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Subfamily Gomphocerinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Caelifera infraorder Acrididea superfamily Acridoidea family Acrididae → subfamily Gomphocerinae



Daughter taxa

Genera: 59 (13 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acantherus Scudder and Cockerell, 1902 [genus]

Acantherus piperatus

Barracris Gurney, Strohecker & Helfer 1964 [genus]

Barracris petraea

Chorthippus Fieber, 1852 [genus]

Chorthippus abchasicus, Chorthippus acroleucus, Chorthippus aktaci, Chorthippus albomarginatus, Chorthippus albonemus, Chorthippus almoranus, Chorthippus alticola, Chorthippus alxaensis, Chorthippus amplilineatus, Chorthippus amplimedilocus, Chorthippus amplintersitus, Chorthippus angulatus, Chorthippus antecessor, Chorthippus antennalis, Chorthippus apicalis, Chorthippus apricarius, Chorthippus apricaroides, Chorthippus ariasi, Chorthippus aroliumulus, Chorthippus atridorsus, Chorthippus badachshani, Chorthippus badius, Chorthippus beianensis, Chorthippus bellus, Chorthippus biguttulus, Chorthippus bilineatus, Chorthippus binotatus, Chorthippus biroi, Chorthippus bornhalmi, Chorthippus bozdaghi, Chorthippus brachypterus, Chorthippus brevicornis, Chorthippus brevipterus, Chorthippus brunneus, Chorthippus bruttius, Chorthippus bucharicus, Chorthippus buerjinensis, Chorthippus burripes, Chorthippus caliginosus, Chorthippus caporiaccoi, Chorthippus cavilosus, Chorthippus cazurroi, Chorthippus changbaishanensis, Chorthippus changtunensis, Chorthippus chapini, Chorthippus chayuensis, Chorthippus chloroticus, Chorthippus cialancensis, Chorthippus conicaudatus, Chorthippus corsicus, Chorthippus crassiceps, Chorthippus curtipennis, Chorthippus cypriotus, Chorthippus dabanshanensis, Chorthippus dahinganlingensis, Chorthippus daitongensis, Chorthippus daixianensis, Chorthippus darvazicus, Chorthippus davatchii, Chorthippus daweishanensis, Chorthippus deqinensis, Chorthippus dichrous, Chorthippus dierli, Chorthippus dirshi, Chorthippus dorsatus, Chorthippus dubius, Chorthippus eisentrauti, Chorthippus elbursianus, Chorthippus ezuoqiensis, Chorthippus fallax, Chorthippus ferdinandi, Chorthippus ferghanensis, Chorthippus flavabdomenis, Chorthippus flavitibias, Chorthippus flexivenoides, Chorthippus foveatus, Chorthippus gansuensis, Chorthippus geminus, Chorthippus genheensis, Chorthippus giganteus, Chorthippus gongbuensis, Chorthippus gongshanensis, Chorthippus grahami, Chorthippus guandishanensis, Chorthippus haibeiensis, Chorthippus halawuensis, Chorthippus hallasanus, Chorthippus hammarstroemi, Chorthippus hebeiensis, Chorthippus heiheensis, Chorthippus heilongjiangensis, Chorthippus helanshanensis, Chorthippus helverseni, Chorthippus hemipterus, Chorthippus hengshanensis, Chorthippus himalayanus, Chorthippus hingstoni, Chorthippus hirtus, Chorthippus horqinensis, Chorthippus hsiai, Chorthippus huchengensis, Chorthippus hyrcanus, Chorthippus ilkazi, Chorthippus indus, Chorthippus ingenitzkyi, Chorthippus intermedius, Chorthippus jachontovi, Chorthippus jacobsi, Chorthippus jacobsoni, Chorthippus jilinensis, Chorthippus jishishanensis, Chorthippus johnseni, Chorthippus jucundus, Chorthippus jutlandica, Chorthippus jutlandicus, Chorthippus kanasensis, Chorthippus kangdingensis, Chorthippus karatavicus, Chorthippus karateghinicus, Chorthippus karelini, Chorthippus kazdaghensis, Chorthippus keshanensis, Chorthippus ketmenicus, Chorthippus kirghizicus, Chorthippus kiyosawai, Chorthippus kusnetzovi, Chorthippus labaumei, Chorthippus lacustris, Chorthippus latilifoveatus, Chorthippus latisulcus, Chorthippus lebanicus, Chorthippus leduensis, Chorthippus loratus, Chorthippus louguanensis, Chorthippus luminosus, Chorthippus macrocerus, Chorthippus maracandicus, Chorthippus maritimus, Chorthippus markamensis, Chorthippus marocanus, Chorthippus messinai, Chorthippus miramae, Chorthippus mistshenkoi, Chorthippus mollis, Chorthippus monilicornis, Chorthippus moreanus, Chorthippus muktinathensis, Chorthippus neipopennis, Chorthippus nemus, Chorthippus nepalensis, Chorthippus nevadensis, Chorthippus nigricanivenus, Chorthippus ningwuensis, Chorthippus nudus, Chorthippus occidentalis, Chorthippus oreophilus, Chorthippus oschei, Chorthippus pamiricus, Chorthippus parnon, Chorthippus pascuus, Chorthippus pavlovskii, Chorthippus peneri, Chorthippus pilipes, Chorthippus planidentis, Chorthippus plotnikovi, Chorthippus porphyropterus, Chorthippus pulloides, Chorthippus pullus, Chorthippus pygmaeus, Chorthippus qilianshanensis, Chorthippus qingzangensis, Chorthippus rebuntoensis, Chorthippus reissingeri, Chorthippus relicticus, Chorthippus robustus, Chorthippus rubensabdomenis, Chorthippus rubratibialis, Chorthippus ruficornus, Chorthippus rufifemurus, Chorthippus rufipennis, Chorthippus saitzevi, Chorthippus sampeyrensis, Chorthippus sangiorgii, Chorthippus sanlanggothis, Chorthippus satunini, Chorthippus saulcyi, Chorthippus savalanicus, Chorthippus saxatilis, Chorthippus separatanus, Chorthippus shantariensis, Chorthippus shantungensis, Chorthippus shennongjiaensis, Chorthippus shumakovi, Chorthippus similis, Chorthippus songoricus, Chorthippus squamopennis, Chorthippus supranimbus, Chorthippus szijji, Chorthippus tadzhicus, Chorthippus taishanensis, Chorthippus taiyuanensis, Chorthippus tatrae, Chorthippus taurensis, Chorthippus tianshanensis, Chorthippus tianshanicus, Chorthippus tiantangensis, Chorthippus tibetanus, Chorthippus transalajicus, Chorthippus trinacriae, Chorthippus turanicus, Chorthippus unicubitus, Chorthippus uvarovi, Chorthippus vagans, Chorthippus vicinus, Chorthippus wenquanensis, Chorthippus willemsei, Chorthippus wuyishanensis, Chorthippus wuyuerhensis, Chorthippus xiaoxinganlingensis, Chorthippus xiningensis, Chorthippus xueshanensis, Chorthippus xunhuaensis, Chorthippus yajiangensis, Chorthippus yanmenguanensis, Chorthippus yanyuanensis, Chorthippus yersini, Chorthippus yuanmowensis, Chorthippus yulingensis, Chorthippus yunnanensis, Chorthippus zaitzevi, Chorthippus zhengi

Esselenia Hebard, 1920 [genus]

Esselenia vanduzeei

Heliaula Caudell, 1915 [genus]

Heliaula rufa

Opeia McNeill, 1897 [genus]

Opeia atascosa, Opeia obscura

Prorocorypha Rehn, 1911 [genus]

Prorocorypha snowi

Xeracris Caudell, 1915 [genus]

Xeracris minimus, Xeracris snowi

Gomphocerinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Gomphocerinae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp. Gomphocerinae sp.


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