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[140316] Saperda carcharias [14674] Sphacelodes vulneraria [150712] Phytoecia tigrina [1002596] Entomoscelis adonidis [22192] Peridea gigantea Nola confusalis [7360] Caradrina morpheus Autographa gamma — Металловидка гамма [844325] Cryptocephalus Geoffroy 1762 [Род] Metalampra cinnamomea Eurytides agesilaus charaxes nobilis xylena czernilai Gastropacha quercifolia catocala fraxini Photo #25391 (Undetermined species) Rebelia nocturnella scythris sinensis Polyura schreiber Celaena leucostigma [8445] Cyaniris semiargus [893752] Pipunculidae Trichopteryx polycommata [948983] Acrididae [2827] Hyles gallii international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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