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Random photos from the gallery

Aphomia sociella Photo #31241 (Undetermined species) argynnis paphia [854129] Curculionidae [158056] Aromia moschata [8599] Melitaea cinxia — Шашечница цинксия, Шашечница опоясанная, Шашечница обыкновенная (Linnaeus, 1758) [Вид] Inachis io [1] Lepidoptera [6779] Catocala promissa Triodia sylvina Lycaena dispar — Червонец непарный ostrinia nubilalis Lygephila frosya Pekarsky, 2016 [8980] Pterophorus pentadactyla nonagria typhae [15050] Papilio maackii [27780] Taygetis [211176] Otiorhynchus scopularis [15111] Catonephele numilia Hemaris fuciformis = Sphinx fuciformis — Хоботник шмелевидный [43511] Staphylus lizeri [66581] Gnathothlibus erotus Photo #21178 (Undetermined species) pediasia matricella [894749] Rhagoletis meigenii international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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