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Peter Khramov, 09.11.2013 15:01

People! I have to ask you. Let's take a little more attentive to what and how we write on the site - in the comments and with the addition of information on the species. God is with him, with a long dash (-) instead of a hyphen (-), it should replace the program itself, and many users even may not know where this thing takes a dash on the keyboard.But now online and can often be found absolutely curves cases. Please note:
If you put a dash, do not forget that on both sides of it are added to the gaps. Exception - some cases ranges. For example, 20-50 (ie, from twenty to fifty).So, we write "Exclusion - some cases of ranges" or "exception - some cases of ranges" (which the program itself after you tend to do this function over time), but not the "exception, some cases of ranges," not "some Isklyuchenie- Cases range "and" Exclusion ranges are certain cases. "
And vice versa.Quotes and other semicolons presses we left, followed by a space. Ie namely, "to the left, and behind them" and not "left behind them", not "left behind them" and not "left behind them."Again, I do not insist that you put "Christmas trees" put ordinary programmers' "pair of apostrophes," let the program itself will be replaced, but attentive in these situations to gaps: it is important for a program so that it can produce adequate AutoCorrect, and your text for perception in general.
Besides that.Capital letters are not just invented. And not to yell. In order to faster / easier to read and find in the text of the appropriate sections. So please do not be lazy to put them where necessary (for example, at the beginning of sentences) and not get involved in putting them where there is no need. Similarly, about exclamation marks.Here this exclamation: "Kind defined wrong!". That's exclamation, turning into a pig squeal "type defined incorrectly !!". That is the cry of the dying: "View !!! defined incorrectly". And this is a PR, or stress is not the word, bordering on rudeness and humiliation of the interlocutor: "VIEW defined incorrectly". In addition, this deformity that interferes with reading.Of course, in some cases, a word or a phrase, and really need to highlight. To do this, you can now use a bold font (thermonuclear selection), italics (less noticeable separation) or to designate text as a subtitle (if it really is subtitled, rather than when you just wanted to "do more bukovki").And for other literacy, let's watch a little more. Well, it's not so necessary to the teachers in the school had something to do, and for people to read your writing was easier and more enjoyable.Summary: The texts to get acquainted more convenient and faster, the impression of the site is more favorable, and reliability of the resource - more.


22.06.2018 18:51, Anna Gerasimova

Добрый день! Нашла опечатку на этой странице Лишняя буква в русском названии вида.

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