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Subfamily Microdontinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Syrphidae → subfamily Microdontinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (1 illustrated). Species.

Microdon [genus]

Microdon abditus, Microdon abnormis, Microdon abstrusus, Microdon acantholepidis, Microdon adventitius, Microdon aeneus, Microdon aenoviridis, Microdon aeolidiformis, Microdon aethiopicus, Microdon albicomatus, Microdon albofascia, Microdon alboscutatus, Microdon alcicornis, Microdon amabilis, Microdon ampefyanus, Microdon analis, Microdon anax, Microdon angulatus, Microdon angustiventris, Microdon angustus, Microdon annandalei, Microdon apicalis, Microdon apiculus, Microdon apidiformis, Microdon apis, Microdon appendiculatus, Microdon argentinae, Microdon aureomagnificus, Microdon aureopilis, Microdon aureoscutus, Microdon aureus, Microdon auricinctus, Microdon auricomus, Microdon aurifactius, Microdon aurifascia, Microdon aurifex, Microdon aurigaster, Microdon aurilinea, Microdon aurivesta, Microdon auroscutatus, Microdon aurulentus, Microdon baliopterus, Microdon baramus, Microdon barbiellinii, Microdon barbouri, Microdon barringtonensis, Microdon bassleri, Microdon batesi, Microdon beatus, Microdon beebei, Microdon behara, Microdon bellulus, Microdon bellus, Microdon bequaerti, Microdon bicolor, Microdon bicoloratus, Microdon bidens, Microdon bifasciatus, Microdon biluminiferus, Microdon bispina, Microdon boharti, Microdon bonariensis, Microdon brachycerus, Microdon brachystoma, Microdon brevicornis, Microdon browni, Microdon bruchi, Microdon bruesi, Microdon brunneipennis, Microdon brunnipennis, Microdon brutus, Microdon caeruleomaculatus, Microdon caeruleus, Microdon caesar, Microdon captum, Microdon carbonarius, Microdon carinifacies, Microdon carolae, Microdon cerioides, Microdon chalybeus, Microdon chapini, Microdon chrysidimimus, Microdon chrysopygus, Microdon chrysostypus, Microdon claripennis, Microdon clatratus, Microdon clavicornis, Microdon coarctatus, Microdon conops, Microdon contractus, Microdon conveniens, Microdon corbiculipes, Microdon corona, Microdon cothurnatus, Microdon craigheadii, Microdon crassitarsis, Microdon cremastogastri, Microdon currani, Microdon cyaneiventris, Microdon cyaneus, Microdon daveyi, Microdon devius, Microdon diaphanus, Microdon digitator, Microdon dimidiatus, Microdon dimorphon, Microdon diversipilosus, Microdon elisabeth, Microdon elisabethae, Microdon emeralda, Microdon erythrocephalus, Microdon erythros, Microdon eutristis, Microdon falcatus, Microdon fenestratus, Microdon fenestrellatus, Microdon fergusoni, Microdon flava, Microdon flavifacies, Microdon flavipennis, Microdon flavipes, Microdon flavitibia, Microdon flavofascium, Microdon flavoluna, Microdon flavomarginatus, Microdon formosanus, Microdon fraudator, Microdon fucatissimus, Microdon fulgens, Microdon fulvicornis, Microdon fulvipes, Microdon fulvopubescens, Microdon fumipennis, Microdon fuscicornis, Microdon fuscipennis, Microdon fuscus, Microdon gaigei, Microdon gayi, Microdon geijskesi, Microdon globosus, Microdon gloriosus, Microdon goettei, Microdon gracilis, Microdon grageti, Microdon grandis, Microdon granulatus, Microdon guianicus, Microdon hardyi, Microdon hermetia, Microdon hermetoides, Microdon histrio, Microdon hova, Microdon ignobilis, Microdon ignotus, Microdon iheringi, Microdon illucens, Microdon inaequalis, Microdon inappendiculatus, Microdon inarmatus, Microdon incisuralis, Microdon indicus, Microdon inermis, Microdon instabilis, Microdon investigator, Microdon iridomyrmex, Microdon japonicus, Microdon katsurai, Microdon kavitahaius, Microdon kidai, Microdon klossi, Microdon lacteipennis, Microdon laetoides, Microdon laetus, Microdon lanceolatus, Microdon lanei, Microdon langi, Microdon lanka, Microdon lateus, Microdon latiscutellaris, Microdon lativentris, Microdon laxiceps, Microdon lazuli, Microdon lehri, Microdon liberiensis, Microdon limbatus, Microdon limbinervis, Microdon longicornis, Microdon luctiferus, Microdon lundura, Microdon luridescens, Microdon luteiventris, Microdon lutescens, Microdon luxor, Microdon mackiei, Microdon macquariensis, Microdon macquartii, Microdon macrocerus, Microdon maculatus, Microdon malagasicus, Microdon manitobensis, Microdon marceli, Microdon maritimus, Microdon marmoratum, Microdon megacephalus, Microdon megalogaster, Microdon melleus, Microdon metallicus, Microdon micromidas, Microdon microtuberculatus, Microdon miki, Microdon minuticornis, Microdon mirabilis, Microdon mitis, Microdon mixtus, Microdon modesticolor, Microdon moestus, Microdon montis, Microdon mourei, Microdon murayamai, Microdon mus, Microdon mutabilis, Microdon mydas, Microdon mynthes, Microdon myrmicae, Microdon mysa, Microdon neavei, Microdon nero, Microdon nestor, Microdon newcomeri, Microdon nicholsoni, Microdon niger, Microdon nigrispinosus, Microdon nigrocyaneus, Microdon nigrodorsatum, Microdon nigromarginalis, Microdon normalis, Microdon notatus, Microdon novaeguinea, Microdon nubecula, Microdon obesus, Microdon obscurus, Microdon occidentalis, Microdon ocellaris, Microdon oligonax, Microdon omeanus, Microdon opulentus, Microdon pagdeni, Microdon painteri, Microdon pallidus, Microdon pallipennis, Microdon panamensis, Microdon papuanum, Microdon papuanus, Microdon pauper, Microdon pendleburyi, Microdon pendulosus, Microdon petiolata, Microdon pictipennis, Microdon pictulipennis, Microdon pilosops, Microdon pingliensis, Microdon piperi, Microdon planitarsus, Microdon podomelainum, Microdon praetermissus, Microdon pretiosus, Microdon procedens, Microdon procteri, Microdon puerilis, Microdon pulcher, Microdon punctulatus, Microdon purpurescens, Microdon purpureus, Microdon ranavalonae, Microdon remotus, Microdon remus, Microdon rheochryssus, Microdon rieki, Microdon robinsoni, Microdon rubriventris, Microdon ruficaudus, Microdon ruficrus, Microdon rufipes, Microdon rufiventris, Microdon rugosus, Microdon rutiliventris, Microdon rutilus, Microdon schultzei, Microdon scolopus, Microdon scutellaris, Microdon scutifer, Microdon seabrai, Microdon sepulchrasilvus, Microdon sharpii, Microdon silvester, Microdon simillimus, Microdon simplex, Microdon simplicicornis, Microdon solitarius, Microdon sonamii, Microdon sophianus, Microdon splendens, Microdon spuribifasciatus, Microdon squamipennis, Microdon stenogaster, Microdon stilboides, Microdon stramineus, Microdon sudanus, Microdon sulcatus, Microdon sumatranus, Microdon sumbanus, Microdon superbus, Microdon tabanoides, Microdon taiwanus, Microdon taprobanicus, Microdon tarsalis, Microdon tenuicaudus, Microdon tenuifrons, Microdon testaceus, Microdon tigrinus, Microdon triangularis, Microdon tricinctus, Microdon trigoniformis, Microdon trigonospilus, Microdon trigonus, Microdon trilinea, Microdon trimacula, Microdon tristis, Microdon trivittatus, Microdon tsara, Microdon tuberculatus, Microdon ulopodus, Microdon unicolor, Microdon ursitarsis, Microdon varicornis, Microdon venosus, Microdon villosus, Microdon violaceus, Microdon violens, Microdon virgo, Microdon viridis, Microdon vittatus, Microdon vulpicolor, Microdon wainwrighti, Microdon waterhousei, Microdon wheeleri, Microdon willistoni, Microdon wulpii, Microdon xanthopilis, Microdon xanthoprosopus, Microdon yokohamai

Microdontinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Microdontinae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp. Microdontinae sp.


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