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Family Aeshnidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Palaeoptera order Odonata suborder Anisoptera superfamily Aeshnoidea → family Aeshnidae Leach, 1815


Daughter taxa

Genera: 53 (2 illustrated). Species.

Basiaeschna Selys, 1883 [genus]

Basiaeschna janata

Epiaeschna Hagen, 1877 [genus]

Epiaeschna heros

Gynacantha Rambur, 1842 [genus]

Gynacantha adela, Gynacantha africana, Gynacantha albistyla, Gynacantha alcathoe, Gynacantha andamanae, Gynacantha apiaensis, Gynacantha apicalis, Gynacantha arnaudi, Gynacantha arsinoe, Gynacantha arthuri, Gynacantha auricularis, Gynacantha bainbriggei, Gynacantha bartai, Gynacantha basiguttata, Gynacantha bayadera, Gynacantha bifida, Gynacantha biharica, Gynacantha bispina, Gynacantha bullata, Gynacantha burmana, Gynacantha calliope, Gynacantha calypso, Gynacantha caudata, Gynacantha chelifera, Gynacantha constricta, Gynacantha convergens, Gynacantha corbeti, Gynacantha croceipennis, Gynacantha cylindrata, Gynacantha demeter, Gynacantha dobsoni, Gynacantha dohrni, Gynacantha dravida, Gynacantha ereagris, Gynacantha francesca, Gynacantha furcata, Gynacantha gracilis, Gynacantha helenga, Gynacantha hova, Gynacantha hyalina, Gynacantha immaculifrons, Gynacantha incisura, Gynacantha interioris, Gynacantha japonica, Gynacantha jessei, Gynacantha kirbyi, Gynacantha klagesi, Gynacantha laticeps, Gynacantha limbalis, Gynacantha litoralis, Gynacantha maclachlani, Gynacantha malgassica, Gynacantha manderica, Gynacantha membranalis, Gynacantha mexicana, Gynacantha millardi, Gynacantha mocsaryi, Gynacantha musa, Gynacantha nausicaa, Gynacantha nervosa, Gynacantha nigeriensis, Gynacantha nigripes, Gynacantha nourlangie, Gynacantha odoneli, Gynacantha pallampurica, Gynacantha pasiphae, Gynacantha penelope, Gynacantha phaeomeria, Gynacantha radama, Gynacantha rammohani, Gynacantha remartinia, Gynacantha risi, Gynacantha rolandmuelleri, Gynacantha rosenbergi, Gynacantha rotundata, Gynacantha ryukyuensis, Gynacantha saltatrix, Gynacantha sathei, Gynacantha sextans, Gynacantha stenoptera, Gynacantha stevensoni, Gynacantha stylata, Gynacantha subinterrupta, Gynacantha subviridis, Gynacantha tenuis, Gynacantha tibiata, Gynacantha usambarica, Gynacantha vesiculata, Gynacantha villosa, Gynacantha vilma

Nasiaeschna Selys in Förster, 1900 [genus]

Nasiaeschna pentacantha

Aeshnidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Aeshnidae sp. (large size).

Aeshnidae sp. Aeshnidae sp. Aeshnidae sp. Aeshnidae sp. Aeshnidae sp. Aeshnidae sp.


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22.11.2015 0:47, Eugene Karolinskiy Corrected data.

Aeshnidae → Aeshnidae Leach, 1815.

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