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[458653] Stictocephala bisonia Graphium hachei [7832] Noctua fimbriata Photo #23319 (Undetermined species) [120499] Xyleutes persona [1] Lepidoptera Phalonidia contractana [21546] Proteostrenia leda (Butler, 1878) [Вид] [14853] Timandra comae [53907] Prothoe franck [7834] Noctua interposita [1016967] Taphoxenus gigas [696380] Xylophanes brevis [995155] Coenosia agromyzina [16234] Papilio hoppo agonopterix alstromeriana [11444] Epagoge grotiana [8420] Lycaena phlaeas Photo #29794 (Undetermined species) [181] Arctiinae  [Подсемейство] [5064] Arichanna melanaria [953275] Odonata Photo #29146 (Undetermined species) [1] Lepidoptera Photo #39226 (Undetermined species) international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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