidius albopictus, Bruchidius annulicornis, Bruchidius anobioides, Bruchidius antennatus, Bruchidius armeniacus, Bruchidius astragali, Bruchidius atbasaricus, Bruchidius ater, Bruchidius bagdassarjani, Bruchidius biguttatus, Bruchidius bimaculatus, Bruchidius bituberculatus, Bruchidius caninus, Bruchidius canus, Bruchidius cinerascens, Bruchidius cisti, Bruchidius dispar, Bruchidius dorsalis, Bruchidius elegans, Bruchidius fallaciosus, Bruchidius foveolatus, Bruchidius glycyrrhizae, Bruchidius guanchorum, Bruchidius halodendri, Bruchidius holosericeus, Bruchidius imbricornis, Bruchidius incarnatus, Bruchidius incipiens, Bruchidius jocosus, Bruchidius kieneri, Bruchidius lichenicola, Bruchidius lineatus, Bruchidius lividimanus, Bruchidius longulus, Bruchidius lucifugus, Bruchidius lutescens, Bruchidius marginalis, Bruchidius martinezi, Bruchidius meleagrinus, Bruchidius migliaccioi, Bruchidius misellus, Bruchidius monstrosicornis, Bruchidius mordelloides, Bruchidius mulsanti, Bruchidius murinus, Bruchidius myobrome, Bruchidius nanus, Bruchidius nudus, Bruchidius obscuripes, Bruchidius olivaceus, Bruchidius orchesioides, Bruchidius pallidulus, Bruchidius pauper, Bruchidius peregii, Bruchidius picipes, Bruchidius poecilus, Bruchidius poupillieri, Bruchidius pusillus, Bruchidius pygmaeus, Bruchidius quinqueguttatus, Bruchidius reitteri, Bruchidius republicanus, Bruchidius richteri, Bruchidius rufisurus, Bruchidius seminarius, Bruchidius sericatus, Bruchidius sivasensis, Bruchidius spathopus, Bruchidius strictus, Bruchidius stylophorus, Bruchidius tibialis, Bruchidius trifolii, Bruchidius tuberculatus, Bruchidius varipes, Bruchidius varipictus, Bruchidius varius, Bruchidius villosus, Bruchidius virgatus, Bruchidius wollastoni

Caryobruchus Bridwell, 1929 [genus]

Caryobruchus gleditsiae

Kitorhinus Fischer von Waldheim, 1809 [genus]

Kitorhinus prolixus

Lithraeus Bridwell, 1952 [genus]

Lithraeus atronotatus

Stylantheus Bridwell, 1946 [genus]

Stylantheus macrocerus

Bruchinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Bruchinae sp. (large size).

Bruchinae sp.


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