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Xanthogramma citrofasciatum Volucella zonaria Manduca pellenia Amastus episcotosia Papilio paris gedeensis Parides bunichus bunichus Parides bunichus bunichus Papilio fuscus lapathus Antirrhea philoctetes lindigii Charaxes eudoxus mechowi Charaxes antonius Charaxes jasius saturnus Charaxes jasius saturnus Mesastrape fulguraria Neophasia terlooii Lexias aeetes phasiana Lexias aeetes phasiana Lexias dirtea javana Lexias dirtea javana Lexias dirtea javana Lexias dirtea javana Cymothoe herminia Cymothoe herminia Cymothoe consanguis Cymothoe consanguis Cymothoe excelsa Cymothoe excelsa Cymothoe sangaris Cymothoe sangaris Tanaecia iapis Tanaecia iapis Ourapteryx sambucaria Angonyx testacea Oeonistis altica Asota ficus Callambulyx amanda Langsdorfia franckii Theritas mavors Hamodes propitia Bertholdia specularis Dolbina inexacta Psilogramma choui Psilogramma choui Photo #64761 (Undetermined species) Photo #64760 (Undetermined species) Photo #64759 (Undetermined species) Parides lysander parsodes Parides lysander parsodes Parides quadratus spoliatus Parides quadratus spoliatus Cicindela campestris Parides echemon ergeteles Parides echemon ergeteles Parides aeneas bolivar Parides aeneas bolivar Morpho helenor Morpho helenor Ahlbergia korea Ahlbergia korea Dolichosoma lineare Agapanthia villosoviridescens Brachyta interrogationis Jodis putata Thyatira batis Phragmatobia fuliginosa Trichoptera Photo #64737 (Undetermined species) Oxythyrea funesta Plutella xylostella Eulithis pyropata Amara aulica Amara aulica Amara aulica Thermozephyrus ataxus kirishimaensis Thermozephyrus ataxus kirishimaensis Thermozephyrus ataxus kirishimaensis Thermozephyrus ataxus kirishimaensis Sphecodina caudata Sphecodina caudata Megalopyge albicollis Semiothisa gambarina Clethrophora distincta Cifuna locuples Cifuna locuples Bhima idiota Chorodna metaphaeria Singara diversalis Somera viridifusca Tanaorhinus viridiluteata Catocala helena Callyna semivitta Papilio erostratus vazquezae Papilio erostratus vazquezae Neophasia menapia menampia Neophasia menapia menampia Euchloe belemia Pierella helvina pacifica Acosmeryx shervillii Rhescyntis martii Amblypodia anita

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