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Subfamily Campopleginae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae → subfamily Campopleginae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 42 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Campoletis [genus]

Campoletis agilis, Campoletis annulata, Campoletis apicata, Campoletis aprilis, Campoletis argentifrons, Campoletis atkinsoni, Campoletis atypica, Campoletis australis, Campoletis banksi, Campoletis californica, Campoletis chlorideae, Campoletis cinctula, Campoletis clavata, Campoletis clitellaria, Campoletis cognata, Campoletis compacta, Campoletis congesta, Campoletis conjuncta, Campoletis crassicornis, Campoletis cubicator, Campoletis curvicauda, Campoletis dilatator, Campoletis distincta, Campoletis diversa, Campoletis dorsalis, Campoletis ensator, Campoletis exarmator, Campoletis excavata, Campoletis fasciata, Campoletis femoralis, Campoletis flavicincta, Campoletis fuscipes, Campoletis gastrolinae, Campoletis gorhami, Campoletis grioti, Campoletis heliae, Campoletis hongkongensis, Campoletis hoppingi, Campoletis horstmanni, Campoletis imperfecta, Campoletis incisa, Campoletis incompleta, Campoletis intermedia, Campoletis julia, Campoletis kingi, Campoletis kumatai, Campoletis latrator, Campoletis linearis, Campoletis lipomerus, Campoletis longicalcar, Campoletis longiceps, Campoletis luminosator, Campoletis madeirae, Campoletis maia, Campoletis media, Campoletis melanocera, Campoletis melanomera, Campoletis mitis, Campoletis morosa, Campoletis mucronella, Campoletis nigricoxa, Campoletis nigripes, Campoletis nigriscaposa, Campoletis obstructor, Campoletis oxylus, Campoletis pacifica, Campoletis parasignata, Campoletis patsuiketorum, Campoletis pedunculata, Campoletis periscelis, Campoletis plena, Campoletis postica, Campoletis punctata, Campoletis pyralidis, Campoletis rapax, Campoletis raptor, Campoletis rectangulator, Campoletis rodnensis, Campoletis rostrata, Campoletis rufosignata, Campoletis rugosipropodeum, Campoletis septentrionalis, Campoletis signata, Campoletis sonorensis, Campoletis sordicincta, Campoletis striatipes, Campoletis taeniolata, Campoletis takizawai, Campoletis tasmaniensis, Campoletis thomsoni, Campoletis tibetana, Campoletis tibialis, Campoletis tibiator, Campoletis trichoptili, Campoletis varians, Campoletis viennensis, Campoletis vimmeri, Campoletis yakutatensis, Campoletis zonata

Campoplex [genus]

Campoplex abbreviatus, Campoplex adustus, Campoplex albator, Campoplex albitarsus, Campoplex alienatus, Campoplex alsophilae, Campoplex alticolellae, Campoplex anatolus, Campoplex angularis, Campoplex angustator, Campoplex angustioranae, Campoplex anomolus, Campoplex antennator, Campoplex aphae, Campoplex apicalis, Campoplex arcticus, Campoplex areolator, Campoplex argenteus, Campoplex arvensis, Campoplex ater, Campoplex atridens, Campoplex banditibius, Campoplex bicolor, Campoplex bilobus, Campoplex borealis, Campoplex brachyurus, Campoplex brevicornis, Campoplex bulgaricus, Campoplex burmensis, Campoplex caccabates, Campoplex cajae, Campoplex calamae, Campoplex campoplegiformis, Campoplex canariensis, Campoplex capitator, Campoplex cavus, Campoplex chiuae, Campoplex cingulatus, Campoplex cognatus, Campoplex collinus, Campoplex combinator, Campoplex conocola, Campoplex continuus, Campoplex convexus, Campoplex coracinus, Campoplex costulatus, Campoplex coxalis, Campoplex crassatus, Campoplex crassus, Campoplex cursitans, Campoplex cylindricus, Campoplex daritis, Campoplex deficiens, Campoplex difformis, Campoplex dimidiatus, Campoplex discrepans, Campoplex disjunctus, Campoplex dorsalis, Campoplex dubitator, Campoplex ecoxalis, Campoplex egregius, Campoplex elegantulus, Campoplex elongator, Campoplex epinotiae, Campoplex erythrogaster, Campoplex erythromerus, Campoplex erythrurus, Campoplex eudoniae, Campoplex euops, Campoplex excavatus, Campoplex fanensis, Campoplex fascialvus, Campoplex faunus, Campoplex ferinus, Campoplex forticosta, Campoplex frustranae, Campoplex fusciplica, Campoplex fusicornis, Campoplex fusiformis, Campoplex gallicator, Campoplex gastroides, Campoplex gracillimus, Campoplex granditor, Campoplex graphoritae, Campoplex hadrocerus, Campoplex haywardi, Campoplex helveticus, Campoplex hercynicus, Campoplex hexagonalis, Campoplex hinziator, Campoplex homonae, Campoplex horstmanniator, Campoplex hudsoni, Campoplex hullensis, Campoplex incidens, Campoplex indicus, Campoplex infumatus, Campoplex intermedius, Campoplex interruptus, Campoplex investigator, Campoplex jaeckhi, Campoplex kalatopensis, Campoplex kamathi, Campoplex kamijoi, Campoplex koentzeii, Campoplex laetus, Campoplex lancifer, Campoplex laricanae, Campoplex laricis, Campoplex latus, Campoplex leucoraphis, Campoplex liogaster, Campoplex litoreus, Campoplex longicaudis, Campoplex lugens, Campoplex lugubrinus, Campoplex lusitanicus, Campoplex lyratus, Campoplex macer, Campoplex maculifemur, Campoplex major, Campoplex malaisei, Campoplex manaliensis, Campoplex mandibularis, Campoplex marginellus, Campoplex maximalus, Campoplex melampus, Campoplex melanostictus, Campoplex melanostoma, Campoplex mellipes, Campoplex molestus, Campoplex montanus, Campoplex multicinctus, Campoplex nigricanae, Campoplex nigricinctus, Campoplex nigricoxa, Campoplex nigrifemur, Campoplex nigritarsus, Campoplex nigrus, Campoplex nolae, Campoplex notabilis, Campoplex occipitor, Campoplex ocellanae, Campoplex oriens, Campoplex ovatus, Campoplex parallelus, Campoplex parvulus, Campoplex parvus, Campoplex pectoralis, Campoplex philippinus, Campoplex phthorimaeae, Campoplex polychrosidis, Campoplex pomorum, Campoplex porrectus, Campoplex posticus, Campoplex praeoccupator, Campoplex procerus, Campoplex pseudocollinus, Campoplex psilopterus, Campoplex puengeleri, Campoplex pumilio, Campoplex pumilus, Campoplex puncticollis, Campoplex punctipleuris, Campoplex punctulatus, Campoplex pusillus, Campoplex pygmaeus, Campoplex pyraustae, Campoplex quadrimaculatus, Campoplex ramidulus, Campoplex raschkiellae, Campoplex rector, Campoplex restrictor, Campoplex rossicus, Campoplex rothii, Campoplex rufigastor, Campoplex rufinus, Campoplex rufipes, Campoplex rufocingulatus, Campoplex satanator, Campoplex sauteri, Campoplex scaposus, Campoplex semidivisus, Campoplex septentrionalis, Campoplex shikotsensis, Campoplex solitarius, Campoplex spinolae, Campoplex spretus, Campoplex spurius, Campoplex sticticus, Campoplex striatus, Campoplex sugiharai, Campoplex sulcatus, Campoplex tarsalis, Campoplex tarsatus, Campoplex tecumseh, Campoplex tessellatus, Campoplex tibialis, Campoplex tineavorus, Campoplex tortricidis, Campoplex tosensis, Campoplex townesi, Campoplex triannulatus, Campoplex tridentator, Campoplex tumidulus, Campoplex ultimus, Campoplex unicingulatus, Campoplex uniformis, Campoplex valens, Campoplex variabilis, Campoplex volubilis

Casinaria [genus]

Casinaria affinis, Casinaria affinisima, Casinaria ajanta, Casinaria albibasalis, Casinaria albipalpis, Casinaria albotibialis, Casinaria alpina, Casinaria amarilla, Casinaria ambigua, Casinaria arjuna, Casinaria ashimae, Casinaria atrata, Casinaria bangkhenensis, Casinaria bonaerensis, Casinaria brasiliensis, Casinaria buddha, Casinaria canadensis, Casinaria carinata, Casinaria cavigena, Casinaria coloradensis, Casinaria compacta, Casinaria corrupta, Casinaria crassiventris, Casinaria cultellator, Casinaria cylindrator, Casinaria daitojimensis, Casinaria dubia, Casinaria ektypha, Casinaria elegantula, Casinaria eremica, Casinaria eupitheciae, Casinaria excavator, Casinaria flavicoxator, Casinaria forcipata, Casinaria formosana, Casinaria genuina, Casinaria geometrae, Casinaria graciliventris, Casinaria grandis, Casinaria granula, Casinaria granulicoxis, Casinaria hesperiophaga, Casinaria indubia, Casinaria infesta, Casinaria insularis, Casinaria ischnogaster, Casinaria japonica, Casinaria lamina, Casinaria legalis, Casinaria lenticulata, Casinaria leo, Casinaria limenitidis, Casinaria longiterebrae, Casinaria macerata, Casinaria magdalia, Casinaria malaisei, Casinaria matsuyamensis, Casinaria melanolophiae, Casinaria mellaclypea, Casinaria meridionalis, Casinaria meridionator, Casinaria mesozosta, Casinaria micra, Casinaria minima, Casinaria moesta, Casinaria monticola, Casinaria morionella, Casinaria mythologica, Casinaria natashae, Casinaria nigripes, Casinaria novoguineensis, Casinaria pallipes, Casinaria parvicarinata, Casinaria parvula, Casinaria pavlova, Casinaria pedunculata, Casinaria petiolaris, Casinaria philippina, Casinaria plusiae, Casinaria punctura, Casinaria scabra, Casinaria scabriformis, Casinaria semiothisae, Casinaria siccata, Casinaria simillima, Casinaria sordidata, Casinaria stygia, Casinaria subglabra, Casinaria tenuiceps, Casinaria tenuiventris, Casinaria teshionis, Casinaria tikari, Casinaria tolstoyi, Casinaria trochanterator, Casinaria vadosa, Casinaria varians, Casinaria varuni, Casinaria virgata, Casinaria vitilevensis, Casinaria woowonga

Diadegma [genus]

Diadegma acronyctae, Diadegma aculeatum, Diadegma acutum, Diadegma adelungi, Diadegma aegyptiacum, Diadegma aestivale, Diadegma agens, Diadegma agile, Diadegma akoense, Diadegma albertae, Diadegma albicalcar, Diadegma albicinctum, Diadegma albipes, Diadegma albotibiale, Diadegma alpicola, Diadegma amphipoeae, Diadegma angitiaeforma, Diadegma angulator, Diadegma annulicrus, Diadegma antennaellae, Diadegma anurum, Diadegma areolare, Diadegma areolator, Diadegma argentellae, Diadegma argyloplocevora, Diadegma armillata, Diadegma armillatum, Diadegma auranticolor, Diadegma auricellae, Diadegma aztecum, Diadegma balticum, Diadegma basale, Diadegma blackburni, Diadegma boreale, Diadegma brevipetiolatum, Diadegma brevivalve, Diadegma buckelli, Diadegma californicum, Diadegma callisto, Diadegma capense, Diadegma carolina, Diadegma chrysostictos, Diadegma cinnabaritor, Diadegma claripenne, Diadegma clavicorne, Diadegma coleophorarum, Diadegma colutellae, Diadegma combinatum, Diadegma compressum, Diadegma comptoniellae, Diadegma consumtor, Diadegma contractum, Diadegma crassicorne, Diadegma crassiseta, Diadegma crassulum, Diadegma crassum, Diadegma crataegi, Diadegma curvicaudis, Diadegma cylindricum, Diadegma defectivum, Diadegma densepilosellum, Diadegma dinianator, Diadegma discoocellellae, Diadegma dispar, Diadegma dominans, Diadegma duplicatum, Diadegma elegans, Diadegma elishae, Diadegma elongatum, Diadegma epinotiae, Diadegma erraticum, Diadegma erucator, Diadegma erythropoda, Diadegma erythropus, Diadegma exareolator, Diadegma fabricianae, Diadegma falciferum, Diadegma fenestrale, Diadegma filicorne, Diadegma filiformator, Diadegma flavoclypeatum, Diadegma flavotibiale, Diadegma flexa, Diadegma flexum, Diadegma fugitivum, Diadegma fulvipalpe, Diadegma fumatum, Diadegma fungicola, Diadegma gallicator, Diadegma gibbulum, Diadegma glabriculum, Diadegma gracile, Diadegma gracillimum, Diadegma grisescens, Diadegma groenlandicum, Diadegma hiraii, Diadegma hispanicum, Diadegma hokkaidense, Diadegma holopygum, Diadegma hospitum, Diadegma hygrobium, Diadegma imbecillum, Diadegma incompletum, Diadegma insectator, Diadegma insulare, Diadegma integrator, Diadegma ishiyamanum, Diadegma johanseni, Diadegma koizumii, Diadegma kozlovi, Diadegma kyffhusanae, Diadegma kyushuense, Diadegma lactibiator, Diadegma laricinellum, Diadegma laterale, Diadegma laticeps, Diadegma latungula, Diadegma ledicola, Diadegma leontiniae, Diadegma lithocolletis, Diadegma litorale, Diadegma longicauda, Diadegma longicaudatum, Diadegma lugubre, Diadegma lyonetiae, Diadegma maculatum, Diadegma majale, Diadegma major, Diadegma majus, Diadegma mandschukuonum, Diadegma maurum, Diadegma mediterraneum, Diadegma melanium, Diadegma meliloti, Diadegma meridionator, Diadegma micrurum, Diadegma minutum, Diadegma mollipla, Diadegma monospilum, Diadegma moraguesi, Diadegma muelleri, Diadegma nanus, Diadegma narcyiae, Diadegma neocerophagum, Diadegma neomajale, Diadegma nepalense, Diadegma nervosae, Diadegma nigridens, Diadegma nigrifemur, Diadegma nigriscapus, Diadegma nigrostigmaticum, Diadegma nigrum, Diadegma novaezealandiae, Diadegma obliteratellum, Diadegma obscurum, Diadegma occultum, Diadegma openangorum, Diadegma operculellae, Diadegma oranginator, Diadegma paenesessile, Diadegma paludis, Diadegma parviforme, Diadegma parvum, Diadegma patruele, Diadegma pattoni, Diadegma pendulum, Diadegma pilosum, Diadegma pini, Diadegma polonicum, Diadegma psilocorsis, Diadegma pulchripes, Diadegma pulicalvariae, Diadegma pulicator, Diadegma pusio, Diadegma pyreneator, Diadegma rapi, Diadegma rectificator, Diadegma retusa, Diadegma rufatum, Diadegma ruficeps, Diadegma rufigaster, Diadegma salicis, Diadegma sanguinicoxa, Diadegma satanicolor, Diadegma scotiae, Diadegma semiclausum, Diadegma simile, Diadegma simplificator, Diadegma solum, Diadegma sordipes, Diadegma speculare, Diadegma spurcum, Diadegma stagnale, Diadegma stenosomum, Diadegma stigmatellae, Diadegma suecicum, Diadegma tamariscator, Diadegma tenuipes, Diadegma trachas, Diadegma transversale, Diadegma trichopterorum, Diadegma trichoptilus, Diadegma tripunctatum, Diadegma trochanteratum, Diadegma truncatum, Diadegma undulator, Diadegma ungavae, Diadegma valesiator, Diadegma variegatum, Diadegma velox, Diadegma villosulum, Diadegma zaydamense

Dusona [genus]

Dusona abdominator, Dusona admontina, Dusona adriaansei, Dusona aemula, Dusona aequorea, Dusona affinis, Dusona affinitor, Dusona ahlaensis, Dusona alius, Dusona alpigena, Dusona alpina, Dusona alpinator, Dusona alticola, Dusona alveolata, Dusona americana, Dusona amurator, Dusona anceps, Dusona angustata, Dusona angustifrons, Dusona annexa, Dusona anomala, Dusona aquilonaria, Dusona argentea, Dusona argentopilosa, Dusona artonae, Dusona aspera, Dusona assita, Dusona associata, Dusona atriceps, Dusona atricolor, Dusona atrotibialis, Dusona augasma, Dusona auriculator, Dusona aurifer, Dusona aurita, Dusona australis, Dusona aversa, Dusona baueri, Dusona bellator, Dusona bellipes, Dusona bellula, Dusona belokobyli, Dusona bharata, Dusona bicolor, Dusona bicoloripes, Dusona brachiator, Dusona brevicornis, Dusona brevisocrea, Dusona brischkei, Dusona brullei, Dusona bucculenta, Dusona bucculentoides, Dusona buddha, Dusona burmensis, Dusona calceata, Dusona cameronii, Dusona canadensis, Dusona capitator, Dusona carinata, Dusona carinator, Dusona carinifer, Dusona carinifrons, Dusona cariniscutis, Dusona carlsoni, Dusona carpathica, Dusona carpinellae, Dusona castanipes, Dusona caudator, Dusona celator, Dusona ceylonica, Dusona chabarowski, Dusona chechziri, Dusona chikaldaensis, Dusona chinensis, Dusona circumcinctus, Dusona circumspectans, Dusona citeria, Dusona collaris, Dusona confluens, Dusona conformis, Dusona confusa, Dusona confusator, Dusona consobrina, Dusona constantineanui, Dusona contumator, Dusona contumax, Dusona coriacea, Dusona cornellus, Dusona crassicornis, Dusona crassipes, Dusona crassiventris, Dusona cressonii, Dusona cultrator, Dusona cytaeis, Dusona debilis, Dusona deceptor, Dusona definis, Dusona deodarae, Dusona destructor, Dusona detritor, Dusona dictor, Dusona dimidiata, Dusona dineshi, Dusona disclusa, Dusona diversa, Dusona diversella, Dusona diversicolor, Dusona doonensis, Dusona dositheae, Dusona downesi, Dusona dubitor, Dusona egregia, Dusona einbecki, Dusona ektypha, Dusona elegans, Dusona ellopiae, Dusona elongata, Dusona epomiata, Dusona erythra, Dusona erythrogaster, Dusona erythrospila, Dusona experta, Dusona exsculpta, Dusona extranea, Dusona falcator, Dusona fatigator, Dusona femoralis, Dusona ferruginea, Dusona fervida, Dusona filator, Dusona filicornis, Dusona flagellator, Dusona flavescens, Dusona flavipennis, Dusona flavitarsis, Dusona flavopicta, Dusona flinti, Dusona fossata, Dusona fractocristata, Dusona fuliginosa, Dusona fulvicornis, Dusona fundator, Dusona fuscitarsis, Dusona ganeshi, Dusona garhwalensis, Dusona gastator, Dusona gastroides, Dusona geminata, Dusona genalis, Dusona genator, Dusona gephyra, Dusona gibbosa, Dusona glabra, Dusona glauca, Dusona gnara, Dusona gracilis, Dusona grahami, Dusona graptor, Dusona guatemalensis, Dusona habermehli, Dusona heptahamuli, Dusona himachalensis, Dusona himalayensis, Dusona holmgrenii, Dusona horrida, Dusona humilis, Dusona impressifrons, Dusona inclivata, Dusona incompleta, Dusona inconspicua, Dusona indistinctor, Dusona inermis, Dusona infelix, Dusona infesta, Dusona infundibulum, Dusona insignita, Dusona insolita, Dusona intelligator, Dusona interstitialis, Dusona iwatae, Dusona japonica, Dusona johnsoni, Dusona juvenilis, Dusona juventas, Dusona juxta, Dusona kalatopensis, Dusona kamathi, Dusona kamrupa, Dusona karkil, Dusona kasparyani, Dusona kerrichi, Dusona korta, Dusona kriechbaumeri, Dusona lacivia, Dusona lajae, Dusona lamellator, Dusona lamellifer, Dusona laminata, Dusona laticincta, Dusona lautareti, Dusona lecta, Dusona lenticulata, Dusona leptogaster, Dusona levibasis, Dusona libauensis, Dusona liberator, Dusona libertatis, Dusona linearis, Dusona lineola, Dusona lividariae, Dusona lobata, Dusona longiabdominalis, Dusona longicauda, Dusona longifemorata, Dusona longigena, Dusona longigenata, Dusona longiseta, Dusona longistilus, Dusona longiterebra, Dusona luctuosa, Dusona luteipes, Dusona macrofovea, Dusona mactatoides, Dusona mactator, Dusona magnifica, Dusona major, Dusona malaisei, Dusona marmorata, Dusona maruyamae, Dusona maruyamator, Dusona matsumurae, Dusona mediator, Dusona melanator, Dusona memorator, Dusona mercator, Dusona meridionator, Dusona meritor, Dusona mexicana, Dusona micrator, Dusona mikroschemos, Dusona minor, Dusona minuta, Dusona minutor, Dusona miranda, Dusona mixta, Dusona momoii, Dusona montana, Dusona montrealensis, Dusona murarii, Dusona myrtilla, Dusona nagatomii, Dusona nanus, Dusona nebulosa, Dusona negata, Dusona nervellator, Dusona nidulator, Dusona nigriapiculata, Dusona nigridens, Dusona nigridorsum, Dusona nigrina, Dusona nigritegula, Dusona nigritibialis, Dusona nitidipleuris, Dusona norikurae, Dusona notabilis, Dusona novitia, Dusona nubilator, Dusona nursei, Dusona obesa, Dusona obliterata, Dusona obscurator, Dusona obscuripes, Dusona obtutor, Dusona occidentalis, Dusona occipita, Dusona ocellata, Dusona okadai, Dusona opaca, Dusona opacoides, Dusona opima, Dusona orientalis, Dusona pahalgamensis, Dusona pallescens, Dusona papator, Dusona parallela, Dusona parva, Dusona parvicavata, Dusona pauliani, Dusona pectinata, Dusona pectoralis, Dusona peculiaris, Dusona peptor, Dusona perditator, Dusona perditor, Dusona peregrina, Dusona petiolaris, Dusona petiolatoides, Dusona petiolator, Dusona petitor, Dusona pictator, Dusona pilosa, Dusona pineticola, Dusona planata, Dusona plauta, Dusona polita, Dusona praecox, Dusona prolata, Dusona propodeator, Dusona prytanes, Dusona pseudobucculenta, Dusona pugillator, Dusona pulchella, Dusona pulchripes, Dusona pulmentariae, Dusona pygmaea, Dusona quadrata, Dusona quebecensis, Dusona radiator, Dusona recta, Dusona rectator, Dusona rectoides, Dusona relecta, Dusona remota, Dusona reticulata, Dusona robusta, Dusona rossica, Dusona rotunda, Dusona rubator, Dusona rufator, Dusona rufescens, Dusona rufigaster, Dusona rufipostpetiola, Dusona rufiventrator, Dusona rufiventris, Dusona rufoapicalis, Dusona rufonigra, Dusona rufoscapus, Dusona rufovariata, Dusona rugifer, Dusona rugifrons, Dusona rugosa, Dusona rugulosa, Dusona sachalini, Dusona sarojinae, Dusona sasayamae, Dusona sauteri, Dusona scalaria, Dusona scalprata, Dusona schikotani, Dusona scolator, Dusona scriptor, Dusona scutellatoides, Dusona scutellator, Dusona seamansi, Dusona semiflava, Dusona semirufa, Dusona sericea, Dusona setator, Dusona signata, Dusona signator, Dusona similator, Dusona similis, Dusona simillima, Dusona simlaensis, Dusona simulans, Dusona simulator, Dusona sobolicida, Dusona sparsa, Dusona specularis, Dusona spinator, Dusona spinipes, Dusona spinulosa, Dusona spiracularis, Dusona splenditor, Dusona stenocara, Dusona stenogaster, Dusona stragifex, Dusona stramineipes, Dusona stricklandi, Dusona stygia, Dusona subaequalis, Dusona subimpressa, Dusona subnigra, Dusona subtilis, Dusona sumatrana, Dusona sumichrasti, Dusona sumptuosa, Dusona surrata, Dusona temnator, Dusona templator, Dusona temporalis, Dusona tenerifae, Dusona tenuis, Dusona tepaneca, Dusona terebrator, Dusona ternata, Dusona texana, Dusona thomsoni, Dusona tibiator, Dusona tibiatoria, Dusona tikari, Dusona tincochacae, Dusona townesi, Dusona townsendi, Dusona transvaalensis, Dusona tricolorator, Dusona tritor, Dusona tumida, Dusona turmalis, Dusona tyranna, Dusona ucrainator, Dusona ucrainica, Dusona valelaminata, Dusona vara, Dusona variabilis, Dusona variator, Dusona varicoxa, Dusona varipes, Dusona venitor, Dusona ventrator, Dusona veraepacis, Dusona vibecifera, Dusona vicina, Dusona vidua, Dusona viduator, Dusona vigilator, Dusona villosa, Dusona virgulata, Dusona vitriala, Dusona vitticollis, Dusona viveki, Dusona watertoni, Dusona wilsoni, Dusona woodi, Dusona wyomingensis, Dusona xenocampta, Dusona yamanakai, Dusona yezoensis, Dusona yezoensoides, Dusona zonata

Hyposoter [genus]

Hyposoter affinis, Hyposoter albicans, Hyposoter albipes, Hyposoter albonotatus, Hyposoter alienus, Hyposoter anglicanus, Hyposoter annulipes, Hyposoter asper, Hyposoter balearicus, Hyposoter barrettii, Hyposoter berberatae, Hyposoter bombycivorus, Hyposoter brischkei, Hyposoter caedator, Hyposoter calcaneus, Hyposoter carbonarius, Hyposoter caudator, Hyposoter chinensis, Hyposoter christenseni, Hyposoter clausus, Hyposoter corpulentus, Hyposoter coxator, Hyposoter croccatus, Hyposoter cryptocentrus, Hyposoter culminator, Hyposoter degrysei, Hyposoter denieri, Hyposoter didymator, Hyposoter dimidiatus, Hyposoter discedens, Hyposoter disippi, Hyposoter dolosus, Hyposoter dumeticola, Hyposoter ebeninus, Hyposoter ebenitor, Hyposoter erythrinus, Hyposoter exiguae, Hyposoter fitchii, Hyposoter formosanus, Hyposoter forticarinatus, Hyposoter frigidus, Hyposoter fugitivus, Hyposoter fuscitarsus, Hyposoter galvestonensis, Hyposoter grahami, Hyposoter himalayensis, Hyposoter horticola, Hyposoter inareolator, Hyposoter indicus, Hyposoter inquinatus, Hyposoter jachontovi, Hyposoter juanianus, Hyposoter leucomerus, Hyposoter longulus, Hyposoter luctus, Hyposoter lymantriae, Hyposoter maculatus, Hyposoter masoni, Hyposoter meridionalis, Hyposoter nefastus, Hyposoter neglectus, Hyposoter niger, Hyposoter nigrior, Hyposoter nigritarsis, Hyposoter nigritus, Hyposoter nigrolineatus, Hyposoter nigromaculatus, Hyposoter noctuae, Hyposoter notatus, Hyposoter obliquus, Hyposoter obscurellus, Hyposoter occidentali, Hyposoter orbator, Hyposoter pallidirostris, Hyposoter pallipes, Hyposoter parorgyiae, Hyposoter pectinatus, Hyposoter placidus, Hyposoter planatus, Hyposoter plesius, Hyposoter popofensis, Hyposoter postcaedator, Hyposoter posticae, Hyposoter praecaedator, Hyposoter prinzi, Hyposoter prolixus, Hyposoter raoi, Hyposoter rapacitor, Hyposoter reunionis, Hyposoter rhodocerae, Hyposoter rivalis, Hyposoter romani, Hyposoter rubiginosus, Hyposoter rubraniger, Hyposoter ruficrus, Hyposoter rufiventris, Hyposoter rufovariatus, Hyposoter sanguinator, Hyposoter seniculus, Hyposoter sicarius, Hyposoter simlaensis, Hyposoter singularis, Hyposoter synchlorae, Hyposoter taihorinensis, Hyposoter takagii, Hyposoter tenuicosta, Hyposoter thuringiacus, Hyposoter tianshuiensis, Hyposoter tibialis, Hyposoter tricolor, Hyposoter tricoloripes, Hyposoter validus, Hyposoter ventralis, Hyposoter vierecki, Hyposoter virginalis, Hyposoter vividus, Hyposoter volens, Hyposoter xanthocerus

Olesicampe [genus]

Olesicampe abnormis, Olesicampe affinis, Olesicampe alaskensis, Olesicampe albispina, Olesicampe alboplica, Olesicampe alienata, Olesicampe alpestris, Olesicampe alpina, Olesicampe annulata, Olesicampe annulitarsis, Olesicampe argentata, Olesicampe arvensis, Olesicampe atypica, Olesicampe auctor, Olesicampe banffensis, Olesicampe barbata, Olesicampe basalis, Olesicampe beginii, Olesicampe bimaculata, Olesicampe binotata, Olesicampe brachyura, Olesicampe breviseta, Olesicampe buccata, Olesicampe californica, Olesicampe canaliculata, Olesicampe cavigena, Olesicampe clandestina, Olesicampe clypearis, Olesicampe cognata, Olesicampe confinis, Olesicampe conformis, Olesicampe conglomerata, Olesicampe consobrina, Olesicampe consueta, Olesicampe crassitarsis, Olesicampe curtigena, Olesicampe cushmani, Olesicampe decora, Olesicampe delicata, Olesicampe dentata, Olesicampe deposita, Olesicampe depressa, Olesicampe dispar, Olesicampe egregia, Olesicampe elongata, Olesicampe errans, Olesicampe erythropyga, Olesicampe extrema, Olesicampe femorella, Olesicampe flaveolata, Olesicampe flaviclypeus, Olesicampe flavicornis, Olesicampe flavifacies, Olesicampe flaviricta, Olesicampe forticostata, Olesicampe fossata, Olesicampe fulcrans, Olesicampe fulviventris, Olesicampe gallicator, Olesicampe genalis, Olesicampe geniculata, Olesicampe geniculatae, Olesicampe geniculella, Olesicampe genuicincta, Olesicampe gibba, Olesicampe gracilipes, Olesicampe heterogaster, Olesicampe illepida, Olesicampe incompleta, Olesicampe incrassator, Olesicampe insidiator, Olesicampe johnsoni, Olesicampe kincaidi, Olesicampe lata, Olesicampe laticeps, Olesicampe longicornis, Olesicampe longipes, Olesicampe lophyri, Olesicampe lucida, Olesicampe macellator, Olesicampe melanogaster, Olesicampe mimetica, Olesicampe montezuma, Olesicampe monticola, Olesicampe nematicida, Olesicampe nematorum, Olesicampe nigricoxa, Olesicampe nigridorsis, Olesicampe nigrifemur, Olesicampe nigroplica, Olesicampe obscura, Olesicampe obscuripes, Olesicampe ocellata, Olesicampe pagana, Olesicampe pallidipes, Olesicampe paludicola, Olesicampe patellana, Olesicampe patula, Olesicampe peraffinis, Olesicampe peregrina, Olesicampe petiolata, Olesicampe pikonemae, Olesicampe plena, Olesicampe praecox, Olesicampe praeoccupator, Olesicampe proterva, Olesicampe prussica, Olesicampe pteronideae, Olesicampe pubescens, Olesicampe punctitarsis, Olesicampe radiella, Olesicampe ratzeburgi, Olesicampe retusa, Olesicampe ruficornis, Olesicampe rugulosa, Olesicampe sericea, Olesicampe signata, Olesicampe sinuata, Olesicampe sordidella, Olesicampe spireae, Olesicampe sternella, Olesicampe stigmatica, Olesicampe tarsata, Olesicampe tarsator, Olesicampe tecta, Olesicampe terebrator, Olesicampe teutonum, Olesicampe thapsicola, Olesicampe thoracica, Olesicampe tianschanica, Olesicampe transiens, Olesicampe typica, Olesicampe umbrata, Olesicampe vetula, Olesicampe vetusta, Olesicampe vexata, Olesicampe virginiensis, Olesicampe vitripennis

Sinophorus [genus]

Sinophorus albidus, Sinophorus albipalpus, Sinophorus albotibialis, Sinophorus alpinus, Sinophorus amphipoeae, Sinophorus amplificatus, Sinophorus anisodontis, Sinophorus apiculatus, Sinophorus apocynae, Sinophorus armillatus, Sinophorus betulellae, Sinophorus bilimbus, Sinophorus borealis, Sinophorus brevistylis, Sinophorus bridgmanii, Sinophorus brochus, Sinophorus brunnifemur, Sinophorus canadensis, Sinophorus caradrinae, Sinophorus centunculus, Sinophorus columbiensis, Sinophorus confusus, Sinophorus constrictus, Sinophorus costalis, Sinophorus cotidianus, Sinophorus crassifemur, Sinophorus curvatus, Sinophorus desertus, Sinophorus dilatus, Sinophorus erectus, Sinophorus eruficinctus, Sinophorus exartemae, Sinophorus falcatus, Sinophorus furus, Sinophorus fuscicarpus, Sinophorus geniculatus, Sinophorus graeciensis, Sinophorus halli, Sinophorus heliothidis, Sinophorus hydriae, Sinophorus idahoensis, Sinophorus inclivus, Sinophorus indistinctus, Sinophorus infimus, Sinophorus inflatus, Sinophorus japonicus, Sinophorus juniperinus, Sinophorus kasparyani, Sinophorus katoensis, Sinophorus lanceolatus, Sinophorus latifossus, Sinophorus leptofemur, Sinophorus longifacies, Sinophorus masoni, Sinophorus megalodontis, Sinophorus minutus, Sinophorus moroccoensis, Sinophorus neofurus, Sinophorus neoprocerus, Sinophorus nigricoxa, Sinophorus nigridens, Sinophorus nitidus, Sinophorus obtusus, Sinophorus orientis, Sinophorus pallidus, Sinophorus pectinatus, Sinophorus peteri, Sinophorus petiolatus, Sinophorus planus, Sinophorus platycephalus, Sinophorus pleuralis, Sinophorus popofensis, Sinophorus poropleuron, Sinophorus porosus, Sinophorus prismatis, Sinophorus procerus, Sinophorus psycheae, Sinophorus punctatus, Sinophorus punctifrons, Sinophorus relativus, Sinophorus rhyacioniae, Sinophorus robustus, Sinophorus rotundus, Sinophorus ruficoxa, Sinophorus rufitergum, Sinophorus rufoniger, Sinophorus rugosus, Sinophorus sabulus, Sinophorus sapporoensis, Sinophorus sarissophorus, Sinophorus splendidus, Sinophorus sticticalae, Sinophorus striatus, Sinophorus sulcatellus, Sinophorus tahoensis, Sinophorus teratis, Sinophorus tibialis, Sinophorus townesorum, Sinophorus triangularis, Sinophorus tricoloripes, Sinophorus tumidus, Sinophorus turionum, Sinophorus validus, Sinophorus variabilis, Sinophorus varianae, Sinophorus ventosus, Sinophorus vericulus, Sinophorus villosus, Sinophorus woodorum, Sinophorus wushensis, Sinophorus xanthocoxa, Sinophorus xanthostomus

Venturia [genus]

Venturia ahlensis, Venturia altia, Venturia amplareolata, Venturia anareolata, Venturia anatolica, Venturia anchisteus, Venturia arenicola, Venturia argentina, Venturia aritai, Venturia assamensis, Venturia atricolor, Venturia australis, Venturia bergi, Venturia bicarinata, Venturia bolibasalis, Venturia brachypropodealis, Venturia canescens, Venturia capulata, Venturia catarinensis, Venturia catoptron, Venturia chnaura, Venturia citriscapus, Venturia compacta, Venturia compressa, Venturia crassicaput, Venturia daschi, Venturia depressa, Venturia desertorum, Venturia dilatata, Venturia dioryctriae, Venturia dreisbachi, Venturia durangensis, Venturia eremna, Venturia erythrogaster, Venturia erythropus, Venturia exareolata, Venturia femorata, Venturia finlaysonae, Venturia floridensis, Venturia fuscifemorata, Venturia gaesata, Venturia gelechiae, Venturia genalis, Venturia girishi, Venturia hadra, Venturia hakonensis, Venturia hexados, Venturia hibiscellae, Venturia himachala, Venturia inclyta, Venturia inquinata, Venturia intrudens, Venturia jordanae, Venturia keralensis, Venturia lankana, Venturia latrunculus, Venturia leptogaster, Venturia licina, Venturia linearis, Venturia longicauda, Venturia longicuspis, Venturia longipropodeum, Venturia longiterebrae, Venturia macilenta, Venturia magrettii, Venturia malaisei, Venturia marjoriella, Venturia masoni, Venturia mayi, Venturia maynei, Venturia meridionalis, Venturia micheneri, Venturia micraulax, Venturia minuta, Venturia mongolica, Venturia montana, Venturia mulleola, Venturia musae, Venturia neoinclyta, Venturia nickelseni, Venturia nigra, Venturia nigricoxalis, Venturia nigriscapus, Venturia nigritegula, Venturia oblongata, Venturia ochreiventris, Venturia ocypeta, Venturia oditesi, Venturia ovivenans, Venturia pallipennis, Venturia palmaris, Venturia pastranai, Venturia patula, Venturia pedalis, Venturia peringueyi, Venturia peruviana, Venturia picturator, Venturia platyura, Venturia plaumanni, Venturia portalensis, Venturia porteri, Venturia prolixa, Venturia pseudocampoplexa, Venturia pullata, Venturia pulsator, Venturia pumila, Venturia punctata, Venturia quadrata, Venturia roborowskii, Venturia robusta, Venturia rufiventris, Venturia saxatilis, Venturia scitula, Venturia sculleni, Venturia serpentina, Venturia sessilinervis, Venturia simillima, Venturia sokanakiakorum, Venturia spectabilis, Venturia splendidellae, Venturia sundaica, Venturia taiwana, Venturia taneces, Venturia tectonae, Venturia testaceipes, Venturia tetragona, Venturia texana, Venturia tezcatlipocai, Venturia timocraticae, Venturia townesi, Venturia townesorum, Venturia triangulata, Venturia tricolorata, Venturia tristis, Venturia uttara, Venturia valelaminata

Campopleginae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Campopleginae sp. (large size).

Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp. Campopleginae sp.


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