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Subfamily Oedipodinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Caelifera infraorder Acrididea superfamily Acridoidea family Acrididae → subfamily Oedipodinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 61 (7 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Camnula Stål 1873 [genus]

Camnula pellucida

Hippiscus Saussure 1861 [genus]

Hippiscus ocelote

Jacobsiella Harz, 1975 [genus]

Jacobsiella imitans

Pseudosphingonotus Schumakov, 1963 [genus]

Shotwellia Gurney 1940 [genus]

Shotwellia isleta

Sphingonotus [genus]

Neosphingonotus, Sphingonotus,
Sphingonotus africana, Sphingonotus albipennis, Sphingonotus altayensis, Sphingonotus amplofemurus, Sphingonotus angulatus, Sphingonotus arenarius, Sphingonotus aserbeidshanicus, Sphingonotus aspera, Sphingonotus atlantica, Sphingonotus atropurpureus, Sphingonotus balteatus, Sphingonotus barrizensis, Sphingonotus basutensis, Sphingonotus beybienkoi, Sphingonotus brackensis, Sphingonotus brasilianus, Sphingonotus burqinensis, Sphingonotus caerulans, Sphingonotus caerulistriatus, Sphingonotus callosus, Sphingonotus candidus, Sphingonotus capensis, Sphingonotus carinatus, Sphingonotus coerulipes, Sphingonotus collenettei, Sphingonotus corsicus, Sphingonotus crevellarii, Sphingonotus dentatus, Sphingonotus diadematus, Sphingonotus ebneri, Sphingonotus elegans, Sphingonotus erlixensis, Sphingonotus erythropterus, Sphingonotus eurasius, Sphingonotus femoralis, Sphingonotus finotianus, Sphingonotus fuscoirroratus, Sphingonotus fuscus, Sphingonotus ganglbaueri, Sphingonotus gigas, Sphingonotus glabimarginis, Sphingonotus gobicus, Sphingonotus guanchus, Sphingonotus gypsicola, Sphingonotus haitensis, Sphingonotus haitiensis, Sphingonotus halocnemi, Sphingonotus halophilus, Sphingonotus hierichonicus, Sphingonotus hoboksarensis, Sphingonotus huangi, Sphingonotus hyalopterus, Sphingonotus insularis, Sphingonotus intutus, Sphingonotus isfaghanicus, Sphingonotus kashmirensis, Sphingonotus kirgisicus, Sphingonotus kueideensis, Sphingonotus lavandulus, Sphingonotus laxus, Sphingonotus lipicus, Sphingonotus lluciapomaresi, Sphingonotus lobutatus, Sphingonotus longipennis, Sphingonotus lucasii, Sphingonotus lucidus, Sphingonotus luteus, Sphingonotus maculatus, Sphingonotus maroccanus, Sphingonotus menglaensis, Sphingonotus micronacrolius, Sphingonotus minutus, Sphingonotus miramae, Sphingonotus mongolicus, Sphingonotus montanus, Sphingonotus nadigi, Sphingonotus nebulosus, Sphingonotus nigripennis, Sphingonotus nigrofemoratus, Sphingonotus nigroptera, Sphingonotus niloticus, Sphingonotus ningsianus, Sphingonotus obscuratus, Sphingonotus octofasciatus, Sphingonotus orissaensis, Sphingonotus otogensis, Sphingonotus pamiricus, Sphingonotus paradoxus, Sphingonotus peliepiproct, Sphingonotus personatus, Sphingonotus petilocus, Sphingonotus picteti, Sphingonotus pictipes, Sphingonotus pictus, Sphingonotus pilosus, Sphingonotus punensis, Sphingonotus qinghaiensis, Sphingonotus radioserratus, Sphingonotus rubescens, Sphingonotus rufipes, Sphingonotus rugosus, Sphingonotus salinus, Sphingonotus satrapes, Sphingonotus savignyi, Sphingonotus scabriculus, Sphingonotus somalica, Sphingonotus striatus, Sphingonotus takramaensis, Sphingonotus taolensis, Sphingonotus tenuipennis, Sphingonotus theodori, Sphingonotus tipicus, Sphingonotus toliensis, Sphingonotus tricinctus, Sphingonotus tristrial, Sphingonotus tsinlingensis, Sphingonotus turcicus, Sphingonotus turcmenus, Sphingonotus turkanae, Sphingonotus tuxeni, Sphingonotus tzaidamicus, Sphingonotus uvarovi, Sphingonotus vitreus, Sphingonotus vosseleri, Sphingonotus willemsei, Sphingonotus wulumuqiensis, Sphingonotus yamalikeshanensis, Sphingonotus yantaiensis, Sphingonotus yechengensis, Sphingonotus yenchihensis, Sphingonotus yunnaneus, Sphingonotus zandaensis, Sphingonotus zebra, Sphingonotus zhangi, Sphingonotus zhengi

Sticthippus Scudder 1892 [genus]

Sticthippus californicus

Oedipodinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Oedipodinae sp. (large size).

Oedipodinae sp. Oedipodinae sp. Oedipodinae sp. Oedipodinae sp. Oedipodinae sp. Oedipodinae sp.


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