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Udea Hylobius abietis Hylobius abietis Hylobius abietis Monochamus Monochamus Elateridae Ematurga atomaria Ematurga atomaria Ematurga atomaria Elateridae Elateridae Eudonia Eudonia Paratalanta Calinaga Calinaga Paratalanta Paratalanta Paratalanta taiwanensis Meganomia gigas Meganomia gigas Vespa crabro Parasa sinica Parasa sinica Euhampsonia cristata Ellida viridimixta Ellida viridimixta Epodonta lineata Epodonta lineata Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Sphingidae Sphingidae Sphingidae Sphingidae Melitaea interrupta Diptera Lepidoptera Stenopogon sabaudus Sitona obsoletus Sarcophaga carnaria Leptogaster cylindrica Acrosathe annulata Psacasta exanthematica Trichodes apiarius Trichodes apiarius Comibaena tancrei Harmonia axyridis Harmonia axyridis Harmonia axyridis Mylabris quadripunctata Mylabris quadripunctata Mylabris quadripunctata Capnodis tenebrionis Mycterus tibialis Mycterus tibialis Zygaena loti Zygaena loti Zygaena punctum Zygaena punctum Ampelophaga rubiginosa Tyloptera bella Prometopus flavicollis Prometopus flavicollis Prometopus flavicollis Sphragifera sigillata Sphragifera sigillata Stegania cararia Psyra boarmiata Psyra boarmiata Trichodezia haberhaueri haberhaueri Trichodezia haberhaueri haberhaueri Clanis undulosa Nycteola degenerana Nycteola degenerana Nycteola degenerana Diptera Asilidae Sympetrum flaveolum Sympetrum flaveolum Boloria Diptera Chrysops Lepidoptera Mallota eristaliformis Diptera Coreana raphaelis Coreana raphaelis Spatalia doerriesi Spatalia doerriesi Spatalia dives Spatalia dives Spatalia dives Spatalia plusiotis Spatalia plusiotis Uropyia meticulodina Uropyia meticulodina

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