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Thereva plebeja Syspasis albiguttata Odontolabis stevensi Odontolabis stevensi Odontolabis stevensi Odontolabis mouhoti Odontolabis mouhoti Odontolabis mouhoti Odontolabis lacordairei Odontolabis lacordairei Odontolabis ludekingi Odontolabis ludekingi Odontolabis ludekingi Lamprima adolphinae Lamprima adolphinae Lamprima adolphinae Hexarthrius parryi Hexarthrius parryi Hexarthrius parryi Cylindromyia brassicaria Cylindromyia brassicaria Cylindromyia brassicaria Nephrotoma quadrifaria Nephrotoma quadrifaria Nephrotoma quadrifaria Nephrotoma quadrifaria Cyclommatus metallifer Cyclommatus metallifer Cyclommatus metallifer Ectropis crepuscularia Halyzia sedecimguttata Halyzia sedecimguttata Halyzia sedecimguttata Oedemera femorata Boeberia parmenio Halticus apterus Halticus apterus Nithecus jacobaeae Nithecus jacobaeae Nithecus jacobaeae Nithecus jacobaeae Nithecus jacobaeae Melitaea latonigena Melitaea latonigena Melitaea latonigena Cerura vinula Coenonympha amaryllis Stenotus binotatus Aradus obtectus Aradus obtectus Aradus obtectus Eurygaster testudinaria Prosopocoilus spineus Prosopocoilus spineus Prosopocoilus guerlachi Prosopocoilus guerlachi Prosopocoilus guerlachi Tephritidae Tephritidae Tephritidae Gabala polyspilalis Gabala polyspilalis Selepa celtis Selepa celtis Coccinella quinquepunctata Carabus cribellatus Amara Eudemopsis purpurissatana Cyaniris semiargus Pieris rapae Scarabaeus transcaspicus Campylotes desgodinsi Campylotes desgodinsi Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Epicopeia hainesii Epicopeia hainesii Sasakia funebris Sasakia funebris Epicopeia polydora Epicopeia polydora Papilio ulysses Papilio ulysses Euploea darchia Euploea darchia Euploea climena Euploea climena Idea idea Idea idea Cylindrotoma distinctissima Cylindrotoma distinctissima Cylindrotoma distinctissima Feralia sauberi Nemophora japonica Polyhymno Amurilla subpurpurea Aricia artaxerxes Plebejus argus Plebejus argus Eumedonia eumedon

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