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Notocelia uddmanniana [1] Lepidoptera [71738] Catocala antinympha (Hübner, [1823]) [Вид] Emmelina monodactyla [954625] Lestes dryas [1016465] Zuphium olens [23256] Argynnis hyperbius [8427] Aricia artaxerxes catocala promissa Xestia c-nigrum Parapoynx stratiotata [1019912] Cicindela clypeata Colostygia pectinataria [151606] Mesosa myops Aglais io [9672] Delplanqueia inscriptella Calliteara pudibunda Photo #49520 (Undetermined species) [156512] Rhagium bifasciatum [11469] Acleris forsskaleana [6794] Drasteria saisani [56750] Cymothoe caenis [5885] Rhodostrophia vibicaria [16790] Limenitis helmanni Amphipyra cinnamomea international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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