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Hylephila ancora Hylephila ancora Hylephila phyleus andina Photo #80946 (Undetermined species) Photo #80943 (Undetermined species) Tortricidae Aethalura punctulata Leptotes plinius Tritomegas sexmaculatus Euphydryas aurinia Lobophora halterata Celastrina argiolus Platystoma lugubre Campylotes desgodinsi Anthocharis cardamines Argynnis paphia Paradarisa consonaria Paradarisa consonaria Mathania carrizoi Mathania carrizoi Mathania carrizoi Emesis ocypore zelotes Ortilia ithra Battus polydamas Eudocima procus Eudocima procus Photo #80919 (Undetermined species) Phrygionis privignaria Anthaxia dimidiata Anthaxia dimidiata Trichodes alvearius Eyprepocnemis plorans Eyprepocnemis plorans Osmia cornuta Osmia cornuta Eristalinus taeniops Eristalinus taeniops Tachina lurida Tritomegas sexmaculatus Tritomegas sexmaculatus Lobophora halterata Orthosia gothica Lycia hirtaria Biston strataria Eupithecia lanceata Atteva punctella Phoebis neocypris neocypris Aphrissa statira statira Aphrissa statira statira Lerodea eufala Papilio thoas Aricoris chilensis Pharneuptychia phares Pharneuptychia phares Calephelis aymaran Leptotes cassius Polites vibex catilina Actinote pellenea calymma Quinta cannae Quinta cannae Battus polydamas Heliopetes libra Dardarina tessellatus Phoebis neocypris neocypris Atteva punctella Ascia monuste monuste Libytheana carinenta carinenta Libytheana carinenta carinenta Photo #80875 (Undetermined species) Anticarsia gemmatalis Archiearis parthenias Lycia pomonaria Bombus sylvarum Bombus sylvarum Bombus sylvarum Bombus sylvarum Bombus sylvarum Bombus rupestris Bombus rupestris Bombus rupestris Erebia jeniseiensis Erebia jeniseiensis Erebia jeniseiensis Biston strataria Anorthoa munda Achlya flavicornis Phigalia pilosaria Phigalia pilosaria Orthosia incerta Gonepteryx rhamni Photo #80851 (Undetermined species) Chrysomya megacephala Eristalinus taeniops

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