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Lathronympha strigana Pheosia gnoma Photo #13992 (Undetermined species) [237600] Curculio dentipes Olivier [Вид] [15193] Anteos clorinde Photo #42163 (Undetermined species) Apoda limacodes — Бабочка мокрица Photo #44953 (Undetermined species) Photo #35406 (Undetermined species) Polyommatus semiargus Endothenia quadrimaculana [16262] Papilio caiguanabus [5113] Paradarisa consonaria acrobasis consociella [1031915] Carabus billbergi [840777] Cerambycidae Latreille, 1802 [Семейство] [161469] Brachyta interrogationis [71781] Catocala briseis Pseudopanthera macularia — Пяденица пятнистая Chrysomelidae [906976] Fenusa dohrnii Lycia pomonaria Photo #62197 (Undetermined species) Meloidae. Hycleus (Tigrabris) khodjenticus (Ballion, 1878) Photo #32364 (Undetermined species) international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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