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Family Acrididae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Caelifera infraorder Acrididea superfamily Acridoidea → family Acrididae MacLeay, 1819



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 26 (10 illustrated). Genera: 1396 (50 illustrated). Subgenera: 6 (0 illustrated). Species.

Copiocerinae [subfamily]

Coptacrinae [subfamily]

Eremogryllinae [subfamily]

Euryphyminae [subfamily]

Habrocneminae [subfamily]

Hemiacridinae [subfamily]

Marelliinae [subfamily]

Oxyinae [subfamily]


Pauliniinae [subfamily]

Proctolabinae [subfamily]

Rhytidochrotinae [subfamily]

Spathosterninae [subfamily]

Teratodinae [subfamily]

Caryanda [genus]

Caryanda albomaculata, Caryanda albufurcula, Caryanda amplexicerca, Caryanda amplipenna, Caryanda aurata, Caryanda azurea, Caryanda badongensis, Caryanda bambusa, Caryanda beybienkoi, Caryanda brachyceraea, Caryanda byrrhofemura, Caryanda cachara, Caryanda cultricerca, Caryanda curvimargina, Caryanda cyclata, Caryanda cylindrica, Caryanda damingshana, Caryanda dehongensis, Caryanda dentata, Caryanda flavomaculata, Caryanda fujianensis, Caryanda glauca, Caryanda gracilis, Caryanda guangxiensis, Caryanda gulinensis, Caryanda gyirongensis, Caryanda hubeiensis, Caryanda hunana, Caryanda jinzhongshanensis, Caryanda jiulianshana, Caryanda jiuyishana, Caryanda lancangensis, Caryanda longhushanensis, Caryanda methiola, Caryanda miaoershana, Caryanda microdentata, Caryanda modesta, Caryanda neoelegans, Caryanda nigrolineata, Caryanda nigrovittata, Caryanda obtusidentata, Caryanda olivacea, Caryanda omeiensis, Caryanda palawana, Caryanda paravicina, Caryanda pelioncerca, Caryanda pieli, Caryanda platycerca, Caryanda platyvertica, Caryanda prominemargina, Caryanda pulchra, Caryanda pumila, Caryanda quadrata, Caryanda quadridenta, Caryanda rufofemorata, Caryanda sanguineoannulata, Caryanda spuria, Caryanda tamdaoensis, Caryanda tridentata, Caryanda triodonta, Caryanda triodontoides, Caryanda virida, Caryanda vittata, Caryanda wulingshana, Caryanda xuefengshanensis, Caryanda yangmingshana, Caryanda yini, Caryanda yuanbaoshanensis, Caryanda yunnana, Caryanda zhejiangensis

Poecilocloeus [genus]

Poecilocloeus abditus, Poecilocloeus amazonicus, Poecilocloeus bifurcus, Poecilocloeus bolivianus, Poecilocloeus bora, Poecilocloeus bullatus, Poecilocloeus cacuminis, Poecilocloeus calcarifer, Poecilocloeus centralis, Poecilocloeus cervinus, Poecilocloeus claviger, Poecilocloeus cochleatus, Poecilocloeus collaris, Poecilocloeus corallipes, Poecilocloeus cornutus, Poecilocloeus depictus, Poecilocloeus edentatus, Poecilocloeus equatoriensis, Poecilocloeus estironana, Poecilocloeus exultus, Poecilocloeus fastigiatus, Poecilocloeus ferus, Poecilocloeus flavipictus, Poecilocloeus floridus, Poecilocloeus fruticolus, Poecilocloeus furcicerca, Poecilocloeus globifer, Poecilocloeus hamatus, Poecilocloeus inanis, Poecilocloeus ingens, Poecilocloeus insolitus, Poecilocloeus jacareacangae, Poecilocloeus janeirensis, Poecilocloeus jutai, Poecilocloeus lacalatus, Poecilocloeus lepidus, Poecilocloeus luteovittatus, Poecilocloeus maculaticeps, Poecilocloeus maculicrus, Poecilocloeus modestus, Poecilocloeus napoana, Poecilocloeus nigrithorax, Poecilocloeus nubilosus, Poecilocloeus obsoletus, Poecilocloeus ornatus, Poecilocloeus peruvianus, Poecilocloeus pervagatus, Poecilocloeus prasinatus, Poecilocloeus purus, Poecilocloeus regressivalva, Poecilocloeus rubripes, Poecilocloeus scitus, Poecilocloeus septentrionalis, Poecilocloeus sexnotatus, Poecilocloeus spatulifer, Poecilocloeus submodestus, Poecilocloeus surdus, Poecilocloeus tabatingana, Poecilocloeus tridentatus, Poecilocloeus ucayali, Poecilocloeus uncinatus, Poecilocloeus uncus, Poecilocloeus viridithorax

Pycnosarcus [genus]

Acrididae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Acrididae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp. Acrididae sp.


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