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Geometra glaucaria Timandra dichela Coleoptera Pachyerannis obliquaria Exapate congelatella Exapate congelatella Exapate congelatella Chamaesphecia bibioniformis Chamaesphecia bibioniformis Ichneumon sarcitorius Brachycera Apoidea Apoidea Photo #60424 (Undetermined species) Brachycera Photo #60422 (Undetermined species) Photo #60421 (Undetermined species) Photo #60419 (Undetermined species) Heteroptera Euclidia glyphica Heteroptera Diptera Diptera Diptera Diptera Diptera Vanessa cardui Bombus Pieris brassicae Vanessa cardui Bombus Bombus Vanessa cardui Ochlodes sylvanus Coenonympha glycerion Lycaena hippothoe Lycaena hippothoe Lopinga achine Hypomecis punctinalis Protaetia brevitarsis Protaetia brevitarsis Calliptamus abbreviatus Dichomeris okadai Dichomeris okadai Cicindela campestris Cicindela campestris Dichomeridinae Acleris conchyloides Pandemis heparana Photo #60378 (Undetermined species) Carabus granulatus Carabus granulatus Coleoptera Acossus terebra Hecatera dysodea Trupanea stellata Trupanea stellata Trupanea stellata Triplax russica Dermestidae Boloria eunomia Colias palaeno Dimorphopterus spinolae Plebejus optilete Lepidoptera Chilocorus renipustulatus Chilocorus renipustulatus Zygaena lonicerae Acrida Acrida Chorthippus pullus Aplocera plagiata Nyctegretis lineana Argyresthia pruniella Argyresthia pruniella Olethreutes captiosanus Archips betulana Archips dichotomus Archips dichotomus Archips ingentanus Archips ingentanus Archips ingentanus Archips breviplicanus Archips xylosteana Argynnis Melitaea ambigua Brenthis ino amurensis Argynnis paphia Argynnis aglaja Trichocera Eumerus funeralis Eumerus funeralis Bibio longipes Symplecta hybrida Symplecta hybrida Symplecta hybrida Hippodamia septemmaculata Hippodamia septemmaculata Hippodamia septemmaculata Actias sjoqvisti

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