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Family Tettigoniidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Orthoptera suborder Ensifera infraorder Tettigoniidea superfamily Tettigonioidea → family Tettigoniidae Krauss, 1902



Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 18 (4 illustrated). Tribes: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 1207 (37 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acridoxeninae [subfamily]

Austrosaginae [subfamily]

Hetrodinae [subfamily]

Lipotactinae [subfamily]

Listroscelidinae Kirby, 1906 [subfamily]

Meconematinae [subfamily]


Mecopodinae [subfamily]

Microtettigoniinae [subfamily]

Phasmodinae [subfamily]

Phyllophorinae [subfamily]

Saginae [subfamily]


Tympanophorinae [subfamily]

Zaprochilinae [subfamily]

Anaulacomera [genus]

Anaulacomera acutangulata, Anaulacomera albonodulosa, Anaulacomera alexanderi, Anaulacomera alfaroi, Anaulacomera angusta, Anaulacomera angustifolia, Anaulacomera angustipennis, Anaulacomera antillarum, Anaulacomera apicidentata, Anaulacomera apolinari, Anaulacomera araujoi, Anaulacomera argentina, Anaulacomera asema, Anaulacomera bellator, Anaulacomera bidentata, Anaulacomera biloba, Anaulacomera biramosa, Anaulacomera bituberculata, Anaulacomera boliviana, Anaulacomera borgmeieri, Anaulacomera bovicula, Anaulacomera brasiliae, Anaulacomera brevicauda, Anaulacomera brevicollis, Anaulacomera caucana, Anaulacomera cercalis, Anaulacomera chelata, Anaulacomera chirivii, Anaulacomera clavata, Anaulacomera concisa, Anaulacomera confusa, Anaulacomera cornucervi, Anaulacomera crassicerca, Anaulacomera crassidentata, Anaulacomera dama, Anaulacomera darwinii, Anaulacomera davidi, Anaulacomera delineata, Anaulacomera dentata, Anaulacomera denticauda, Anaulacomera didieri, Anaulacomera digitata, Anaulacomera diluta, Anaulacomera dimidiata, Anaulacomera ecuadorica, Anaulacomera erinifolia, Anaulacomera falcata, Anaulacomera ferchoi, Anaulacomera festae, Anaulacomera franciscoi, Anaulacomera furcata, Anaulacomera gibbera, Anaulacomera gracilis, Anaulacomera harpago, Anaulacomera hernandezi, Anaulacomera hirsuta, Anaulacomera horti, Anaulacomera impudica, Anaulacomera inconspicua, Anaulacomera inermis, Anaulacomera intermedia, Anaulacomera inversa, Anaulacomera invisa, Anaulacomera juanchoi, Anaulacomera lanceolata, Anaulacomera laticauda, Anaulacomera latifolia, Anaulacomera lativertex, Anaulacomera libidinosa, Anaulacomera lingulata, Anaulacomera longicercata, Anaulacomera ludivinae, Anaulacomera maculata, Anaulacomera maculicornis, Anaulacomera maculifemora, Anaulacomera metropolitana, Anaulacomera neofurcifera, Anaulacomera nodulosa, Anaulacomera oaxacae, Anaulacomera olivacea, Anaulacomera ovibos, Anaulacomera parisae, Anaulacomera phaula, Anaulacomera pizai, Anaulacomera poculigera, Anaulacomera pygidialis, Anaulacomera quadricercata, Anaulacomera recta, Anaulacomera recticauda, Anaulacomera richteri, Anaulacomera rusa, Anaulacomera sarmientoi, Anaulacomera schunkei, Anaulacomera securifera, Anaulacomera simplex, Anaulacomera sororcula, Anaulacomera spatulata, Anaulacomera spinata, Anaulacomera subinermis, Anaulacomera submaculata, Anaulacomera sulcata, Anaulacomera surdastra, Anaulacomera triangulata, Anaulacomera uncinata, Anaulacomera unicolor, Anaulacomera unipunctata, Anaulacomera valentinae, Anaulacomera vidua

Elimaea [genus]

Elimaea abdita, Elimaea abramovi, Elimaea abrupta, Elimaea adspersa, Elimaea albimaculata, Elimaea albovittata, Elimaea alia, Elimaea aliena, Elimaea ampla, Elimaea annamensis, Elimaea aphana, Elimaea apicata, Elimaea aprilis, Elimaea atrata, Elimaea bakeri, Elimaea bavi, Elimaea beibengensis, Elimaea bella, Elimaea bengkulu, Elimaea berezovskii, Elimaea bispinosa, Elimaea bona, Elimaea borneo, Elimaea brachycerciata, Elimaea brachysterna, Elimaea brevifissa, Elimaea brevilamina, Elimaea brunneri, Elimaea cangyuanensis, Elimaea caricifolia, Elimaea catba, Elimaea cheni, Elimaea chloris, Elimaea cognata, Elimaea curta, Elimaea curvicercata, Elimaea curvicerciata, Elimaea darevskyi, Elimaea degressa, Elimaea dongnai, Elimaea fallax, Elimaea filicauda, Elimaea foliata, Elimaea fruhstorferi, Elimaea gialai, Elimaea grandis, Elimaea grata, Elimaea guadunensis, Elimaea hebardi, Elimaea hoozanensis, Elimaea hunanensis, Elimaea inversa, Elimaea jacobsoni, Elimaea jambi, Elimaea jianfenglingensis, Elimaea jitra, Elimaea junia, Elimaea kerinci, Elimaea kraussi, Elimaea kutu, Elimaea lamellipes, Elimaea lampu, Elimaea lanceolata, Elimaea lanpingensis, Elimaea lata, Elimaea levi, Elimaea lii, Elimaea longicercata, Elimaea longifissa, Elimaea macra, Elimaea maichau, Elimaea maja, Elimaea malayica, Elimaea maninjauensis, Elimaea marmorata, Elimaea megalopygmaea, Elimaea melanocantha, Elimaea mentaweii, Elimaea mira, Elimaea modesta, Elimaea modiglianii, Elimaea moultoni, Elimaea nanpingensis, Elimaea nautica, Elimaea neglecta, Elimaea nigrosignata, Elimaea obtusilota, Elimaea orlovi, Elimaea paranautica, Elimaea parumpunctata, Elimaea parva, Elimaea pentaspina, Elimaea percauda, Elimaea phetchaburi, Elimaea poaefolia, Elimaea pseudochloris, Elimaea pulchra, Elimaea puncticosta, Elimaea punctifera, Elimaea quadrangulata, Elimaea quadrispina, Elimaea ranau, Elimaea recta, Elimaea robinsoni, Elimaea rosea, Elimaea roseoalata, Elimaea ryabovi, Elimaea sapa, Elimaea schenklingi, Elimaea schmidti, Elimaea securigera, Elimaea segregata, Elimaea semicirculata, Elimaea semitubulosa, Elimaea separata, Elimaea setifera, Elimaea siamensis, Elimaea signata, Elimaea simulata, Elimaea singgalang, Elimaea sinuata, Elimaea sonora, Elimaea spinigera, Elimaea subcarinata, Elimaea subita, Elimaea sumatrana, Elimaea suratthani, Elimaea sympatrica, Elimaea tamdao, Elimaea tenuicerca, Elimaea tenuiuscula, Elimaea terminalis, Elimaea thaii, Elimaea theopoldi, Elimaea tiankengensis, Elimaea transversa, Elimaea triticifolia, Elimaea trusmadi, Elimaea tuly, Elimaea tympanalis, Elimaea ulla, Elimaea upcurva, Elimaea variegata, Elimaea verrucosa, Elimaea vicinia, Elimaea vinhphu, Elimaea viridula, Elimaea wanningensis, Elimaea willemsei, Elimaea yaeyamensis, Elimaea yongningensis

Isophya [genus]

Isophya acuminata, Isophya altaica, Isophya amplipennis, Isophya anatolica, Isophya andreevae, Isophya artvin, Isophya autumnalis, Isophya beybienkoi, Isophya bicarinata, Isophya bivittata, Isophya boldyrevi, Isophya brevicauda, Isophya brunneri, Isophya bumerangoides, Isophya bureschi, Isophya camptoxypha, Isophya cania, Isophya caspica, Isophya ciucasi, Isophya clara, Isophya costata, Isophya dobrogensis, Isophya dochia, Isophya doneciana, Isophya fatrensis, Isophya gracilis, Isophya gulae, Isophya hakkarica, Isophya harzi, Isophya hemiptera, Isophya hitit, Isophya hospodar, Isophya ilkazi, Isophya iraca, Isophya kalishevskii, Isophya karabaghi, Isophya karadenizensis, Isophya kisi, Isophya kosswigi, Isophya kraussii, Isophya lemnotica, Isophya leonorae, Isophya longicaudata, Isophya major, Isophya mavromoustakisi, Isophya mersinensis, Isophya miksici, Isophya modesta, Isophya modestior, Isophya nagyi, Isophya nervosa, Isophya obtusa, Isophya pavelii, Isophya petkovi, Isophya pienensis, Isophya plevnensis, Isophya posthumoidalis, Isophya pravdini, Isophya pylnovi, Isophya pyrenaea, Isophya rammei, Isophya rectipennis, Isophya redtenbacheri, Isophya reticulata, Isophya rhodopensis, Isophya rizeensis, Isophya rodsjankoi, Isophya rossica, Isophya salmani, Isophya savignyi, Isophya schneideri, Isophya sicula, Isophya sikorai, Isophya speciosa, Isophya splendida, Isophya staneki, Isophya stenocauda, Isophya stepposa, Isophya straubei, Isophya stysi, Isophya sureyai, Isophya tartara, Isophya taurica, Isophya thracica, Isophya tosevski, Isophya transcaucasica, Isophya triangularis, Isophya uludaghensis, Isophya yaraligozi, Isophya zernovi, Isophya zubowskii

Poecilimon [genus]

Hamatopoecilimon, Poecilimon,
Poecilimon adentatus, Poecilimon aegaeus, Poecilimon affinis, Poecilimon albolineatus, Poecilimon amissus, Poecilimon ampliatus, Poecilimon anatolicus, Poecilimon angulatus, Poecilimon armeniacus, Poecilimon artedentatus, Poecilimon ataturki, Poecilimon athos, Poecilimon bidens, Poecilimon bifenestratus, Poecilimon bilgeri, Poecilimon birandi, Poecilimon bischoffi, Poecilimon boldyrevi, Poecilimon bosphoricus, Poecilimon brunneri, Poecilimon celebi, Poecilimon cervoides, Poecilimon cervus, Poecilimon chopardi, Poecilimon chostae, Poecilimon concinnus, Poecilimon cretensis, Poecilimon davisi, Poecilimon demirsoyi, Poecilimon distinctus, Poecilimon diversus, Poecilimon djakonovi, Poecilimon doga, Poecilimon ebneri, Poecilimon ege, Poecilimon elegans, Poecilimon erimanthos, Poecilimon ersisi, Poecilimon eskishehirensis, Poecilimon excisus, Poecilimon ferwillemsei, Poecilimon flavescens, Poecilimon fussii, Poecilimon geoktschajcus, Poecilimon gerlindae, Poecilimon glandifer, Poecilimon gracilioides, Poecilimon gracilis, Poecilimon guichardi, Poecilimon hadjisarandou, Poecilimon harveyi, Poecilimon hatti, Poecilimon haydari, Poecilimon heinrichi, Poecilimon heroicus, Poecilimon hoelzeli, Poecilimon inflatus, Poecilimon inopinatus, Poecilimon intermedius, Poecilimon istanbul, Poecilimon iucundus, Poecilimon izmirensis, Poecilimon jablanicensis, Poecilimon jonicus, Poecilimon karabagi, Poecilimon karabukensis, Poecilimon karakushi, Poecilimon kocaki, Poecilimon kutahiensis, Poecilimon laevissimus, Poecilimon lateralis, Poecilimon ledereri, Poecilimon lodosi, Poecilimon longicercus, Poecilimon luschani, Poecilimon macedonicus, Poecilimon mariannae, Poecilimon marmaraensis, Poecilimon martinae, Poecilimon minutus, Poecilimon miramae, Poecilimon mytilenensis, Poecilimon naskrecki, Poecilimon neglectus, Poecilimon nobilis, Poecilimon nonveilleri, Poecilimon obesus, Poecilimon obtusicercus, Poecilimon oligacanthus, Poecilimon orbelicus, Poecilimon ornatus, Poecilimon pechevi, Poecilimon pergamicus, Poecilimon pindos, Poecilimon pliginskii, Poecilimon propinquus, Poecilimon pseudornatus, Poecilimon pulcher, Poecilimon roseoviridis, Poecilimon sanctipauli, Poecilimon schmidtii, Poecilimon scythicus, Poecilimon serratus, Poecilimon similis, Poecilimon solus, Poecilimon soulion, Poecilimon stshelkanovtzevi, Poecilimon sureyanus, Poecilimon syriacus, Poecilimon tauricola, Poecilimon tauricus, Poecilimon thessalicus, Poecilimon thoracicus, Poecilimon toros, Poecilimon tricuspis, Poecilimon tschorochensis, Poecilimon turciae, Poecilimon turcicus, Poecilimon ukrainicus, Poecilimon varicornis, Poecilimon variicercis, Poecilimon veluchianus, Poecilimon vodnensis, Poecilimon werneri, Poecilimon xenocercus, Poecilimon zimmeri, Poecilimon zonatus, Poecilimon zwicki

Xiphidiopsis [genus]

Xiphidiopsis abbreviata, Xiphidiopsis adelungi, Xiphidiopsis aglaia, Xiphidiopsis alatissima, Xiphidiopsis altiterga, Xiphidiopsis amnicola, Xiphidiopsis angustifurca, Xiphidiopsis anomala, Xiphidiopsis autumnalis, Xiphidiopsis bazyluki, Xiphidiopsis beybienkoi, Xiphidiopsis bifoliata, Xiphidiopsis bifurcata, Xiphidiopsis biprocera, Xiphidiopsis bituberculata, Xiphidiopsis bivittata, Xiphidiopsis borneensis, Xiphidiopsis brevifurca, Xiphidiopsis chaseni, Xiphidiopsis cheni, Xiphidiopsis citrina, Xiphidiopsis clavata, Xiphidiopsis compacta, Xiphidiopsis convexis, Xiphidiopsis cyclolobia, Xiphidiopsis denticuloides, Xiphidiopsis dicera, Xiphidiopsis dissita, Xiphidiopsis divida, Xiphidiopsis drepanophora, Xiphidiopsis elaphocerca, Xiphidiopsis elefan, Xiphidiopsis elongata, Xiphidiopsis excavata, Xiphidiopsis exigua, Xiphidiopsis fallax, Xiphidiopsis fanjingshanensis, Xiphidiopsis fischerwaldheimi, Xiphidiopsis forficula, Xiphidiopsis furcicauda, Xiphidiopsis gemmicula, Xiphidiopsis gracilis, Xiphidiopsis greeni, Xiphidiopsis gurneyi, Xiphidiopsis hebardi, Xiphidiopsis hoabinh, Xiphidiopsis hunanensis, Xiphidiopsis hwangi, Xiphidiopsis impressa, Xiphidiopsis inflata, Xiphidiopsis jacobsoni, Xiphidiopsis jambi, Xiphidiopsis jinxiuensis, Xiphidiopsis kemneri, Xiphidiopsis kinabaluana, Xiphidiopsis kraussi, Xiphidiopsis lata, Xiphidiopsis latilamella, Xiphidiopsis lita, Xiphidiopsis madras, Xiphidiopsis malabarica, Xiphidiopsis microstyla, Xiphidiopsis minutus, Xiphidiopsis mjobergi, Xiphidiopsis monstrosa, Xiphidiopsis nebulosa, Xiphidiopsis nepalensis, Xiphidiopsis ocellata, Xiphidiopsis padangi, Xiphidiopsis parallela, Xiphidiopsis phetchaburi, Xiphidiopsis phyllocercus, Xiphidiopsis picta, Xiphidiopsis platycerca, Xiphidiopsis punctata, Xiphidiopsis quadrinotata, Xiphidiopsis redtenbacheri, Xiphidiopsis sabahi, Xiphidiopsis sarawaka, Xiphidiopsis sjostedti, Xiphidiopsis spinicauda, Xiphidiopsis straminula, Xiphidiopsis sulcata, Xiphidiopsis sumatrensis, Xiphidiopsis symmetrica, Xiphidiopsis szechwanensis, Xiphidiopsis tonicosa, Xiphidiopsis trusmadi, Xiphidiopsis vernalis, Xiphidiopsis zhejiangensis

Tettigoniidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Tettigoniidae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp. Tettigoniidae sp.


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