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Photo #66250 (Undetermined species) Photo #66249 (Undetermined species) Photo #66248 (Undetermined species) Photo #66247 (Undetermined species) Photo #66246 (Undetermined species) Photo #66245 (Undetermined species) Cycnotrachelus coloratus Cycnotrachelus coloratus Apoderus erythropterus Apoderus erythropterus Trichius fasciatus Nicrophorus vespillo Eupithecia sinuosaria Idaea aversata Donaciinae Donaciinae Lepidoptera Rhagio tringarius Rhagio tringarius Zophomyia temula Zophomyia temula Lucanus cervus Lucanus cervus Lucanus cervus Hyponephele lycaon Oxycera trilineata Trichodes apiarius Siproeta stelenes Siproeta stelenes Pareronia valeria Pareronia valeria Argynnis hyperbius Argynnis hyperbius Zygaenidae Odontomyia argentata Protaetia affinis Poecilus cupreus Poecilus cupreus Eupithecia succenturiata Yponomeuta evonymella Ypsolopha dentella Ypsolopha dentella Harpalus rufipes Oxycera trilineata Aleimma loeflingiana Brenthis ino Brenthis ino Phengaris nausithous Phengaris nausithous Phengaris teleius Phengaris teleius Lepidoptera Aphantopus hyperantus Aphantopus hyperantus Epicallia villica Photo #66193 (Undetermined species) Vanessa cardui Photo #66191 (Undetermined species) Geometridae Pyralidae Carabus jankowskii Carabus jankowskii Lepidoptera Paracolax tristalis Haematopota pluvialis Haematopota pluvialis Carabus kratkyi Carabus granulatus interstitialis Carabus granulatus granulatus Xyleutes leucomochla Xyleutes leucomochla Abraxas grossulariata Adela Geometridae Aphantopus hyperantus Ontholestes murinus Ontholestes murinus Ontholestes murinus Ontholestes murinus Proserpinus proserpina Proserpinus proserpina Proserpinus proserpina Proserpinus proserpina Campylomma verbasci Plagiognathus chrysanthemi Rhopalus rufus Rhopalus rufus Galeruca pomonae Galeruca pomonae Curculionidae Curculionidae Curculionidae Brenthis ino Anania funebris Aphantopus hyperantus Brenthis ino Carterocephalus silvicola Lepidoptera Ampedus tristis Ampedus tristis

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