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Family Culicidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Nematocera infraorder Culicomorpha superfamily Culicoidea → family Culicidae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 3 (1 illustrated). Tribes: 7 (1 illustrated). Genera: 46 (4 illustrated). Subgenera: 18 (1 illustrated). Species.

Anophelinae [subfamily]


Tripteroides [genus]

Tripteroides adentata, Tripteroides aeneus, Tripteroides affinis, Tripteroides alboscutellatus, Tripteroides altivallis, Tripteroides antennalis, Tripteroides apicotriangulatus, Tripteroides apoensis, Tripteroides aranoides, Tripteroides argenteiventris, Tripteroides atripes, Tripteroides bambusa, Tripteroides barraudi, Tripteroides belkini, Tripteroides bimaculipes, Tripteroides binotatus, Tripteroides bisquamamtus, Tripteroides bonneti, Tripteroides brevipalpis, Tripteroides brevirhynchus, Tripteroides caeruleocephalus, Tripteroides caledonicus, Tripteroides ceylonensis, Tripteroides cheni, Tripteroides christophersi, Tripteroides claggi, Tripteroides coheni, Tripteroides collessi, Tripteroides concinnus, Tripteroides confusus, Tripteroides coonorensis, Tripteroides cuttsi, Tripteroides delpilari, Tripteroides denticulatus, Tripteroides digoelensis, Tripteroides distigma, Tripteroides dofleini, Tripteroides dyari, Tripteroides dyi, Tripteroides edwardsi, Tripteroides elegans, Tripteroides erlindae, Tripteroides escodae, Tripteroides exnebulis, Tripteroides felicitatis, Tripteroides filipes, Tripteroides flabelliger, Tripteroides floridensis, Tripteroides folicola, Tripteroides fuliginosus, Tripteroides fuscipleura, Tripteroides hoogstraali, Tripteroides hybridus, Tripteroides indeterminatus, Tripteroides indicus, Tripteroides intermediatus, Tripteroides kingi, Tripteroides knighti, Tripteroides laffooni, Tripteroides latispinus, Tripteroides latisquama, Tripteroides leei, Tripteroides lipovskyi, Tripteroides littlechildi, Tripteroides longipalpatus, Tripteroides longipalpis, Tripteroides longisiphonus, Tripteroides lorengaui, Tripteroides mabinii, Tripteroides magnesianus, Tripteroides malayi, Tripteroides malvari, Tripteroides marksae, Tripteroides mathesoni, Tripteroides mattinglyi, Tripteroides melanesiensis, Tripteroides mendacis, Tripteroides microcala, Tripteroides microlepis, Tripteroides monetifer, Tripteroides nepenthicola, Tripteroides nepenthis, Tripteroides nepenthisimilis, Tripteroides nissanensis, Tripteroides nitidoventer, Tripteroides novohanoverae, Tripteroides obscurus, Tripteroides pallidothorax, Tripteroides pallidus, Tripteroides perplexus, Tripteroides pilosus, Tripteroides plumiger, Tripteroides plumosus, Tripteroides powelli, Tripteroides proximus, Tripteroides punctolateralis, Tripteroides purpuratus, Tripteroides quasiornatus, Tripteroides reiseni, Tripteroides riverai, Tripteroides rotumanus, Tripteroides roxasi, Tripteroides rozeboomi, Tripteroides serratus, Tripteroides similis, Tripteroides simplex, Tripteroides simulatus, Tripteroides solomonis, Tripteroides splendens, Tripteroides standfasti, Tripteroides stonei, Tripteroides subnudipennis, Tripteroides sullivanae, Tripteroides sylvestris, Tripteroides tarsalis, Tripteroides tasmaniensis, Tripteroides tenax, Tripteroides tityae, Tripteroides toffaletii, Tripteroides torokinae, Tripteroides uichancoi, Tripteroides vanleeuweni, Tripteroides vicinus, Tripteroides werneri, Tripteroides yaeyamensis

Verrallina [genus]

Verrallina abdita, Verrallina agrestis, Verrallina andamanensis, Verrallina assamensis, Verrallina atria, Verrallina atriisimilis, Verrallina azureosquamatus, Verrallina bifoliata, Verrallina butleri, Verrallina campylostylus, Verrallina carmenti, Verrallina cauta, Verrallina clavata, Verrallina comata, Verrallina comosa, Verrallina consonensis, Verrallina cretata, Verrallina cuccioi, Verrallina cunninghami, Verrallina cyrtolabis, Verrallina dux, Verrallina embiensis, Verrallina foliformis, Verrallina fragilis, Verrallina funerea, Verrallina gibbosa, Verrallina hamistylus, Verrallina hispida, Verrallina incerta, Verrallina indecorabilis, Verrallina indica, Verrallina iriomotensis, Verrallina johnsoni, Verrallina johorensis, Verrallina killertonis, Verrallina komponga, Verrallina lankaensis, Verrallina latipennis, Verrallina leicesteri, Verrallina leilae, Verrallina lineata, Verrallina lugubris, Verrallina macrodixoa, Verrallina margarsen, Verrallina mccormicki, Verrallina milnensis, Verrallina multifolium, Verrallina neomacrodioxa, Verrallina nigrotarsis, Verrallina nobukonis, Verrallina notabilis, Verrallina nubicola, Verrallina obsoleta, Verrallina pahangi, Verrallina panayensis, Verrallina parasimilis, Verrallina petroelephantus, Verrallina philippinensis, Verrallina phnoma, Verrallina pipkini, Verrallina prioekanensis, Verrallina protuberans, Verrallina pseudodiurnus, Verrallina pseudomediofasciata, Verrallina pseudovarietas, Verrallina quadrifolium, Verrallina quadrispinata, Verrallina ramalingami, Verrallina rami, Verrallina rara, Verrallina reesi, Verrallina robertsi, Verrallina sabahensis, Verrallina seculata, Verrallina sentania, Verrallina similis, Verrallina simpla, Verrallina singularis, Verrallina sohni, Verrallina spermathecus, Verrallina srilankensis, Verrallina stunga, Verrallina torosa, Verrallina trispinata, Verrallina uncus, Verrallina uniformis, Verrallina vallistris, Verrallina vanapa, Verrallina variabilis, Verrallina varietas, Verrallina virilis, Verrallina yerburyi, Verrallina yusafi

Culicidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Culicidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp. Culicidae sp.


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