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Family Ichneumonidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea → family Ichneumonidae



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 35 (13 illustrated). Tribes: 42 (9 illustrated). Genera: 1558 (28 illustrated). Subgenera: 65 (0 illustrated). Species.

Agriotypinae [subfamily]


Alomyinae [subfamily]


Collyriinae [subfamily]


Diacritinae [subfamily]


Eucerotinae [subfamily]


Lycorininae [subfamily]


Cryptanura [genus]

Cryptanura ablata, Cryptanura albomarginata, Cryptanura apophysis, Cryptanura areolaris, Cryptanura armandoi, Cryptanura atriceps, Cryptanura atripectus, Cryptanura azteca, Cryptanura bakeriana, Cryptanura basimacula, Cryptanura bilineata, Cryptanura bipartita, Cryptanura boliviensis, Cryptanura brachygaster, Cryptanura callosa, Cryptanura compacta, Cryptanura conica, Cryptanura coxata, Cryptanura dicostata, Cryptanura ectypa, Cryptanura excalibur, Cryptanura femorator, Cryptanura fraternans, Cryptanura fulvipes, Cryptanura fusciventris, Cryptanura genalis, Cryptanura gracilipes, Cryptanura gracilis, Cryptanura hamulator, Cryptanura humeralis, Cryptanura hyalina, Cryptanura incerta, Cryptanura isthmus, Cryptanura lamentaria, Cryptanura lineatifemur, Cryptanura liopleuris, Cryptanura llera, Cryptanura longipes, Cryptanura lucida, Cryptanura lunai, Cryptanura maculicollis, Cryptanura maculifrons, Cryptanura maculipennis, Cryptanura mediostrigosa, Cryptanura mexicana, Cryptanura nigripes, Cryptanura nigrolineata, Cryptanura nitidiuscula, Cryptanura orizabensis, Cryptanura paranensis, Cryptanura piceothorax, Cryptanura platyura, Cryptanura politigaster, Cryptanura pretiosa, Cryptanura propinqua, Cryptanura punctator, Cryptanura quadrimaculata, Cryptanura robusta, Cryptanura rufa, Cryptanura ruficeps, Cryptanura rugosa, Cryptanura scutellaris, Cryptanura septentrionalis, Cryptanura silvae, Cryptanura similis, Cryptanura sostenesi, Cryptanura spilonota, Cryptanura spinaria, Cryptanura sternoleuca, Cryptanura strenua, Cryptanura striata, Cryptanura tenuiterebrata, Cryptanura trachodes, Cryptanura tuberculata, Cryptanura uniformis, Cryptanura variegata, Cryptanura veraepacis, Cryptanura vivida, Cryptanura volcanica, Cryptanura xilitla

Epirhyssa [genus]

Epirhyssa alternata, Epirhyssa amaura, Epirhyssa amazonica, Epirhyssa anamikae, Epirhyssa andamanensis, Epirhyssa araucariae, Epirhyssa aspera, Epirhyssa assamensis, Epirhyssa atra, Epirhyssa atrata, Epirhyssa baltazarae, Epirhyssa bicolorata, Epirhyssa bifurcata, Epirhyssa bimaculata, Epirhyssa binaria, Epirhyssa binghami, Epirhyssa biroi, Epirhyssa braconoides, Epirhyssa celaena, Epirhyssa chlora, Epirhyssa chrysitis, Epirhyssa cincta, Epirhyssa cochabambae, Epirhyssa confracta, Epirhyssa corpucella, Epirhyssa corralesi, Epirhyssa cruciata, Epirhyssa curtisi, Epirhyssa daedala, Epirhyssa diatropis, Epirhyssa elegana, Epirhyssa eucnemis, Epirhyssa facitorosa, Epirhyssa ferruginea, Epirhyssa flavipes, Epirhyssa flavobalteata, Epirhyssa flavopicta, Epirhyssa frohbergi, Epirhyssa fulva, Epirhyssa gephyra, Epirhyssa ghesquierei, Epirhyssa hyblaeana, Epirhyssa insolita, Epirhyssa isthmia, Epirhyssa japonica, Epirhyssa kerrichi, Epirhyssa kurilensis, Epirhyssa latimandibularis, Epirhyssa lepta, Epirhyssa leroyi, Epirhyssa leuceres, Epirhyssa lygra, Epirhyssa maai, Epirhyssa maculiceps, Epirhyssa malayana, Epirhyssa masoni, Epirhyssa maynei, Epirhyssa melampyge, Epirhyssa melitos, Epirhyssa mexicana, Epirhyssa migratoria, Epirhyssa missionis, Epirhyssa moiwana, Epirhyssa montana, Epirhyssa nigra, Epirhyssa nigristigma, Epirhyssa nigrithorax, Epirhyssa nigrobalteata, Epirhyssa nitobei, Epirhyssa oaxaca, Epirhyssa oranensis, Epirhyssa orientalis, Epirhyssa osaensis, Epirhyssa overlaeti, Epirhyssa pacheia, Epirhyssa perkinsi, Epirhyssa perspicua, Epirhyssa pertenuis, Epirhyssa peruana, Epirhyssa petiolaris, Epirhyssa phoenix, Epirhyssa porteri, Epirhyssa praecincta, Epirhyssa prolasia, Epirhyssa pumila, Epirhyssa pyrrha, Epirhyssa quirosi, Epirhyssa raptor, Epirhyssa rotunda, Epirhyssa sapporensis, Epirhyssa sarawakensis, Epirhyssa sauteri, Epirhyssa silvatica, Epirhyssa similis, Epirhyssa sinuata, Epirhyssa speciosa, Epirhyssa spiloptera, Epirhyssa striata, Epirhyssa tandoni, Epirhyssa theloides, Epirhyssa tonkinensis, Epirhyssa tristis, Epirhyssa tylota, Epirhyssa uelensis, Epirhyssa valida, Epirhyssa vulgaris, Epirhyssa walkleyae, Epirhyssa wisei, Epirhyssa xanthostigma, Epirhyssa xoutha, Epirhyssa zaphyma, Epirhyssa zurquiae

Exochus [genus]

Exochus abdominalis, Exochus ablatus, Exochus aenigmatosus, Exochus aizankeanus, Exochus albiceps, Exochus albicinctus, Exochus albifrons, Exochus albomarginatus, Exochus alpinus, Exochus angularis, Exochus annulicrus, Exochus annulitarsis, Exochus antennalis, Exochus antiquus, Exochus antis, Exochus appendiculatus, Exochus areolatus, Exochus argutus, Exochus armillosus, Exochus assimilis, Exochus ater, Exochus atriceps, Exochus atrofemoratus, Exochus avinus, Exochus belokobylskii, Exochus bessus, Exochus bicoloripes, Exochus bifasciatus, Exochus bimaculatus, Exochus bolivari, Exochus borealis, Exochus boxatus, Exochus britannicus, Exochus brutus, Exochus bryanti, Exochus canidens, Exochus capnodes, Exochus captus, Exochus carens, Exochus carnitus, Exochus carri, Exochus castaniventris, Exochus caudatus, Exochus cephalotes, Exochus certus, Exochus citripes, Exochus cnemidotus, Exochus cohrsi, Exochus collaborator, Exochus compar, Exochus compressiventris, Exochus concitus, Exochus consimilis, Exochus convergens, Exochus convexus, Exochus coronatus, Exochus coronellus, Exochus cuneatus, Exochus curvinus, Exochus daisetsuzanus, Exochus delopius, Exochus denotatus, Exochus dentifrons, Exochus derasus, Exochus destitutus, Exochus dilatatus, Exochus dominus, Exochus dondus, Exochus dorsalis, Exochus echigoensis, Exochus elimatus, Exochus enodis, Exochus erythrinus, Exochus erythronotus, Exochus evetriae, Exochus evitus, Exochus externus, Exochus farmellus, Exochus fasciatus, Exochus fastigatus, Exochus ferrugineus, Exochus ferus, Exochus fidus, Exochus firmus, Exochus flavicaput, Exochus flavidus, Exochus flavifacies, Exochus flavifrons, Exochus flavifrontalis, Exochus flavinotum, Exochus flavipes, Exochus flavomarginatus, Exochus flavonotatus, Exochus fletcheri, Exochus flexus, Exochus flubinus, Exochus foveolatus, Exochus frater, Exochus frontellus, Exochus fuscipennis, Exochus gascus, Exochus genualis, Exochus grandis, Exochus gratus, Exochus gravipes, Exochus gravis, Exochus guttatus, Exochus hakonensis, Exochus hiraniwensis, Exochus hirsutus, Exochus hiulcus, Exochus hormus, Exochus horridus, Exochus humerator, Exochus incidens, Exochus intermedius, Exochus izbus, Exochus jacintus, Exochus kanayamensis, Exochus karazini, Exochus kasparyani, Exochus kaszabi, Exochus kozlovi, Exochus krellus, Exochus kusigematii, Exochus kuslitzkyi, Exochus lascus, Exochus latiareolus, Exochus latifasciatus, Exochus latro, Exochus lenis, Exochus lentipes, Exochus leptomma, Exochus lictor, Exochus limbatus, Exochus lineifrons, Exochus litus, Exochus longicaudis, Exochus lucidus, Exochus mandibularis, Exochus mandschukuonis, Exochus marginalis, Exochus marklini, Exochus megadon, Exochus melanius, Exochus mesodon, Exochus mesorufus, Exochus mirus, Exochus mitratus, Exochus moeus, Exochus momoii, Exochus monticola, Exochus montivagus, Exochus morionellus, Exochus multicinctus, Exochus muscanus, Exochus nasuzanus, Exochus navitus, Exochus nigrifaciatus, Exochus nigripalpis, Exochus nigriparvus, Exochus nubosus, Exochus obezus, Exochus obscurus, Exochus ochreatus, Exochus ornatus, Exochus oshimensis, Exochus ostentatus, Exochus ozanus, Exochus pallipes, Exochus pappi, Exochus parnassicus, Exochus passaventi, Exochus pedanticus, Exochus perfectus, Exochus peroniae, Exochus pictus, Exochus pilosus, Exochus pleuralis, Exochus plicatus, Exochus postfurcalis, Exochus posticus, Exochus prosopius, Exochus protector, Exochus pubitus, Exochus pulchripes, Exochus pullatus, Exochus punctatus, Exochus puncticeps, Exochus punctus, Exochus quadradens, Exochus quadrimaculatus, Exochus quozus, Exochus radialis, Exochus ratzeburgi, Exochus ravetus, Exochus rectus, Exochus rombastus, Exochus rubellus, Exochus rubroater, Exochus rufator, Exochus rufigaster, Exochus rufipleuralis, Exochus rufus, Exochus russeus, Exochus rutilatus, Exochus saigusai, Exochus scutellaris, Exochus scutellatus, Exochus selenanae, Exochus semiflavus, Exochus semilividus, Exochus semirufus, Exochus separandus, Exochus septentrionalis, Exochus serozus, Exochus setaceous, Exochus signatus, Exochus signifer, Exochus signifrons, Exochus silus, Exochus similis, Exochus simulans, Exochus spilotus, Exochus spinalis, Exochus spurcus, Exochus stenostoma, Exochus stenus, Exochus stramineipes, Exochus suborbitalis, Exochus suishanus, Exochus suvanus, Exochus synosialis, Exochus szepligetii, Exochus taigensis, Exochus tardigradus, Exochus taximus, Exochus teborus, Exochus tectus, Exochus tegularis, Exochus tenebrosus, Exochus tenius, Exochus testaceus, Exochus thomsoni, Exochus tibialis, Exochus transversus, Exochus tumulus, Exochus turgidus, Exochus tutor, Exochus tuxedus, Exochus ubus, Exochus ulanbaatorensis, Exochus unidentatus, Exochus upembaensis, Exochus urzus, Exochus utilis, Exochus vafer, Exochus vanitus, Exochus variegatus, Exochus varipes, Exochus velatus, Exochus ventralis, Exochus ventricosus, Exochus vexator, Exochus villosus, Exochus virgatifrons, Exochus virus, Exochus vlops, Exochus voxanus, Exochus wabitus, Exochus washingtonensis, Exochus xanthopus, Exochus xarus, Exochus xetus, Exochus yalupus, Exochus yasumatsui, Exochus yorizus, Exochus zabus, Exochus zyxus

Goryphus [genus]

Goryphus abdominalis, Goryphus adornatus, Goryphus albatus, Goryphus albicoxis, Goryphus albifrons, Goryphus alboclypeatus, Goryphus albofasciatus, Goryphus albofrenatus, Goryphus albomaculatus, Goryphus albopictus, Goryphus alboscutellaris, Goryphus almus, Goryphus angulicollis, Goryphus annulipes, Goryphus apicalis, Goryphus apollonis, Goryphus areolaris, Goryphus basalis, Goryphus basilaris, Goryphus basimacula, Goryphus bicuneatus, Goryphus bituberculatus, Goryphus bivaki, Goryphus brahminus, Goryphus braunsii, Goryphus bunoh, Goryphus calabaricus, Goryphus cameroni, Goryphus caperatus, Goryphus cestus, Goryphus cheesmanae, Goryphus cinctipes, Goryphus cinctitibia, Goryphus communis, Goryphus contractus, Goryphus corniger, Goryphus definis, Goryphus depictus, Goryphus detritus, Goryphus difficilis, Goryphus disgregus, Goryphus distinctus, Goryphus dravidus, Goryphus elegans, Goryphus evanescens, Goryphus fasciatipennis, Goryphus ferrugineus, Goryphus flavocinctus, Goryphus flavorbitalis, Goryphus formosanus, Goryphus gandhii, Goryphus gibbosus, Goryphus gossypi, Goryphus horeiensis, Goryphus hyalinoides, Goryphus inferus, Goryphus interceptus, Goryphus issikii, Goryphus jendul, Goryphus konishii, Goryphus leucopygus, Goryphus leveri, Goryphus lunatus, Goryphus maculiceps, Goryphus maculipennis, Goryphus madhulikae, Goryphus makassarensis, Goryphus melanius, Goryphus mesoxanthus, Goryphus mulleri, Goryphus nigrocoxatus, Goryphus nilamburensis, Goryphus nilgiricus, Goryphus nursei, Goryphus ochropus, Goryphus oneili, Goryphus opacus, Goryphus ornatipennis, Goryphus parallelus, Goryphus pictipennis, Goryphus protervus, Goryphus rangaparensis, Goryphus reticulatus, Goryphus rexus, Goryphus rhodesiae, Goryphus rufobasalis, Goryphus salutator, Goryphus sarolensis, Goryphus sauteri, Goryphus semiglaber, Goryphus seminiger, Goryphus senegalensis, Goryphus sikkimensis, Goryphus sringeriensis, Goryphus striolatus, Goryphus subtilis, Goryphus taihorinensis, Goryphus tirkyi, Goryphus townesi, Goryphus tricolor, Goryphus trisulcatus, Goryphus trochanteratus, Goryphus tuberculatus, Goryphus turneri, Goryphus ultimus, Goryphus vandervechti, Goryphus varibalteatus, Goryphus vicinus, Goryphus villosus, Goryphus vinodi, Goryphus vulpio

Lymeon [genus]

Lymeon acceptus, Lymeon adjicialis, Lymeon adultus, Lymeon affinis, Lymeon albispina, Lymeon alboannulatus, Lymeon apollinarii, Lymeon ariolator, Lymeon atrator, Lymeon bicinctus, Lymeon bifasciator, Lymeon bifasciatus, Lymeon brasiliensis, Lymeon caney, Lymeon cinctipes, Lymeon cinctiventris, Lymeon clavatorius, Lymeon cratodontus, Lymeon curtispinus, Lymeon dieloceri, Lymeon fasciatiipennis, Lymeon fasciipennis, Lymeon flavovariegatus, Lymeon fuscipennis, Lymeon gracilipes, Lymeon guyanaensis, Lymeon haemorrhoidalis, Lymeon imbecillis, Lymeon imitatorius, Lymeon ingenuus, Lymeon interruptus, Lymeon junctus, Lymeon lassatus, Lymeon lepidus, Lymeon maculipes, Lymeon mandibularis, Lymeon mexicanus, Lymeon mimeticus, Lymeon montanus, Lymeon moratus, Lymeon nasutus, Lymeon nigriceps, Lymeon nigromaculatus, Lymeon novatus, Lymeon orbus, Lymeon ornatipennis, Lymeon ovivorus, Lymeon patruelis, Lymeon photopsis, Lymeon pilosus, Lymeon pleuralis, Lymeon praedator, Lymeon pulcher, Lymeon pulcratorius, Lymeon rufatus, Lymeon ruficeps, Lymeon rufinotum, Lymeon rufipes, Lymeon rufithorax, Lymeon rufiventris, Lymeon rufoalbus, Lymeon rufoniger, Lymeon rufotibialis, Lymeon sanguineus, Lymeon setosus, Lymeon sexlineatus, Lymeon striatus, Lymeon subflavescens, Lymeon sulsus, Lymeon tantillus, Lymeon tarsalis, Lymeon tinctipennis, Lymeon tobiasi, Lymeon transilis, Lymeon tricolor, Lymeon tricoloripes, Lymeon trifasciatellus, Lymeon tuheitensis, Lymeon utilis, Lymeon varicoxa, Lymeon variicoxa, Lymeon xanthogaster, Lymeon yanegai

Meniscomorpha [genus]

Meniscomorpha albomaculata, Meniscomorpha alhambra, Meniscomorpha astrema, Meniscomorpha atrorubra, Meniscomorpha besheba, Meniscomorpha bilineata, Meniscomorpha brachydocis, Meniscomorpha bullata, Meniscomorpha castroi, Meniscomorpha citrivaria, Meniscomorpha cleiae, Meniscomorpha culiota, Meniscomorpha devisa, Meniscomorpha elizondoi, Meniscomorpha enura, Meniscomorpha frebeta, Meniscomorpha gamezi, Meniscomorpha glasta, Meniscomorpha gomezi, Meniscomorpha govinda, Meniscomorpha grossa, Meniscomorpha habecki, Meniscomorpha helspina, Meniscomorpha hembrata, Meniscomorpha hiljei, Meniscomorpha implaza, Meniscomorpha janzeni, Meniscomorpha kerna, Meniscomorpha kevla, Meniscomorpha leoni, Meniscomorpha leva, Meniscomorpha lizanoi, Meniscomorpha lopezi, Meniscomorpha maculiceps, Meniscomorpha michiganensis, Meniscomorpha minutoria, Meniscomorpha mirabilis, Meniscomorpha mitica, Meniscomorpha nerda, Meniscomorpha nufa, Meniscomorpha ocala, Meniscomorpha orbitalis, Meniscomorpha pensita, Meniscomorpha perfida, Meniscomorpha prolixa, Meniscomorpha proximans, Meniscomorpha pulchra, Meniscomorpha quava, Meniscomorpha robusta, Meniscomorpha romata, Meniscomorpha rufithorax, Meniscomorpha salasi, Meniscomorpha sanchoi, Meniscomorpha sotoi, Meniscomorpha subflava, Meniscomorpha tamaska, Meniscomorpha thoracica, Meniscomorpha valerioi, Meniscomorpha venusia, Meniscomorpha vomia, Meniscomorpha wasenia, Meniscomorpha wigelia, Meniscomorpha xeresha, Meniscomorpha yoventa, Meniscomorpha zacasta

Neotheronia [genus]

Neotheronia abramsae, Neotheronia alfaroae, Neotheronia amphimelaena, Neotheronia angulata, Neotheronia apicalis, Neotheronia apicina, Neotheronia apicipennis, Neotheronia aurata, Neotheronia aurulenta, Neotheronia austera, Neotheronia bicincta, Neotheronia bostrandae, Neotheronia brandtae, Neotheronia buccata, Neotheronia castanea, Neotheronia charli, Neotheronia cherfasi, Neotheronia chiriquensis, Neotheronia coaequata, Neotheronia columbiensis, Neotheronia concolor, Neotheronia costata, Neotheronia cristata, Neotheronia cyrusi, Neotheronia donovani, Neotheronia embolema, Neotheronia excisa, Neotheronia facialis, Neotheronia fossulata, Neotheronia fumosa, Neotheronia fuscicornis, Neotheronia hastata, Neotheronia herrerai, Neotheronia hespenheidei, Neotheronia holmae, Neotheronia impressa, Neotheronia interrupta, Neotheronia jason, Neotheronia jugaldei, Neotheronia kohli, Neotheronia kompassi, Neotheronia kriechbaumeri, Neotheronia laticeps, Neotheronia lineata, Neotheronia lizanoi, Neotheronia lizzae, Neotheronia lloydi, Neotheronia longinoi, Neotheronia mandibularis, Neotheronia matamorosi, Neotheronia melanocera, Neotheronia mellosa, Neotheronia mesoxantha, Neotheronia montezuma, Neotheronia murilloi, Neotheronia nigrolineata, Neotheronia nubecula, Neotheronia obesa, Neotheronia oxyodus, Neotheronia pilosa, Neotheronia radialis, Neotheronia roraria, Neotheronia rosai, Neotheronia ruwenzorica, Neotheronia schoenachii, Neotheronia septemtrionalis, Neotheronia submarginata, Neotheronia surinamensis, Neotheronia tacubaya, Neotheronia tenuis, Neotheronia terebratrix, Neotheronia tolteca, Neotheronia tricolor, Neotheronia tuberculata, Neotheronia vallata, Neotheronia veles

Polycyrtus [genus]

Polycyrtus accuratus, Polycyrtus acerbus, Polycyrtus albiniclavus, Polycyrtus albispina, Polycyrtus alboannulatus, Polycyrtus albocinctus, Polycyrtus albolineatus, Polycyrtus alei, Polycyrtus alexisi, Polycyrtus alterator, Polycyrtus amoenus, Polycyrtus areolaris, Polycyrtus areolatus, Polycyrtus atriceps, Polycyrtus avilae, Polycyrtus barrientosi, Polycyrtus bicarinatus, Polycyrtus bicolor, Polycyrtus boliviensis, Polycyrtus brevigenalis, Polycyrtus brunneator, Polycyrtus bulbosus, Polycyrtus burgosi, Polycyrtus buscki, Polycyrtus calii, Polycyrtus capitator, Polycyrtus carinispinis, Polycyrtus carmenae, Polycyrtus caudatus, Polycyrtus cedrella, Polycyrtus chalmersi, Polycyrtus chiriquensis, Polycyrtus circumfluens, Polycyrtus clausus, Polycyrtus clavator, Polycyrtus cockerellae, Polycyrtus comma, Polycyrtus condylobus, Polycyrtus confusus, Polycyrtus constricticlavus, Polycyrtus convergens, Polycyrtus copiosus, Polycyrtus copularis, Polycyrtus crespoi, Polycyrtus curtispina, Polycyrtus curvispina, Polycyrtus curviventris, Polycyrtus dahianae, Polycyrtus delphini, Polycyrtus dentatorius, Polycyrtus donzoi, Polycyrtus duplaris, Polycyrtus duplicatus, Polycyrtus elegans, Polycyrtus eliethae, Polycyrtus elviae, Polycyrtus emaculatus, Polycyrtus emarginatus, Polycyrtus eneyae, Polycyrtus enriquei, Polycyrtus epimeron, Polycyrtus erythrosternus, Polycyrtus femoratus, Polycyrtus ferox, Polycyrtus fonsecai, Polycyrtus furvus, Polycyrtus gauldi, Polycyrtus giacomellii, Polycyrtus gibbulus, Polycyrtus gynnae, Polycyrtus hernandezi, Polycyrtus herrerai, Polycyrtus hidalgoi, Polycyrtus hilaris, Polycyrtus histrio, Polycyrtus humerosus, Polycyrtus iconicus, Polycyrtus impressus, Polycyrtus inca, Polycyrtus inezae, Polycyrtus infractus, Polycyrtus inquinatus, Polycyrtus isidroi, Polycyrtus isthmus, Polycyrtus javieri, Polycyrtus josei, Polycyrtus juani, Polycyrtus juanmii, Polycyrtus junceus, Polycyrtus kattyae, Polycyrtus latigulus, Polycyrtus leprieurii, Polycyrtus leucopus, Polycyrtus leucostomus, Polycyrtus lidiae, Polycyrtus lindhae, Polycyrtus lituratus, Polycyrtus lovejoyi, Polycyrtus lucidator, Polycyrtus luisi, Polycyrtus macer, Polycyrtus maculatus, Polycyrtus major, Polycyrtus mancus, Polycyrtus manni, Polycyrtus marcoi, Polycyrtus martini, Polycyrtus medialbus, Polycyrtus mediotinctus, Polycyrtus melanocephalus, Polycyrtus melanoleucus, Polycyrtus minutus, Polycyrtus nanii, Polycyrtus neglectus, Polycyrtus nigriceps, Polycyrtus nigriclypeatus, Polycyrtus nigroscutellatus, Polycyrtus nigrotibialis, Polycyrtus nudus, Polycyrtus obtusispina, Polycyrtus ornatifrons, Polycyrtus pallidibalteatus, Polycyrtus pallidus, Polycyrtus paranensis, Polycyrtus parmenioi, Polycyrtus parviclavus, Polycyrtus patriciae, Polycyrtus paululus, Polycyrtus perditor, Polycyrtus prominens, Polycyrtus proximannulatus, Polycyrtus quadrisulcatus, Polycyrtus raveni, Polycyrtus rebecae, Polycyrtus retusus, Polycyrtus riojanus, Polycyrtus rufiventris, Polycyrtus rugulosus, Polycyrtus sartor, Polycyrtus semialbus, Polycyrtus semirufus, Polycyrtus sigillatus, Polycyrtus similis, Polycyrtus solisi, Polycyrtus soniae, Polycyrtus spinatorius, Polycyrtus subtenuis, Polycyrtus superbus, Polycyrtus surinamensis, Polycyrtus suturalis, Polycyrtus testaceus, Polycyrtus texanus, Polycyrtus thoracicus, Polycyrtus tigrinus, Polycyrtus tinctipennis, Polycyrtus triangularis, Polycyrtus trichromus, Polycyrtus tricolor, Polycyrtus trilineatus, Polycyrtus trochanteratus, Polycyrtus tuberculatus, Polycyrtus tubulifer, Polycyrtus univittatus, Polycyrtus vierecki, Polycyrtus wilsoni, Polycyrtus xanthocarpus, Polycyrtus xanthopus, Polycyrtus xantothorax, Polycyrtus yucatan

Scambus [genus]

Scambus abditus, Scambus aberrans, Scambus abjectus, Scambus aemulus, Scambus aequalis, Scambus afflictans, Scambus aithomelus, Scambus albipes, Scambus albitibia, Scambus alpestrator, Scambus aplopappi, Scambus arizonensis, Scambus arrogans, Scambus assamensis, Scambus atrocoxalis, Scambus basseyi, Scambus bedeguaris, Scambus brevicornis, Scambus buolianae, Scambus calobatus, Scambus canadensis, Scambus capitator, Scambus celatus, Scambus centaureae, Scambus cincticarpus, Scambus cognatus, Scambus comitans, Scambus configuratus, Scambus confusus, Scambus coniferae, Scambus conjungens, Scambus conspicuus, Scambus contemptus, Scambus crassicauda, Scambus cursorius, Scambus decedens, Scambus deceptor, Scambus decipiens, Scambus decorus, Scambus denticulator, Scambus designatus, Scambus diffinis, Scambus dioryctriae, Scambus diseptus, Scambus divergens, Scambus diversus, Scambus dobrogensis, Scambus elegans, Scambus emeritae, Scambus ephialtoides, Scambus erasi, Scambus erythropygus, Scambus espinozai, Scambus eucosmidarum, Scambus eurygenys, Scambus exiguus, Scambus exilis, Scambus fallax, Scambus flavicrus, Scambus flavipes, Scambus flavolineatus, Scambus foliae, Scambus gallicerator, Scambus garhwalensis, Scambus giranus, Scambus granulosus, Scambus hirticauda, Scambus hispae, Scambus holmbergi, Scambus impacatus, Scambus imparis, Scambus impressus, Scambus inaequalis, Scambus inanis, Scambus inclinans, Scambus indicus, Scambus indubitatus, Scambus inornatus, Scambus inouei, Scambus inquilinus, Scambus insidiosus, Scambus intermedius, Scambus intrusor, Scambus invalidus, Scambus kamijoi, Scambus kamtschaticus, Scambus kashmiricus, Scambus laccae, Scambus lateralis, Scambus latustergus, Scambus lineipes, Scambus longicorpus, Scambus lucidus, Scambus lugubris, Scambus mexicanus, Scambus montezuma, Scambus monticola, Scambus neglectus, Scambus nigricans, Scambus nigriceps, Scambus nigrifrons, Scambus nigriventris, Scambus nigromarginatus, Scambus oresbios, Scambus parviceps, Scambus penetrans, Scambus phanurus, Scambus planatus, Scambus pomorum, Scambus productus, Scambus propinquus, Scambus protentus, Scambus pterophori, Scambus punctatus, Scambus rubrigaster, Scambus rufator, Scambus rusticus, Scambus sagax, Scambus scotti, Scambus signatus, Scambus similis, Scambus simulator, Scambus spectatus, Scambus striatus, Scambus strobilorum, Scambus subcinctus, Scambus subtilis, Scambus sudeticus, Scambus taiwanus, Scambus tenebrosus, Scambus tenellus, Scambus tenthredinum, Scambus terebrans, Scambus transgressus, Scambus truncatus, Scambus uchidai, Scambus validus, Scambus vesicarius, Scambus viator, Scambus vilis, Scambus vulgaris, Scambus xylostei, Scambus yalileae

Stictopisthus [genus]

Stictopisthus adamanteus, Stictopisthus angustatus, Stictopisthus annulitarsis, Stictopisthus arcuatus, Stictopisthus areolatus, Stictopisthus argaleus, Stictopisthus artus, Stictopisthus australiensis, Stictopisthus bicarinatus, Stictopisthus bilineatus, Stictopisthus breviscapus, Stictopisthus carbonarius, Stictopisthus caribbeanus, Stictopisthus carinatus, Stictopisthus cariniferus, Stictopisthus chinensis, Stictopisthus clavatus, Stictopisthus clypeatus, Stictopisthus crassipes, Stictopisthus crenatus, Stictopisthus cuspidatus, Stictopisthus delicatus, Stictopisthus deltoides, Stictopisthus dilutus, Stictopisthus electilis, Stictopisthus exilis, Stictopisthus flavescens, Stictopisthus flaviceps, Stictopisthus floridanus, Stictopisthus formosus, Stictopisthus fraxini, Stictopisthus guamensis, Stictopisthus hapaliae, Stictopisthus hiemalis, Stictopisthus hispanicus, Stictopisthus inusitatus, Stictopisthus javensis, Stictopisthus lanceolatus, Stictopisthus longicornis, Stictopisthus macrocephalus, Stictopisthus madeirensis, Stictopisthus maroccanus, Stictopisthus minimus, Stictopisthus miyatakei, Stictopisthus moravius, Stictopisthus nemoralis, Stictopisthus nigellus, Stictopisthus nigrans, Stictopisthus oranae, Stictopisthus panti, Stictopisthus perfidus, Stictopisthus perturbatus, Stictopisthus plusiaephilus, Stictopisthus polonius, Stictopisthus punctatus, Stictopisthus russicus, Stictopisthus sacromontis, Stictopisthus sagamensis, Stictopisthus senegalensis, Stictopisthus seyrigi, Stictopisthus srinaraini, Stictopisthus subniger, Stictopisthus takemotoi, Stictopisthus tenuigaster, Stictopisthus unicinctor

Trichopria Ashmead, 1893 [genus]

Trichopria abdominalis, Trichopria acutiventris, Trichopria aequata, Trichopria affinis, Trichopria agromyzae, Trichopria alfoeldica, Trichopria angustipennis, Trichopria aptera, Trichopria armata, Trichopria atrata, Trichopria atrichomelinae, Trichopria atricoxa, Trichopria basalis, Trichopria biarticularta, Trichopria bifovea, Trichopria bifoveolata, Trichopria bipunctata, Trichopria bitensis, Trichopria breisgauensis, Trichopria brevipennis, Trichopria buyssoni, Trichopria californica, Trichopria cameroni, Trichopria carolinensis, Trichopria castanea, Trichopria cilipes, Trichopria clarimontis, Trichopria clavatiscapus, Trichopria columbiana, Trichopria compressa, Trichopria conotoma, Trichopria crassiclava, Trichopria crassifemur, Trichopria credne, Trichopria cursor, Trichopria darassa, Trichopria dentata, Trichopria discreta, Trichopria erynniae, Trichopria erythropus, Trichopria erythrothorax, Trichopria evanescens, Trichopria festiva, Trichopria flavicornis, Trichopria flavidipennis, Trichopria flavipes, Trichopria floridana, Trichopria floridensis, Trichopria formicaria, Trichopria foveata, Trichopria fucicola, Trichopria fuliginosa, Trichopria fuscipennis, Trichopria haematobiae, Trichopria halterata, Trichopria harringtoni, Trichopria hirticollis, Trichopria hungarica, Trichopria hunnia, Trichopria hyalinipennis, Trichopria incrassata, Trichopria infuscatipes, Trichopria inquilina, Trichopria kiefferi, Trichopria laminata, Trichopria lignicola, Trichopria lonchaearum, Trichopria longipetiolata, Trichopria madeirae, Trichopria marshalli, Trichopria masrensis, Trichopria megaplasta, Trichopria melanocera, Trichopria melanosema, Trichopria melanostola, Trichopria minor, Trichopria minutissima, Trichopria modesta, Trichopria montana, Trichopria morio, Trichopria muscae, Trichopria musciperda, Trichopria myoleptae, Trichopria myrmecobia, Trichopria necans, Trichopria nevadensis, Trichopria nigra, Trichopria nigriclava, Trichopria nigricornis, Trichopria nixoni, Trichopria occidentalis, Trichopria oogaster, Trichopria oxygaster, Trichopria pacifica, Trichopria paludicola, Trichopria paludis, Trichopria parva, Trichopria pentaplasta, Trichopria pezomachoides, Trichopria picipes, Trichopria plaga, Trichopria platythoracis, Trichopria polita, Trichopria popei, Trichopria popenoei, Trichopria prema, Trichopria provancheri, Trichopria quadrifida, Trichopria rotundata, Trichopria rubrithoraca, Trichopria rufipes, Trichopria schwarzii, Trichopria seyrigi, Trichopria socia, Trichopria sociabilis, Trichopria spinosa, Trichopria stilata, Trichopria striata, Trichopria subimpressa, Trichopria suspecta, Trichopria tabanivora, Trichopria tenuicornis, Trichopria tetraplasta, Trichopria texana, Trichopria tritoma, Trichopria unifoveata, Trichopria utahensis, Trichopria variicornis, Trichopria verticillata, Trichopria villosicornis, Trichopria virginica, Trichopria virginiensis, Trichopria vulpina, Trichopria wasmanni, Trichopria zimmermanni

Ichneumonidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Ichneumonidae sp. (large size).

Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp. Ichneumonidae sp.


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